Caribbean Connection


Taiwan Guyana mission terminated after Chinese protests

The entire country was caught by surprise when the United States embassy in Guyana congratulated government for allowing Taiwan to establish a trade and investment office that would have effectively functioned as a diplomatic mission here despite the fact that ...

Caricom countries shopping around for vaccines

Caribbean Community countries are shopping around the globe to acquire doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, with some nations eying supplies from Cuba, China and the Middle East while hoping that the World Health Organization (WHO) could also help them obtain ...

Guyana-Venezuela border row heats up

A few weeks after the Venezuelan government vowed to reconquer a large chunk of territory belonging to the Caribbean Community headquarter nation of Guyana

Politicians angry over U.S. treatment of Jamaican fishermen

In the late 1990s, the U.S. government came up with a controversial scheme to control the waters south off the Florida coast by signing agreements with various Caribbean governments to allow American coastguard officers to board a vessel in the ...

Guyana, Venezuela at it again over border markers

Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela and the Caribbean Community nation of Guyana are on the diplomatic warpath again in the wake of last month’s ruling by the World Court that it has the right to hear their decades-old quarrel over boundary markers.

Major Caribbean airlines in deep financial trouble

Not surprisingly, the Caribbean Community’s major airlines are drowning in debt, with governments being pressured to intervene financially to stave off the possible collapse of the regional carriers.

Smugglers blamed for tragic boat deaths

Authorities in Trinidad, trying desperately to stem the flow of dozens of Venezuelan migrants to the island almost daily, were this week poring over a Venezuelan government report that blamed massive overloading of a vessel for the recent drownings of ...

U.S. lawmakers again pressure Bahamas to abandon oil exploration

As Caribbean neighbors Guyana and Suriname continue to make global headlines with world class offshore oil discoveries, the U.S. government, a bipartisan group of American lawmakers and local activists continue to put pressure on authorities in The Bahamas to shut ...

More problems for Trinidad with Venezuelan migrants

Already under pressure to provide health care, education and other basics for more than 50,000 mostly economic migrants from neighboring Venezuela

Former Suriname dictator in trouble again for threatening state

Anxious to weaken his party’s influence ahead of the next general elections.

Trinidad, Venezuela to talk about refugees

Diplomats and high level security officials from Trinidad and Venezuela are to meet shortly to discuss a Venezuelan refugee crisis in Trinidad as authorities there are growing increasingly wary about the number of refugees breaching the island’s closed borders in ...

Activists fail to stop drilling of well off Bahamian coast

A major row is developing in The Bahamas over plans by the archipelago to drill an offshore well off the south coast in December with environmental and other activists expressing deep fears about an oil spill destroying the country’s lifeline ...

Bahamas to upgrade partisan immigration laws

The Bahamas is moving to overhaul its stringent if not partisan immigration laws to now allow individuals born overseas to a Bahamian mother to obtain citizenship.

Belize votes for new government. PM Gonsalves wins fifth term in St. Vincent

As the year comes to a close, the 15-nation Caribbean Community is still trying to cope with the plethora of general elections in a single calendar year with voters in Belize set to face the polls on Thursday, Nov. 12, ...

Vincentians vote in the latest elections in Caricom

The big question is whether Vincentians will give Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves a fifth consecutive term in office from general elections scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 5 or whether they will vote to close off an era marked by a mix ...