Jazz Notes


Harlem Week, Jazz in the Valley, Nicole Mitchell

Since Harlem Week’s inception as “Harlem Day” in 1974, its metamorphosis has gradually blossomed into Harlem Month, from July 29 through Aug. 25.

Olatuja, Trio Da Paz, Fania, Jefferson Centennial and Harris, Jazz Gallery

The mezzo-soprano keys of Alicia Olatuja’s vocal instrument can easily dissolve into a rich honey flavored texture as she swings into her jazz element.

Umbria Jazz Festival highlights

Covering the Umbria Jazz Festival was somewhat of a surreal experience.

Quincy’s blast at Umbria Jazz Fest and reviews

Most recently, Umbria Jazz 18 celebrated its 45th anniversary as one of the most popular jazz festivals in the world. Aside from its wealth of participating musicians, the picturesque Perugia is the capital city of both the region of Umbria ...

Berta Monday’s, ‘Can’t Cope,’ NYO Jazz, Dwyer Center art

One Harlemite who keeps that jazz torch burning is Berta Indeed.

Ross at Gallery, African cinema, Sheeba, Parker residency

Joel Ross, the young vibraphonist from Chicago is no longer an aspiring musician. He is a qualified, daring rhythmic independent, who brings his own perspective to the vibraphone.

‘Paradise Blue,’ Ishmael Reed’s Play

The play “Paradise Blue,” written by the award-winning playwright Dominique Morisseau (“Skelton Crew” and “Pipeline”) gets its title from Detroit’s Paradise Valley entertainment district that was prominent in the Black community known as Black Bottom during the 1940s through the ...

James Europe tribute, BAM R&B, Dylan tribute

Long before the outspoken voices of Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Thelonious Monk, who were determined to forge their own musical paths, there was bandleader, composer and arranger James Reese Europe.

Jazz Notes: Vision Fest, Mickey Bass, children’s jazz book

For 23 years, the Vision Festival has been the mecca where enthusiasts gather to salute avant-garde’s future, present and past.

Jazz Notes: Jazz at Lincoln Center, Black films, VTY jazz, Schomburg, Franco

Miriam Makeba and Nina Simone (2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) were the unapologetic revolutionary voices of the people of South Africa and America, both on and off the stage.

Jazz Notes: ‘JAZZLAND,’ Winard Harper, ‘Beyond the Notes’

When young people and jazz come together, one can be assured it’s going to be a joyous fun-filled coaster ride.

Jazz Notes: Unchartered, Hostos, St. Nick’s, CBJC, Schomburg

The cellist and songwriter Marika Hughes is a stirring musician who might cover a variety of genres in one show.

Jazz Notes: Allan Harris, Celebrate Kirk, Jazz Day, B.B. King’s closing

The New York City-born vocalist and composer Allan Harris inherited a hip jazz cat street suaveness that simmers in every song he sets in motion.

Jazz Notes: JFA gala, Reggie Workman, Sistas’ Place, Smoke

The Jazz Foundation of America’s annual fundraiser held at the Apollo Theater (253 W. 125th St.) is one of the most varied musical events in Harlem.

Jazz Notes: Cecil Taylor, iconic innovator, dies at 89

Cecil Taylor, the pianist whose music was an intentional sound of revolutionary freedom, died April 5 at his home in Brooklyn. He was 89.