Immigration Korner


Letter No. 89: Immigration reform now!

On Labor Day, Sept. 1, Caribbean immigrants in New York will mark the 47th anniversary of the West Indian American Day Carnival. But most importantly, this year will mark some 414 years since West Indians have been in these United ...

Letter No. 89: Immigration reform now!

In the past two weeks alone, the conservative groups and media have been very busy, unlike Democrats, in spinning tales about why executive action on the immigration front will not work.

Letter No. 88: Immigration reform now!

I’m sure you are all caught up on Twitter, but just in case you missed it, on Aug. 7, House Speaker John Boehner tweeted a picture of himself with a farmer with the caption: “Always great to spend time with ...

Letter No. 87: Immigration reform now!

It’s amazing to me that both houses of Congress cannot agree on major issues of interest to Americans who elect them—including immigration reform—yet they did manage to pass legislation providing financing for Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system before they ...

Letter No. 86: Immigration reform now!

The Republican-controlled House should have its own “#Houseofmadmen” hashtag on Twitter. That, I can assure you, would trend high daily.

Letter No. 85: Immigration reform now!

Against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty in New York City last week, dozens of New Yorkers gathered to urge you to make good on your remarks made June 30 to take executive action on immigration reform. New Yorkers ...

Letter No. 84: Immigration reform now!

This past week, I was pleasantly surprised to receive from you and the White House a response to my personal immigration story and open letters calling for immigration reform. The letter reiterated your support for immigration reform even though it ...

Letter No. 83: Immigration reform now!

Help for the 11 million-plus undocumented migrants in the United States almost always seems to take a backseat to one crisis after another. Just when it seems relief is in sight for hard-working people who desperately need some form of ...

Open Letter No. 82: Immigration reform now!

In the midst of recovering from complicated surgery, I have had to face the sad reality that comprehensive immigration reform is dead in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives for another year. Now, in the season of World Cup fever, where ...

Letter No. 81: Immigration reform now!

It is very disappointing that you have chosen to cave to House Republicans yet again by choosing to delay the release of the results of the review of your administration’s deportation policies and the Pentagon’s plan that would have allowed ...

Letter No. 80: Immigration reform now!

Now that Eric Cantor, the majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, has shown that not even in the days before Memorial Day weekend will he be bothered to give a vote on Rep. Jeff Denham’s ENLIST Act, which ...

Letter No. 79: Immigration reform now!

The fact that you have now put a deadline in place for immigration reform tells me you must have.

Letter No. 78 Immigration reform now!

You should send a congratulatory note to U.S. Chamber of Commerce Chamber President Tom Donohue.

Letter No. 77: Immigration reform now!

The big question on everyone’s lips this Cinco de Mayo is will you act or will you let bigots like Rep. Steve King stand in the way of giving over 11 million people a fair path to legalization?

Letter No. 76: Immigration reform now!

This past week, I was at a naturalization ceremony at the Eastern District Court in Brooklyn, N.Y., that featured about 100 or so immigrants taking the United States Oath of Allegiance.