VIDEO: Rev. Al Sharpton and Gwen Carr hold prayer vigil for George Floyd

Eric Garner’s mother Gwen Carr accompanied Rev. Al Sharpton as they appeal for justice and accountability in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of police.

Friday rally planned after over 70 arrested in Union Square protest over George Floyd death

olice say more than 70 people were arrested in a Union Square protest Thursday in solidarity with the unrest in Minneapolis over the killing of George Floyd at the hands of police.

100,000 Americans have now died of COVID-19

The U.S. has reached another grim milestone amid the coronavirus pandemic.

2.1 million Americans filed for unemployment last week

For the 10th straight week, weekly initial claims for unemployment have totaled in the millions.

UM-Allah & Queen Omala Earth return to the essence

The recent passing of two first generation Five Percenters caused many people to reflect on their legacies

WHITE LIES: Central Park racial incident sparks outrage

In 1955 Carolyn Bryant, a white woman, lied about an encounter she alleged she had with Black youth Emmett Till.

On the Run Rwanda genocide suspect nabbed in French hideout

Twenty-six years after financing the Rwandan genocide, wealthy businessman and most wanted fugitive, Felicien Kabuga, was nabbed in an upscale French hideout.

Pan-Africanists strike out in Martinique

On the afternoon of Friday, May 22, members of the Pan-Africanist group Ligue de Défense Noire Africaine (LDNA/Black African Defense League) tore down and destroyed two famous statues on the island of Martinique.

It’s happening again: police kill George Floyd, protests ensue

Authorities with their feet on the necks of Black America. It’s a story all too familiar. But this time it was a knee.

Staten Island: “We’re ready for business.” Cuomo: “No.”

While NYC awaits the green light to resume business as usual, several local elected officials want the borough of Staten Island to reopen for business. New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he has the final word on that.

Caregivers of seniors: working during COVID-19 pandemic

“Sometimes, they would sit and cry and say, ‘Why am I living if I can’t go outside?’ and things like that. And at that time, the depression comes on.”

LIFE Camp working on the frontlines in Queens during pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, LIFE Camp staff of frontline workers have been working around the clock delivering supplies and providing health and wellness services in the wake of losses in Queens where LIFE Camp is located.

Trump: chief conspiracy theorist

Like so many of our democratic rights, the boundaries, for better or worse, are consistently challenged by Trump and his administration.

Activists push for Jalil Muntaquim’s release amid COVID-19 contraction

Supporters of political prisoner-of-war Jalil Muntaqim (s/n Anthony Bottom), are urging New York officials to grant his release from prison, citing age, health and time served.

Baraka urging business owners and employees to get tested for COVID-19

As New Jersey continues taking more steps toward a full reopening, businesses have been open for curbside and in-store pickup per Gov. Phil Murphy’s recent implementation of a phased reopening.