Jazz Notes


Cándido––pioneer of Afro-Cuban jazz––dies at 99

Cándido, known as the innovative father of conga drumming, who was the first to play multiple congas, while mentoring and inspiring musicians for eight decades died on Nov. 7, at his home in New York City.

Al Howard owner of Showman's Café dies at 93

Al Howard, the laid-back owner of Harlem’s last remaining jazz club and bar Showman’s Café, where locals and tourists both national and international flocked for over 50 years, died October 21.

Another Brother Another Sister

Another innocent brother, Walter Wallace Jr., was killed by police today (October 26) in Philadelphia.

‘Who Ate The Pie,’ Harris welcomes audience

Elio Villafranca is one of the talents from Cuba, along with a few other countrymen, who is at the forefront of the latest generation of remarkable pianists, composers and bandleaders.

Living Jazz, Vision Festival Healing Soul

While the COVID-19 virus has halted live music around the world, ironically it seems to have drawn music lovers closer together.

Jazz for America, Cynthia Scott sings, Smoke

The last time jazz musicians came out in full force to support a presidential candidate was Oct. 12, 2012, Jazz for Obama.

Jeanne Parnell, Phenomenal Woman

The veteran radio air-personality Jeanne Parnell has spent over 25 years on the airways.

Jazz, Westerns and 2020

During the 1950s Miles Davis, who was still rising to the top, recorded his classic album “Round Midnight” with saxophonist John Coltrane and bassist Paul Chambers.

Iconoclast jazz critic Stanley Crouch dies at 74

Stanley Crouch, the iconoclast whose critical words roared and screeched like a fast-moving subway coming out of a dark echoing tunnel, died Sept. 16 at the Calvary Hospital in New York.

Rollins celebrates 90, Brooklyn's BLM street mural

The genius, iconic tenor saxophonist and composer Sonny Rollins aka Saxophone Colossus celebrated his 90th birthday on September 7.


Iymaani Abdul-Hamid, the founder and music educator/instructor of IAH Studio in the South Bronx, was looking for a creative way to help her young violin students, ages 4 to advanced, to be more focused.


CHARLI PERSIP, the skillful jazz drummer and composer most known for his long stint with Dizzy Gillespie and as leader of his own small combos and prolific big band Supersound, died at Mt. Sinai Morningside in New York City on ...

2020 NEA Jazz Masters, Allen Harris live

This year’s 2020 NEA Jazz Masters Tribute Concert and presentation took a detour from its usual presentation due to the COVID-19 virus.

JAZZ NOTES: Carnegie Hall Memories

My doctor’s office called to inform me it was time for an in-office visit. Yes, the tele-visits were over and it was safe to return to having the doctor actually touch my chest with his stethoscope, as well as get ...

Helen Jones Woods of International Sweethearts of Rhythm dies at 96

Helen Jones Woods, a trombonist and original member of the first integrated all-women jazz orchestra the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, who was inducted into the Omaha Black Music Hall of Fame in 2007, died on July 25 in a hospital ...