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Caribbean continues battle against corona

Caribbean governments this week continued the fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic, with several importing special medical teams from Cuba while others, like Guyana, belatedly ordered a nationwide lockdown to stem the outbreak, community spreads in particular.

Trinidad tweaks weed laws. To remove some convictions

Authorities in Trinidad moved to the courts system in the past week to ask judges to release more than 100 prisoners who were either convicted or on remand for possession of small amounts of marijuana given significant changes to legislation ...

Surinamese president fights jail sentence

The 15 were killed at a colonial-era Dutch fort that is ironically steps away from Bouterse’s current presidential and cabinet office.

Surinamese president fights jail sentence

As was widely expected, a court in the Dutch-speaking Caribbean Community nation of Suriname has sentenced incumbent president and former army commander Dési Bouterse to 20 years in prison.

Guyanese-American actress Dawnn Lewis returns to Broadway

Guyanese-American actress and Grammy Award-winning singer, Dawnn Lewis, known for her character Jaleesa Vinson in the ’90s sitcom “A Different World,” has returned to Broadway as Zelma Bullock (Tina Turner’s mother) in “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical.”

Jamaican journalist, airline veteran among CMEx awardees

Leading Caribbean journalist and entrepreneur Janet Silvera and veteran airline executive Chris Kennedy are two recipients of the 2019 Caribbean Media Exchange (CMEx) Leadership Awards which will be conferred on December 14, 2019 in Miami.

Trinidad and Tobago music legend to perform at Miami Fundriaser

Celebrated Caribbean calypsonian Willard Harris, known onstage as Lord Relator, will be the featured cultural performer at the 2019 Caribbean Media Exchange (CMEx) Leadership Awards Dec. 14 in Miami, Florida.

Ian Turnbull selected to lead U.S. Virgin Islands Division of Festivals

Islands marketing and communications specialist Ian Turnbull has been appointed the territory-wide director of the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism’s new Division of Festivals.

Scottish university pays £20mil, admits slavery link

After irrefutable evidence of its links to the trans-Atlantic slave trade were recently exposed, a Scottish university has stepped forward to offer Sterling 20 million as first-step reparatory justice payments for its role in the worst crime against humanity.

American Airlines adds third daily Miami flight to St. Thomas

MIAMI—The U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism has announced the addition of a third American Airlines daily flight between Miami and St. Thomas in time for the winter season.

Millions pledged for Caribbean conservation programs

France and Germany, along with The Nature Conservancy, have pledged over US$45 million in contributions to the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund to increase resources for biodiversity conservation.

Afros must do better in Trinidad, says PM

People of African descent across the English-speaking Caribbean will largely observe Aug. 1 as the day their foreparents were emancipated from slavery.

Native Americans, please tell Donald Trump and his merry band of racists to go back where they came from Dear Native American brothers and sisters—and especially Congressmembers Sharice Davids and Deb

Your voices have been Missing In Action this past week in the continued racialization of politics in these United States by the 45th POTUS

Gang violence spirals in Trinidad; govt. appeals to public

Twenty-four murders in a seven-day period in the past week in Trinidad have so shaken up the sensibilities of people on the island that various umbrella groups have said the country is close to a breaking point as it relates ...