Unions strike for right to organize

Earlier this month, Environmental Service Systems employees walked off the job, demanding that their employer respect their right to be represented by their union, Local 32BJ.

City announces contract agreement between school custodians and public school cleaners and handypersons

School custodians and public school cleaners and handypersons have a new agreement, according to the mayor’s office.

New report suggests wage theft of airport worker salaries

Airport workers in New York have been fighting for better benefits and a living wage for several years.

Union leaders will be honored at fourth annual labor breakfast

Local and national labor leaders and union advocates will be honored yet again at the New York Amsterdam News’ fourth annual labor breakfast.

DC 37, de Blasio agree to tentative deal

The new seven-year, four-month wage pact provides a total of 10.41 percent in wage hikes, plus a $1,000 ratification bonus and back pay. The new agreement also includes access to additional resources to address union-specific issues. The deal covers March ...

MTA fare hikes lower than expected, TWU wonders ‘where’s our money?’

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) recently announced that it overestimated the proposed fare hikes for 2015 and 2017, and New Yorkers won’t feel the pinch as much as expected. “MTA cost-cutting measures have been more effective than anticipated,” read an ...

Why our union supports Christine Quinn

The importance of this year’s election cannot be overstated. In less than two weeks, we will go to the polls to begin the process of electing a new mayor.

We must elect leaders who will help workers

Most New Yorkers are aware that our city will elect a new mayor this year....

Paid sick days legislation a victory for people of color and working New Yorkers

Last month, we won a huge victory for working New Yorkers across the five boroughs...

Brave workers at airport took a stand

In this holiday season, many of us may go to John F. Kennedy International Airport...

Youth and workers unite to build a better America

American youth face a dilemma. Much of what is taught in schools, reported in the...

Fishman leaves prez post at 32BJ, Figueroa looks to take over

Mike Fishman has elected to step down as president of 32BJ to take over as...

Building bonds between the African-American church and the labor movement: Part 2

This column is the second in a series jointly written by Mike Fishman and the...

The fight to keep New York City a place working families can afford

Sprawling Brooklyn apartment complex Flatbush Gardens represents how life in modern day New York is...