McNally Jackson workers vote to join RWDSU

Workers at McNally Jackson Bookstores want the ability to collectively bargain for a contract. Their recent actions could lead to that goal.

Housing Works employees demand their rights

When workers at Housing Works first approached our union, I was surprised to hear about the issues they face every day.

Car wash bill will protect workers from injustices

The Car Wash Bill 2019, which would end subminimum wages and help eliminate wage theft for thousands of downstate New York car wash workers, was passed by the New York State Senate and Assembly in June.

CEOs sing a new tune, but action must follow

Business Roundtable—a lobbying organization made up of almost 200 chief executives from Apple, Walmart, JPMorgan Chase, and many more of the world’s largest companies—released a statement in August that purports to change the role of corporations in our society.

For retail workers, difficult times in a seemingly strong economy

While the economy seems to be doing well, and retail companies, their CEOs, and their stockholders seem to be doing well, there’s a group that’s in danger of being left behind: retail workers, many of whom find daily life a ...

The humanitarian crisis of Central American refugees

Ever since the day Donald Trump began his campaign for president, and in the over two years of his administration, he has focused on Central American immigrants.

The experts tell us what’s wrong with the Amazon deal

In January, the RWDSU and four community organizations—Alliance for a Greater New York, Make the Road New York, New York Communities for Change and Local Progress—conducted a briefing in the RWDSU’s New York City office to discuss our recently released ...

You can’t call yourself pro-worker or pro-union if you ignore Amazon’s behavior

Amazon has been well-documented as one of the most anti-worker, anti-union companies in the U.S. and around the world.

H&M workers push for a new contract

H&M employees want a new contract and they want it now.

ICE agents brandishing guns detain RWDSU members—Who is next?

For RWDSU members, the real-world effects of the Trump administration’s almost incomprehensibly cruel focus came into startling view June 20.

Equality at last for airport food service workers

Tens of thousands of workers at New York City’s airports have a reason to rejoice this spring

Holidays more stressful than ever for retail workers

Big crowds, irritable customers, busy days and the need for workers themselves to take care of their own holiday obligations can all weigh heavily on workers’ shoulders during the stressful holiday season.

No limit to Amazon’s greed

In September, Amazon announced it was looking for a city in North America to build its new headquarters in North America, and announced it was soliciting proposals from cities and regions throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Among Amazon’s announced ...

Proposed workers’ comp changes would hurt workers

For more than 100 years, our workers’ compensation system has protected workers injured on the job by providing immediate wage replacement and medical benefits without the need for a costly lawsuit.

Taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize Amazon’s growth

Taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing the growth of Amazon, the world’s largest internet-based retailer. Our public policy shouldn’t bend toward giving handouts to a company that had a revenue of almost $136 billion last year, and whose CEO, Jeff Bezos, has ...