'Shop Black Week' campaign aims to boost support for Black-owned businesses

As consumers across the U.S. gear up for holiday deals on sales merchandise, this Black Friday, a coalition urges buyers to make it a Shop Black Week.

Woman books NYCHA apartment in Chelsea listed illegally on Airbnb

Boston resident Rachel Valerio thought her $90-a-night Airbnb apartment in New York City was a good deal until...

The NASA women who inspired ‘Hidden Figures’ to get Congressional gold medals

Four African American women known as the “Hidden Figures” who worked at NASA during the Space Race are being awarded Congressional Gold Medals, the highest civilian award in the US.

Kamala Harris introduced a bill to keep schools open three more hours

US Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris introduced legislation this week intended to align the school day with the traditional workday to reduce the burden of childcare on working families.

Atatiana Jefferson’s father dies less than a month after his daughter was killed by a police officer

Marquis A. Jefferson, the father of Atatiana Jefferson, died Saturday at the age 59.

Black News Channel now to launch to a larger viewing audience

Black News Channel (BNC) announced today that it has updated the launch of the nation’s only African American news network to January 6, 2020 in order to more than triple its viewing audience.

‘Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools’

Black girls who have been subject to punitive school policies and practices are at an increased risk of coming into contact with the juvenile and criminal courts and leaving school altogether.

Bloomberg opens door to 2020 presidential campaign

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, is opening the door to a 2020 Democratic presidential campaign.

NYS Supreme Court Judge Crane orders WBAI back on air with local control

At midnight Wednesday, 6th, November, 2019, embattled “progressive” New York radio went back on air with local control, by court order of NYS Supreme Court Judge Melissa Crane.

Jamaican officials rocked by U.S. visa cancellations

Jamaica’s political community, both at the government and opposition levels, has been rocked by news that the U.S. entry visas of several of its top officials have been canceled in the past week, leading to speculation that Washington might be ...

Father of minor punched by NYPD: ‘My son is still traumatized’

It’s been around two weeks since viral video of a brawl involving NYPD officers and civilians at the Jay Street-MetroTech subway station in Brooklyn showed an officer punch Black 15-year-old Benjamin Marshall.

Nya Kam: Making candles with love

Nya Kam has dedicated her creative talents to helping others find peace, through her candle line Love Notes.

Jack O’Dell, an unflinching foe of oppression, dead at 96

Almost a year ago to the day, I featured Jack O’Dell in the classroom column, which was a rare entry since the focus is usually on the deceased.

NYC Health + Hospitals urges continuity of federal funding for hospital preparedness

NYC Health + Hospitals recently marked the five year anniversary of the treatment and recovery of NYC’s only confirmed Ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, and urged federal officials to continue funding for hospital preparedness around Ebola and other special pathogens.

Bad coppers and good coppers

When I was a kid, law officers, peace officers and policemen were referred to as cops or coppers by the bad guys.