Talking SCHOP! Spr-inter cleaning…Yup.

Here is our annual, what we are now calling, “sprinter” cleaning list for your kitchen. Take your time…and drink plenty of wine.

Uptown Restaurant Week 2019

Yes, yes, NYC Winter Restaurant Week is happening all over the city, as we reported last week. However, we were remiss not to highlight East Harlem’s Uptown Winter Restaurant Week...

Talking SCHOP! Wings 12-24-36…hut-hut!

You know what this Sunday is and whether you like it or not, the food will always be a winner.

Talking SCHOP! Vegan greens, y’all!

Jamaica was right on time because this weather…suspect…that is all. I am keeping my cornrows in, my glowing tan skin moisturized and sitting in the sun, inside my sealed and heated apartment.

Never too late for luck

Yes, I had my “luck in the new year” black-eyed peas Jan. 2. And? I had them, they were delicious and I feel lucky!

Talking SCHOP! Stepping on the bandwagon

A very Happy New Year again to you and yours. I wish you all of the health, wealth and good food you can stand. Cheers!

The Harlem Shack makers

A Shake Shack does not open without collaborating with local makers, artists and organizations. From the inside out, the new Harlem location is no exception.

Talking SCHOP! Shake Shack puts down concrete(s) in Harlem

I remember my first Shake Shack burger back in the day in Madison Square Park. So often passing it by as a tourist trap, one day I decided to stand in that line.

Harlem goings-on

There is much to celebrate in Harlem this month.

Talking SCHOP! CBD at the JBF?

The renowned and revered culinary establishment, The James Beard Foundation (@beardfoundation), recently had its first CBD-infused dinner and I was there for all of it!

Shop Harlem for the holidays

December is here! (And where exactly did the year go?)

Talking SCHOP! Eating local: The good and the could be better

You know how I feel about my local restaurants, eateries and hot spots. I love their dedication to what they do, why they do it and how it contributes to our growing dynamic foodscape.

Talking SCHOP! Last minute gobblers

A very happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers today. I am thankful for you, your comments and emails and the opportunity to write about what I love on a weekly basis.

Talking SCHOP! The early bird gets the WIN!

We are just two weeks away from Thanksgiving, which it is the perfect time to let our annual fool-proof turkey recipe help set the table for a fruitful holiday.

Talking SCHOP! Well, that was a great food week!

Less the weather, last week was an epic food week for me beginning always with cooking for my clients. It is so much fun doing what I love and knowing I am helping people to feed their families, big and ...