Obamacy: A legacy of diplomacy

Let’s call President Barack Obama’s diplomatic surge “Obamacy.”

Post Cold War, US-Cuba relations mended

The Cold War is long over, and with a better understanding of their mutual interests as well as the depth of their differences, the United States and Cuba officially restored their diplomatic relations Monday, July 20.

State wage board votes in favor of increasing minimum wage for fast-food workers

More than 180,000 fast-food workers in the state are praising the the New York Wage Board after they unanimously vote to increase the minimum wage to $15.

Claims of non-tenured teachers of color being let go in New York

New claims have risen regarding non-tenured teachers of color here in New York City being dismissed from their positions without cause.

High school girls participate In Justice Academy at Fordham Law School

Fordham Law School is hosting the 7th annual Justice Academy for Young Women, a college and law school preparatory program that combines course work and leadership training for underserved high school students in the city.

Manhattan BP Launches ‘Fresh Food For Seniors’ Program Uptown

Tuesday, Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer launched the Fresh Food for Seniors program, which expands the group of pickup points in northern Manhattan.

Art’s healing power: Local artist shares healing journey

He fell off the stage during a Rainbow PUSH fundraiser concert after losing feeling in his legs. Doctors said he’d never walk again, diagnosing him with a ruptured spine and paralysis from the waist down.

NYPD meets teens at Apollo despite vocal protests outside

After killing over 500 Americans nationwide this year, police are not faring well with youth. However, the All Stars Project hopes to improve this fractured relationship.

500 Men Making a Difference Hosts Cleanup and Painting Day at Von King Park

The organization 500 Men Making a Difference is asking for volunteers to help them as they clean and paint Von King Park in Brooklyn Saturday, July 18.

Protest marks year since death of Eric Garner

Dozens of demonstrators rallied on Staten Island Monday night to commemorate in advance of the one- year anniversary death of Eric Garner, an unarmed Black man who was placed in what Police Commissioner William Bratton called a “prohibited” chokehold by ...

Fruit of Increase holds annual prayer summit

The Rev. Grace Ogunwuyi is the executive director of Fruit of Increase Ministries, which just held its annual prayer summit.

Cuomo appoints state AG to prosecute cop-involved killings

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will oversee cases of police-involved civilian deaths.

Muslims raise over $50,000 to help rebuild burned Black churches

A coalition of Muslim groups launched an online fundraising campaign to help rebuild the Southern Black churches that have been either burned to the ground or severely damaged by fire in the aftermath of a white gunman killing nine Black ...

Fatigue no more: Doctor says you can cure exhaustion naturally

There are those days, weeks and even months some of us experience this eternal energy drain, dragging through hours of monotony, too tired to think or react soundly.

City College establishes medical school with St. Barnabas Hospital

In a major development in the institution’s 168-year history, the City College of New York announced the establishment of the CUNY School of Medicine at City College in partnership with Bronx-based St. Barnabas Hospital, which is part of the SBH ...