This beautiful East Coast-West Coast b-ball thing

In the bigger scheme of things, the outcome didn’t really matter. Still, it’s us against them…New York vs. Los Angeles, Bad Boy vs. Death Row, Yankees vs. Dodgers, East Coast vs. West Coast and yeah, the Knicks vs. the Lakers!

Setting off the Standard

Classic. We hear the word thrown around so much that we’ve become immune to the actual definition

Celebrating the Women of Power Summit

It got no realer over the span of Feb. 28–March 3, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada at the host hotel, ironically called the Mirage.

Essence of the ’90s

For those who point to the ’90s as music’s golden era, 1994 could be used as the yardstick in which the decade was measured.

Sports n politicking!

Think we can now get a clear understanding of how it now works.

Grammy yeah or nah?

For all intents and purposes the 2018 music year is a wrap. It was put to rest Sunday, Feb. 10, with the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

Still Standing Alliance brings purpose to Super Bowl LIII weekend

From the gate you can tell it was going to be a long Super Bowl LIII weekend for the supporters of the Los Angeles Rams.

Get on board The Soul Train

We’ve all heard the adage of necessity being the father of invention. Not so popular is the phrase pertaining to the ridicule, scrutiny and overall struggle of the inventor.

Shutdown suffering, NFL shenanigans, national anthem exposure

It has occurred before, but not quite like this time. Here we are in Day 33 (as we went to press) of the longest government shutdown on record.

Beale Street is talking now!

A few short months ago on these very pages, we stated that come award season, the work put in by Regina King for her work in “If Beale Street Could Talk” would warrant strong consideration to hear the words “and ...

Benefactor Charlo’s boxing best and philanthropy

The last two times he fought at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Jermell Charlo delivered consecutive knock outs.

New Jack Swing Day at the Apollo

Maybe that verse was the proverbial time capsule. It was a known fact back in the late ’80s that New Jack Swing was a movement and Teddy Riley was its alpha and omega.

New Jack swinging at the Apollo

The tree at Rockefeller Center wasn’t the only thing that got lit last week. Per usual, as the year heads down the home stretch, New York City becomes more electric. On my end, the first of December was set off ...

First Corinthians Baptist Church hosts Thanksgiving Day community meal

First Corinthians Baptist Church (1912 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., Harlem) hosted its wonderful annual Community Thanksgiving Harvest Feast on Thanksgiving Day from noon to 4 p.m.

‘Baduizm’ was on the Soul Train

Going into the 2018 Soul Train Awards, a good news bad news scenario was presented. First the bad news. Erykah Badu won’t be the host of this year’s proceedings. Fret not though, because her replacements were the kindred spirit, effervescent ...