Talking SCHOP! Mountain Bird Flies High

The second annual Harlem EatUp! festival (@HarlemEatUp!) is only one week away! Another food-filled weekend of dinners, tastings, demos, art and more will go down for all to enjoy.

Talking SCHOP! Everything’s popping up Italian

I have an affinity for all things Mediterranean—the places, the culture, the people and most certainly the food.

Talking SCHOP! Shanghai 46: a Fairfield find

The arrival of the weekend mostly brings an opportunity to recharge, refuel and reconnect with family and friends.

Talking SCHOP! A stuffed cap

Where do recipes come from? For me, I look for what is available seasonally in the grocery store...

Talking SCHOP! Spring-ish cleaning

No matter what the weather is doing, the calendar says it is spring.

The BCA Global Food & Wine Experience

The Black Culinary Alliance’s 12th annual Global Food & Wine Experience will take place tomorrow, Friday, April 8.

Talking SCHOP! An evergreen friendship

A taste of the Evergreen State, Seattle!

Talking SCHOP! Guess who’s bizzack?

That’s right, the second annual Harlem EatUp! is now officially upon us! The four-day festival celebrating the food, art and culture of Harlem will descend upon our village by patrons near and far. Last year proved to be an exciting ...

Talking SCHOP! Spring recipe hunting

With the coming of spring, there is much anticipation of what foods to buy, cook and eat.

Talking SCHOP! Get Nix’d

Food editor Kysha Harris checks out Nix

Talking SCHOP! My new meatball

Food editor Kysha Harris shows us how a great meatball recipe.

Talking SCHOP! Harlem Restaurant & Retail Therapy

No time to waste, folks! We are in the first week of the seventh annual Harlem Restaurant & Retail Week, brought to you by Harlem Park to Park.

Talking SCHOP! Valentine kitchen tomfoolery

Oh, Valentine’s Day, sometimes you stump us so. Is it cards, flowers and candy? Should we dine out, have a weekend getaway or lavish each other with heartfelt gifts?

Talking SCHOP! Super Bowl 50-worthy pizza

Whether going to or throwing a party, there are always the usual suspects—nachos, meat in some form betwixt and between bread, pizza and the essential wings, Buffalo-style being the most popular.

Talking SCHOP! Eating the Blizzard of 2016

After the record-setting temperatures, after all the joking and debates over global warming, Miss Mother Nature turned down the thermometer and dropped Sir Jonas on the Northeast.