Talking SCHOP! Super Bowl 50-worthy pizza

Whether going to or throwing a party, there are always the usual suspects—nachos, meat in some form betwixt and between bread, pizza and the essential wings, Buffalo-style being the most popular.

Talking SCHOP! Eating the Blizzard of 2016

After the record-setting temperatures, after all the joking and debates over global warming, Miss Mother Nature turned down the thermometer and dropped Sir Jonas on the Northeast.

Talking SCHOP! A night out: Plan B

Last year, to celebrate the passing of yet another birthday, I took my main man out to dinner.

Talking SCHOP! Houseman will be home

I am grateful for so much in my life, but none more so than family and friends and friends who are family.

Talking SCHOP! A Brooklyn New Year

A very happy New Year to you! I hope 2016 brings you all of what you hope and for which you have prepared.

Talking SCHOP! 2015: The Wrapper

Happy New Year! In preparing to write this piece, our last of 2015, we were blown away by all the food that has been cooked and eaten by the people we have met in the places we have been.

Talking SCHOP! Row House on the Row

Harlem’s Eighth Avenue adds yet one more restaurant to the list with the opening of Row House (@RowHouseHarlem, 2128 Frederick Douglass Blvd., 212-256-0019, www.rowhouseharlem.com) on the corner of 115th Street.

Talking SCHOP! South African holiday libations

What’s better this holiday season than gathering with friends and family over good food, laughter and libation? Nothing!

Talking SCHOP! Apres ski NYC at Baita

Though the current weather might not be preparing us, the official beginning of winter is less than two weeks away and three days before Christmas.

Talking SCHOP! Mayfield is for (food) lovers

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Talking SCHOP! Thanksgiving Leftover Ramen

A very happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope the day brings you togetherness, joy and tons of leftovers—all for which to be thankful.

Talking SCHOP! Sitting at the Helm

There are two seasons of the year that make me joyous with wonderment. The first is spring, with all of the new blooms and their emergence from winter’s frost. The other is fall.

Talking SCHOP! Thanksgiving: This Bird or that bird

Don’t let this mild weather fool you. Time is still passing and we have arrived, yet again, to the holiday season.

Restaurant Weeks here and there

This week is not the first Restaurant Week you have heard of in New York City.

Talking SCHOP! Problems? Brunch it out!

You know when you have worked a long and hard week filled with late hours, crowded commutes and general isolation from your day-in-day-out life?