Talking SCHOP! The Chili Challenge!

I write this the day before the major nor’easter snowstorm is about to blow through, and I have already planned my storm menu.

I’m So AmNewsFOOD Harlem EatUp! Contest

The third annual Harlem EatUp! festival will be here before we know it, and we continue our search for you, Harlem foodmakers, to participate in this year’s “I’m So AmNewsFOOD” contest.

Talking SCHOP! Ms. Melba’s oven-fried chicken

Last year, about this time, I sat on a panel at the Schomberg to celebrate my friend, Harlem restaurant owner and chef, Melba Wilson, on her very first cookbook, “Melba’s American Comfort” (Atria Books, 2016).

Chickpea vegetable stew

I have been putting my slow cooker to work this winter to great results.

Talking SCHOP! First-class food

Just returning from a trip to Los Angeles with family.

Talking SCHOP! Dim sum with the sum

She returned to the city she loves and the people who inhabit it.

Talking SCHOP! Red Rooster honors women of color chefs for Black History Month

It is that time of year again when the African-American experience is highlighted by the nation.

Talking SCHOP! Jamaica Funk

Listen … we are getting through these historical times together as best we can. Looking at the nightly news is like a horror movie you can only watch through the ever so slightly spread fingers of your hands as you ...

Talking SCHOP! 2016: Gone but Not Forgotten, Part II

The second part of 2016 brought a second Pacific Northwest reunion with my bestie Raquel and nephew Spencer! I flew into SeaTac and we headed southwest for a weekend in Tenino and Olympia before returning to Seattle for a week ...

Talking SCHOP! Yammering on…

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, belated Happy Hanukkah … just happy holidays everyone! We’re going in for the second round of holiday meals, y’all!

Talking SCHOP! Thankfulness

A very happy Thanksgiving to all! Family and friends, and maybe even you, traveled near and far to be together today.

Talking SCHOP! Remaining thankful

With T-minus seven days until Thanksgiving, we present the annual turkey recipe.

Talking SCHOP! Three days, three nights in Austin Part II

From our first night, Austin was proving to be the food gem my “girls weekend” crew and I thought it would be.

Talking SCHOP! Labor Day fun firsts

AmNews Food editor Kysha Harris highlights foods from her Labor Day weekend vacation.

Talking SCHOP! Getting down on Martha’s Vineyard

Food editor Kysha Harris explores the cuisine at Martha's Vineyard.