Hip-hop remembers Nelson Mandela

I intended to big up the indisputable No. 1 hip-hop and R&B radio station in the nation, Hot 97 WQHT

Hey, Soul Train Awards, what’s up with the pandering, blue-eyed soul segment?

It appears that quite a stir was caused by the broadcast of Centric’s/BET 2013 Soul Train Awards. Without giving credence to the volumes of hate directed at appearance and/or gear, I heard some opinions that were valid in regards to ...

The Cosmopolitan Review

It was a happy Thanksgiving celebrated with family, friends and comrades. There were dinners everywhere, and they were open to everyone—all in the true spirit of giving thanks for all that we have and even for what we don’t.

Jay Z and his big pimpin’ Roc Nation

The premiere of “Black Nativity”’ bring cast of celebrities to Harlem

Third annual Rangel Career Fair brings hope

Rep. Charles B. Rangel hosted his highly anticipated third annual Rangel Career Fair on Nov. 12 at the City College of New York (CCNY), connecting thousands of prospective employees with scores of America’s leading businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. ...

Loose Ends still bringing the ‘Sweetest Pain’

A monumental landmark year of a musical group, Loose Ends

Music, dance, spoken word and crazy energy

“After Midnight,” premiered Sunday, Nov. 3

Yo, Jay Z loves Barney more than us?

arneys practicing racial profiling and discriminatory practices

MC Lyte gets her BET props

Chill time was on the agenda a few weekends back, with the Waffle House and the BET Hip Hop Awards as the primary objectives

The Cosmopolitan Review

It won’t be long before the beautiful Indian summer weather we’ve been enjoying will give way to a chill, because the smell of fall is already in the air. There’ll be one good rain, and the leaves will turn to ...

The Cosmopolitan Review

The beginning of October has brought beautiful weather, with days so lovely that it is hard to believe the rest of the world is at war. It is sometimes hard to imagine that the devastation, suicide bombings, genocide and other ...

Patti, We Love You and Already Miss You

Patti Webster who reportedly succumbed to cancer at age 49 in Somerville, N.J.

Howard honors tradition, Michelle Obama pushes health

Welcome to the Chocolate City, the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C.

Rap’s 3 R’s (readin’, ritein’ and riffmatic)

The day that parents have been diligently preparing for, for at least the past two weeks, is here. The day that has been dreaded by youth for a good two months is upon us.

Is Robin Thicke trying to ‘steal the soul?’

I was scratching my head about how I could broach the subject of Robin Thicke without ruffling some feathers, and I just couldn’t put together the right combination of words. It’s good to have friends that provide inspiration.