Immigration Korner


Trump seems bent on keeping Biden busy on the immigration front

The Trump era comes to a close on Jan. 20, 2021, but even with the clock ticking down on his one-term administration, The Donald and his xenophobic pipers are rushing to ensure they push through last minute hardline immigration policies.

Immigrant voters can deliver the Senate for Democrats and save us all

Let’s face it: when it comes to Republicans and Democratic lawmakers in Congress it’s definitely a rock and a hard place scenario.

The immigrant heroes of 2020

Last year, I began a tradition of naming Immigrant Heroes who made a mark in 2019. This year, I round out the year by continuing this tradition, but this time by choosing groups of immigrants, who in my opinion, made ...

Immigrants, we get the job done!

In the now famous musical about America’s greatest immigrant, Caribbean-born Alexander Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda takes creative license by having the actor playing Hamilton say to the actor playing Marquis de Lafayette at center-stage.

Fast facts to applying for DACA 2020

Based on an order by a United States District Court judge in Brooklyn, NY on Dec. 7

Dreamers get an early Christmas gift but DACA’s future rests on the Georgia elections

Another court battle was lost by Donald Trump and his administration late last week.

Former Suriname dictator in trouble again for threatening state

Anxious to weaken his party’s influence ahead of the next general elections.

5 immigration changes the Trump admin is ramming through

Donald Trump’s days in the White House are now thankfully numbered, but that’s not stopping his administration from ramming through several immigration policy changes that could create tremendous bottlenecks for the incoming Joe Biden administration and the first Caribbean-born nominated ...

Donald Trump has turned America’s democracy into a s---hole

In January 2018, it was first reported by The Washington Post that Donald Trump had reportedly referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “s***hole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House.

The Trump Maggots March and the “Coming For Black & Indians First” sign

One of the most alarming signs from the Nov. 14, 2020 “Million Maggots March,” a.k.a. the “MAGA March,” in Washington, D.C., was so shocking, that even Fox News had to cut away.

What about your Caribbean heritage VP-elect Kamala Harris?

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has made history in the United States.

Donald Trump finished his campaign the way he started in 2016––insulting immigrants

By the time you read this column, the Nov. 3rd United States Presidential election will be over.

Beware of the enemy within

We are now just five days away from the Nov. 3rd general elections. Who would have thought back in 2016 that the long dark daunting path that had seemed endless, could come down to this?

Two debates in, immigration still MIA

In less than four years, Donald “Madhatter” Trump, America’s xenophobe-in-chief, has reshaped immigration for ages to come.

As a Caribbean immigrant voter, I feel ignored and dismissed

I am a Caribbean immigrant voter and entrepreneur in the battle ground state of Florida, having moved here from New York City.