Revolutionary Will Reese celebrated in Harlem

Noted activist Will Reese was memorialized at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Harlem May 14, 2016. The well-known communist died in February this year after a four-year battle with cancer.

Activist James Haughton memorialized at Mount Olivet Baptist Church

Powerhouse of the labor movement Jim Haughton was memorialized at Harlem’s Mount Olivet Baptist Church, with friends and family praising his unwavering dedication.

African-American women have less accurate mammograms

African American women are referred for fewer breast biopsies after having a mammogram than white women, yet they have a higher rate of unnecessary biopsies or false positive results, according to a study presented at Touro College Research Day.

When taste and smell got lost

Mrs. S. was a 79-year-old mother of four children, with 20 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Sen. Kevin Parker hosts 9th annual Prom Dress Giveaway

Saturday, May 14, State Sen. Kevin Parker hosted his 9th annual Prom Dress Giveaway at the Samuel J. Tilden High School campus in Brooklyn.

Benny Carter, the master arranger of big band swing

For a couple of reasons Benny Carter stayed on my mind this week. His memory was first evoked during a discussion of the history of the Apollo Theater.

Cash-strapped Venezuela turns to Caribbean

Facing perhaps its worst ever political and economic crisis, despite being the world’s fith oil producer, Venezuela has turned to its Caribbean neighbors for help as President Nicolas Maduro struggles to hold on to power.

New Yorkers to receive mental health support in more NYC communities

Fifteen community-based organizations have been selected to receive grants to partner with mental health providers, train staff and improve access to mental health care in their communities through the Connection to Care program, as part of ThriveNYC.

In the spirit of Malcolm X

On May 19, the 27th annual Malcolm X Birthday Black Power March and Rally moved along Harlem’s 125th Street corridor behind a huge banner depicting Malcolm X.

Thank you, teachers

I recently returned from the YWCA’s annual event to celebrate women and girls. Each year their “Potential to Power Girls Symposium” brings together a diverse group of girls from high schools (and now middle schools) from across the city to ...

The education dilemma

For far too many years we’ve tried to address the problem of failing educational achievement in America essentially by ignoring it. And by ignoring it, I mean, throwing money at it and hoping it’ll go away.

NYPD refuses to disclose StingRay information; NYCLU sues

The New York Civil Liberties Union’s battle with the New York Police Department over StingRay devices continues.

Fight for $15 to protest McDonald’s shareholder meeting, looks to join SEIU

McDonald’s cooks and cashiers wanted their employer to know that they’ve had enough.

The Brown and Black turn black and blue

Tuesday, education activist group Families for Excellent Schools, supported by public school parents, filed civil rights complaints against New York City and State departments.

Montclair honoring Harlem Hellfighters on Memorial Day

The memory of four members of the 369th infantry regiment, known as the “Harlem Hellfighters,” from Montclair are being honored at this year’s Memorial Day tribute in the township.