Ambassador Dr. Lamuel A. Stanislaus celebrated street naming

The Brooklyn street co-naming to celebrate Ambassador Dr. Lamuel A. Stanislaus

A Sky With No Limits

Beating the odds and working in a field as a minority Black woman dominated by mostly white men shows what one can accomplish with drive and determination. Sky Davis found her calling as a product designer by chance.

Geoff Eaton gets Made Man Foundation honors for activism, promoting economic & social justice

Geoffrey Eaton, TouroCOM Harlem’s new director of community affairs and diversity and co-chair of the TouroCOM Harlem Community Advisory Board, was honored recently by The Made Man Foundation in the category of “Industry Thought Leaders & Transformational Change Advocates” for ...

Sen. Kevin Parker, Sigma Gamma Rho & USA Swimming teach water safety with Olympic silver medalist Maritza McClendon

On Saturday, June 22, Brooklyn youth of all ages learned the basics of water safety at the Swim 1922 Clinic held at the Boys & Girls Club at Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse in Brooklyn, New York.

Trump’s racist remarks strike ire nationwide

On Monday, if the White House’s incompetent incumbent couldn’t possibly go any further as a racist demagogue, he stepped closer to the precipice of madness and inanity.

'Our Lives Don't Matter': Eric Garner's family demands justice

The mother of Eric Garner, Gwen Carr, was heartbroken to find out through the media that the officers involved in her son’s 2014 death would not face any federal charges.

U.S. House votes to condemn President Trump’s use of social media to spread racist messages

On July 16, the U.S. House voted 240-187 to condemn the racist language of Donald Trump in a series of twitter communications over the weekend.

Eric Garner’s family demands justice as officer won’t face federal charges in chokehold death

Five years ago, Eric Garner uttered his last words, “I can’t breathe” during a confrontation with the NYPD.

New York raises statewide smoking age to 21

New York is the latest state to raise its smoking age from 18 to 21 in an effort to discourage teens from getting hooked.

Heat wave expected to hit the New York, New Jersey area

A prolonged stretch of extreme heat and humidity is on the way and poised to bake the Big Apple.

Women embracing natural hair texture as NY bans discrimination based on hairstyles

New York has banned discrimination based on hairstyles; it's now the second state in the nation to do so.

Breast cancer is the most imperative health issue Facing African American women

Though Black women get breast cancer at a slightly lower incidence rate than white women, Black women are 42% more like to DIE of breast cancer than white women.

Justice Department won’t charge Officer Pantaleo in Eric Garner death

Federal prosecutors won’t bring civil rights charges against a New York City police officer in the 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner, a person familiar with the matter said Tuesday.

Teen found guilty in Bronx school stabbing case

A judge rules that a Bronx high school student is guilty on manslaughter charges after fatally stabbing one of his classmates in 2017.

Power restored to all customers after blackout

Con Edison reports that crews have completed the restoration of power to 72,000 customers on the West Side of Manhattan.