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Bermuda votes: Yet another election in the Caribbean

The people of the tiny British colony of Bermuda are scheduled to vote in general elections Thursday, Oct. 1, with polls showing that the Afro-dominated Progressive Labor Party (PLP) of Premier David Burt is likely to be reelected to office.

Pompeo swings by Venezuelan neighbors; wants regime out

American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has returned to the U.S. after a four-nation swing through northern South America in the past week.

Pompeo to make questionable visit to Guyana

Guyana’s government has confirmed the impending visit of American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the Caribbean Community nation this week fueling widespread speculation that the visit is linked to protracted efforts by Washington to use the country as some ...

Jamaican elections confirm start of new era

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, 48, was sworn into office for a second consecutive five-year term this week after his Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) wiped out its main opposition rival in a poorly supported general election held late last week.

Racial tension intensifies in Guyana; Afro protestors take to streets

It has been barely a month in office for the Indo-dominated People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in Guyana.

Afro party to be confirmed winner of Trinidad

Keith Rowley’s Afro-dominated People’s National Movement (PNM) is expected by midweek to be officially confirmed as the clear winner of general elections in Trinidad and Tobago.

Ruling party in Trinidad wins; Jamaicans next to vote?

The sixth of eight scheduled general elections in the Caribbean Community was held on Monday, Aug. 10, with the governing People’s National Movement (PNM) in Trinidad losing one of its 23 seats but holding on for a narrow three-seat win ...

Guyana finally gets elections winner 5 months after voting

Guyana’s Elections Commission (Gecom) declared on Sunday, Aug. 2 the Indo-dominated People’s Progressive Party (PPP) the winner of Guyana’s highly disputed general elections

Guyana elections riddled with fraud says chief officer

Guyana’s elections commission (Gecom) at the weekend dropped a bombshell on the country by ruling that the Caribbean Community nation’s March 2 general elections had contained so many irregularities, including dead and migrated people voting, that it has not met ...

St. Kitts and Nevis gives government a second term

The third of six major general elections in the 15-nation Caribbean single trading bloc this year was held last Friday.

Suriname picks a new gov’t; St. Kitts to vote this week

It is almost now a certainty that a brand new government will run the Caribbean Community nation of Suriname for the next five years following general elections on May 25th that saw voters denying former military strongman Desi Bouterse a ...

Suriname goes to the polls

Dutch-speaking Suriname, the second largest and one of the richest countries in the Caribbean Community, voted for a new government amidst coronavirus restrictions, but it could take several weeks before a new president is elected by the 51-member national assembly.

Positive test stymies return of stranded Bahamians

Authorities in The Bahamas have suspended repatriation flights for citizens to the regional tourist paradise after an arriving passenger from the U.S. tested positive for the coronavirus.

Guyana voter recount finally gets cracking

A recount and audit of ballots and documents of Guyana’s highly disputed March 2 general election was scheduled to get underway on Wednesday, May 6, nearly 10 weeks after the first ballot was cast.

U.S. reps object to Bahamian oil exploration; could deal major blow to energy self-sufficiency

Already devastated by the travel and tourist lockdown and still struggling to recover from Hurricane Dorian last year, the Bahamas is now facing a strange new adversary that is demanding that it to abandons plans to explore for oil and ...