Talking SCHOP! The category is: HARLEM

This past Sunday, Harlem came out to see and be seen, play, eat, dance, shoot the dozens, and just be in community at the Thrillist Block Party in the square of the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building on ...

Serve up the spice with a slow-roasted salmon

Salmon is a deliciously fatty and oily fish that touches on all savory components, which makes it so satisfying to eat.

Neighbors feeding neighbors

First thing Wednesday morning, I scanned my inbox to find an email with the subject, “Slutty Shack Harlem while supplies last.” It is not often I see the word “slut” come across my inbox so I was intrigued.

Talking SCHOP! The Brooklyn Shake?

The award-winning Harlem Shake will open a new location early September 2021 at 119 Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Talking SCHOP! Bringing Sexy (Taco) Back

You read that title right and, no, we are not talking about Justin Timberlake. We are talking about the third iteration of Harlem restaurant pioneer Brian Washington Palmer’s 118th Street and Lenox Avenue location, Sexy Taco.

Indoor Once Again

I hope everyone enjoyed a brilliant July 4th weekend. The Macy’s fireworks show was amazing, especially the fireworks coming from the Empire State Building. I would have loved to be there in person, but happy to see them on television.

Give it a little Sunshine

Are you ready to give your summer food and cooking the business in the form of unique spice blends?

Talking SCHOP! Roots & Ramen: Give Me Free

I hope everyone took a moment during our newest federal holiday, Juneteenth, to take a beat and reflect on what the holiday represents

Miss Harlem Shake 2021 is Crowned

There is a new burger princess in town and her name is Miss Harlem Shake 2021. The competition was tough, but the iconic Harlem burger joint crowned Toe Whoppin’ Tina.

Talking SCHOP! Juneteenth 2021

This Saturday celebrates American freedom. The ancestors will be proud. Harlem will be moving and shaking with three events that include a family block party, a ribbon cutting and supporting Harlem businesses.

Talking SCHOP! COVID relief grant winners

These times, emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, have been difficult for many businesses around the country.

Creating an impressive dish with cauliflower

You will be hard pressed to find a contemporary, farm-to-table restaurant that isn’t serving some version of their cauliflower as a starter, as a side dish, or as an option for vegetarian eaters.

Talking SCHOP! If it’s up than it’s Upward

Last week I regaled the first days of my visit to my childhood friends/couple, Marya and Nick. Second night was an al fresco 50th birthday celebration Marya threw for herself that was perfect!

Finding solutions

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. And like most New Yorkers, I have a strong opinion on it and I will choose my favorite mom and pop shop over a chain, any day.

Talking SCHOP! Space, the needed frontier

I hope Mother’s Day was stupendous and you got to connect with your children, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and mother figures in your life.