Sisters Building Sisters hit the pavement to stop domestic violence

As the wind and rain whipped through the afternoon air in East New York, a bullhorn was passed throughout the walking crowd to anyone who wanted to spread a message, and the faint voice of a 5-year-old could be heard ...

What to watch for during the first 2016 Democratic primary debate

The Republican candidates have been a relatively entertaining clown car of politicians, business folks and has-beens all vying for the conservative mantel of their party.

Howard grad returns to roots in Senate race

Kamala Harris, California’s attorney general and the early odds-on favorite to become the state’s first Black U.S.

Niaren Binford: Spectacular artist

Brooklyn-based artist and teacher Niaren Binford is striving to highlight and depict the beauty, style and grace of women of color in her artwork.

March for Safety highlights Avonte Oquendo death

A “March for Safety” is being held at Hunter’s Point Park South in Queens, Saturday, Oct. 10, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., to mark the second anniversary of Avonte Oquendo’s disappearance.

NAACP New York State Conference holds 79th Annual Convention in Long Island

The NAACP New York State Conference will convene its 79th annual convention at the Hilton Long Island Hotel, located at 598 Broad Hollow Road in Melville, from Oct. 9 to Oct. 11.

Cuomo visits Bedford-Stuyvesant to discuss new special prosecutor

Central Brooklyn elected officials and community leaders welcomed Gov. Andrew Cuomo to Bedford-Stuyvesant to discuss his designation of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office to investigate police shootings.

De Blasio and the homeless

He may not be responsible for the homeless issue, but it’s now New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s problem to handle.

New York, Boston airport workers fight for wages, better conditions

In New York, airport workers want the $15 minimum wage as soon as possible.

Following NY’s lead, other cities convene wage boards

New Yorkers led the way and now the rest of the country is following suit.

North Charleston reaches $6.5 million settlement with family of Walter Scott

The family of the late Walter Scott and the city of North Charleston, South Carolina, have reached a $6.5 million settlement.

New Legacy Leaders host domestic violence healing conference

New York’s New Legacy Leaders partnered with Harlem Hospital Center to host a dynamic empowerment event to commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Prime Minister David Cameron ignores reparation pleas from the Caribbean

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said that paying reparations to Caribbean islands for Britain’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade is not a good way to “move on.”

On the Verge: Up-and-coming film producer Mel Jones

Mel Jones’ official title is “Film Independent Manager Special Projects with the LA Film Festival.”

Economic woes for Abyssinian Development Corporation

When it rains, it pours—at least that’s the deluge Abyssinian Development Corporation is experiencing nowadays.