On the lamb, with wine

When I hear the word “lamb,” my ears immediately perk up. It’s such a great protein, and when prepared well, it can be transformative. Add Australian wines to that and I am at your mercy. So when I was invited ...

Foodies of football

Are you ready for some football?!

First New Year’s Eve at Vinateria

There is a new restaurant in Harlem that I have been remiss in telling you about: Vinateria

New year, back to basics

Hot, filling and delicious, it is comfort food that makes it all better. And when I think of comfort, I not only think of pasta, but specifically spaghetti with meatballs. Here is my recipe for you to enjoy, too.

Talking SCHOP! 2013: Looking back … (continued)

Happy New Year, Harlem and Amsterdam News readers everywhere! I hate to say it, but this time next year, we will be reflecting on all that 2014 brought us—the highs, the lows and all of the meat in between! Be ...

Talking SCHOP! Battle: Gumbo II

My family's official gumbo recipes

Talking SCHOP! Battle: Gumbo for the Hollidays

planning the next eating holiday

Talking SCHOP! Thank you again

Happy Thanksgiving, Harlem!

Talking SCHOP! Preparing for Thanks

When Halloween is over, the next seasonal step is Thanksgiving, right? So why am I only seeing advertisements for Christmas? There is so much joy to be had in the in-between. I find it especially frustrating because I have been ...

Talking SCHOP! A food film date

When one thinks of food and film, it is usually a date night: either an early movie with post-viewing debate/discussion about the film’s finer and lesser moments over pasta and wine or, vice versa, letting your server know that you ...

Talking SCHOP! A recipe return

I have been going on about all that is happening in and around Harlem for a while. There is so much! And with food festival season upon us, there will be little time to talk recipes. So here are just ...

Talking SCHOP! Vendy Awards 2013

Last weekend marked the ninth annual Vendy Awards, where New York City’s best food street vendors go to be acknowledged and celebrated by foodies and food connoisseurs. It always promises to be a day that will fill you up with ...

Talking SCHOP! Harlem to Oak Bluffs, Part II

I hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day weekend and got a moment to themselves to reflect on the summer and prepare for September, fall and the holiday-laden fourth quarter of the year.

Talking SCHOP! Harlem to Oak Bluffs, Part I

August is that month! The month where everything slows down. You can’t get anyone on the phone; the streets are a little emptier than usual and your email inbox is filled with “on vacation” auto-responses

Talking SCHOP! Harlem Restaurant & Retail Week

here is a little something for everyone from Lenox Avenue to Frederick Douglas Boulevard. Here are just some of the $30.13 prix fixe dinner menus that caught my eye.