House Calls


A lesson taught by Mr. Snow

When I was a youngster growing up in Brooklyn, I actually prayed for snow to come.

Aspirin has its place, but use with care

Aspirin is a miracle drug. It is so arrogant, it wears a slogan on its white coat: “Take an aspirin a day and keep the doctor away.”

Obesity is plaguing generations to come

Have you noticed that supermarkets and hospitals sell a great many things that cause disease?

Patients need medical insurance as well as assurance

I grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and attended the great Concord Baptist Church, where I listened intently to the sermons delivered by the great Rev. Gardner Taylor

Love of birds and animals

Inner-city stray birds and animals experience hazardous conditions during the winter months while they are trying to survive

Alcohol and old lace

Many renowned persons have made comments regarding alcoholism.

The Lord is watching over us

As you read the newspaper and watch television, it is obvious that a great change is taking place not only in this country, but all over the world.

Going up yonder from your home

I am convinced that patients’ lives are extended when they are kept at home. They can hear familiar voices and songs. They can see familiar faces of their loved ones.

Think Life and Live Longer

Whether you have a chronic illness or even a so-called terminal illness, your body will respond if your mind is fixed on healing and living. I believe people are dying prematurely because they think they are going to die.

Holistic healing

Going back to my roots in Africa, I relate that the witch doctor not only used herbs and other medicines, but also used the power of his spirit to heal.

Sani(tation) Claus

I’m sure that during this holiday season, all of us will be eating foods that are prepared by other hands

The medical care insurance can’t pay for

Coming to my office was more like coming to a social meeting

Fading minds need your time

I had many elderly patients who were living alone and whose minds had unfortunately begun to fad.

The cough, that irritating cough

the body eliminates foreign material by coughing

Preventing the flu blues

Well, the sneeze and sore throat season is upon us with a vengeance