SCHOP! Tip: Seasoning

Whether you are making the dynamite chicken white bean ragu in this week’s Talking SCHOP! or another dish calling for cut pieces of meat, try this SCHOP! Tip

Talking SCHOP! New ragu for you

This week’s “thank you” goes to you, our readers, just for being you right now, in this moment.

Talking SCHOP! Finding the new

This week I send my gratitude, again, to all essential and frontline workers. Your work is forever stored in our collective memories.

Miss Harlem Shake 2020

Not even a worldwide pandemic can stop Harlem from shining. On Sunday, Aug. 23, Harlem Shake adorned Miss Harlem Shake 2020. Congratulations to Kay Angrum!

Talking SCHOP! Back at it…at least 25%

Thank you to all essential and frontline workers for getting us to this point in time.

Talking SCHOP! The party’s not over…

We did it. We made it through summer 2020 in COVID times. I do not take it for granted. I feel fortified for fall and the November battle against tyranny, delusion and ignorance.

Juicy papaya salad

Anytime I travel I bring some ingredients to contribute. It is an opportunity to share something you enjoy in appreciation of their hospitality.

Talking SCHOP! Get Out! Part V

I have returned from my Martha’s Vineyard getaway with more appreciation for those remaining diligent in stopping the spread of this world-wide virus.

Cooking fatigue (it’s a real thing)

We know you might be having some cooking fatigue during this pandemic

Talking SCHOP! Get Out! Part IV

Slow and steady, that is how we continue to move these days.

Talking SCHOP! Rock with ROKC

All of my ramen, Japanese food and craft cocktail lovers, hold on to your togarashi and your hats because I am about to blow…your…minds.

Sip.Eat.Harlem safely

It’s baaaack! On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 5-9 p.m., for one night only, the award-winning Black woman-owned Harlem business, Experience Harlem, is hosting a version of their legendary crawls

Talking SCHOP! Get OUT! Part III

Thank you, people of New York State, for doing your part at keeping our rate of infection below 1%. It is a huge achievement and indicator of what we can accomplish together. Continue to social distance and wear a freakin’ ...

Talking SCHOP! Get OUT! Part II

Thank you to all who are wearing their mask…on their face…covering their nose and their mouth.

Outdoor dining safety

Let me disclaim first. We know the hospitality and service industries have taken a severe hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic.