Immigration Korner


10 immigration headlines you may have missed while blinking

There is just so much happening on the immigration front under this draconian administration and its cohorts in the Senate weekly that it feels like you miss a lot with just a blink.

Amid the devastation in Abaco, Bahamas, the conversation turns to ‘Illegal Immigration’

It’s hard for many to imagine that illegal immigration is also a problem for some Caribbean nations, including the hurricane devastated northwestern Bahamas.

8 immigration news headlines you may have missed in a week

There’s no denying that when it comes to immigration under the Trump administration, the news cycle is moving at a fast and furious pace.

What every immigrant should know about Trump’s public charge rule

Donald Trump’s Public Charge policy, the latest white nationalist move to turn the U.S. into a gated country welcoming only wealthy and white immigrants in the ‘Make America white Again’ agenda.

10 key facts about America’s growing immigrant population that drives white supremacists batty

While many around the world are still reeling from the fact that a young white man, fueled by hate propagated by White Supremacists and the xenophobic rhetoric of the president of the United States drove hundreds of miles to the ...

Would Trump and his cronies qualify for U.S. citizenship through naturalization?

One of the major points that struck me as I caught some of the Robert Mueller testimony on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, was the number of lies that the special prosecutor said were either told to him or proven to ...

Native Americans, please tell Donald Trump and his merry band of racists to go back where they came from Dear Native American brothers and sisters—and especially Congressmembers Sharice Davids and Deb

Your voices have been Missing In Action this past week in the continued racialization of politics in these United States by the 45th POTUS

Where are the tens of thousands of bad hombres, U.S. ICE?

At least seven days before Sunday, July 14—the promoted start of Donald Trump’s newly touted ICE raids—the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced it had arrested 20 “criminal” and immigration violators during a five-day enforcement surge in San Diego, ...

The private companies reaping millions from running ICE detention pens

On Friday morning, July 5, #TrumpHasKidsInCages began trending on Twitter

What about the life of the immigrant child—outside of the womb?

In an effort to prove just how “Christian” they are, Bible touting right wingers who adopt and quote scripture when it is convenient to their agenda, are now on a mad push to prove just how far they are willing ...

As Trumpism reigns, the only balm for many immigrants is the court

It’s unfortunate but somewhat reassuring that the only real balm most immigrants have found as they fight against the dictator in the White House flying the fake flag of democracy is in the courts.

When the threat comes from within, what can immigrants do?

In the current atmosphere of fear amid rising roundups and deportations of immigrants, it is most reprehensible to see the threat against undocumented immigrants being perpetrated from some within their own communities.

The U.S.’ immigration laws of inequality

The hypocrisy and inequality of America’s immigration law was recently highlighted in an opinion piece by Kriston Capps in The New York Times.

Hate group fundraises on border security as Trump considers former head to lead US CIS

While reports have surfaced that Julie Kirchner, the former executive director of FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform), which has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, could be nominated as head of the U.S. ...

Donald Trump and the ‘Eediat Bwoy’ syndrome

After a week that has left many shaking their heads in disbelief at the lunacy being spewed by the president of the purported greatest country in the world, the dialogue has again shifted to the mental competency of the so-called ...