Protests stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

When Colin Kaepernick refused to honor the American national anthem, the “Star Spangled Banner,” he may not have been aware that his protest was consistent with one now raging in North Dakota.

Concern about Clinton’s physical health and Trump’s mental health

As expected, it was another exciting and unpredictable week on the presidential campaign trail between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

World Bank issues dire warning on dirty air

What’s deadlier than malaria, four times as deadly as HIV/AIDS and flies under the radar for most policymakers worldwide?

Worst earthquake to hit Tanzania leaves hundreds injured, 17 dead

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck northwest Tanzania over the weekend and was felt throughout the Great Lakes region, local authorities said Sunday.

View from Zimbabwe

It was quite humbling to read the story titled “Mugabe is right—African liberation support rally September 17” in The New York Amsterdam News edition of Sept.1 2016. The initiative by the December 12th Movement and Friends of Zimbabwe to speak ...

PHOTOS: Unions celebrate Labor Day on 5th Avenue

Unions participated in this year's Labor Day Parade on 5th Avenue in Manhatten.

Metropolitan College opens South Bronx Cmapus

Metropolitan College of New York officially opened its new Bronx campus on East 149th Street, moving from its previous location on Courtlandt Avenue. The new campus is the anchor of Triangle Plaza Hub, a mixed commercial project.

New York State Office of Mental Health announces statewide suicide prevention plan

The New York State Office of Mental Health recently announced the release of a plan for suicide prevention, aimed at reducing New York State’s suicide rate.

Fake cop sentenced for rape and robbery of woman

A Brooklyn man who impersonated a cop was sentenced up to 32 years to life in prison Monday, Sept. 12, for the rape and robbery of a woman at the Sunset Park Hotel.

Espaillat’s growing influence

Victories for three women in Tuesday’s primaries were headline stories, one of them close to home here in Harlem and one from the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Sandra Bland's family settles for $1.9M in wrongful death suit

Sandra Bland's family has reached a $1.9 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit, the family's attorney said Thursday.

Garner case haunts Bratton

The heat is on. Certainly Mayor Bill de Blasio and his on-his-way-out Police Commissioner Bill Bratton must be a tad bit hot under the collar as they feel the hot glare of New Yorkers enraged by the news that officer ...

Some new faces mark primary week in New York

While one might be skeptical of a new day in Albany, there will be new faces.

Ramsey Orta preparing to begin bid

After copping out in July to a four-year prison sentence for alleged drugs and weapons possession, cop-watch activist Ramsey Orta is preparing to turn himself in next month to begin his bid.

Traci Lester putting her best foot forward at the National Dance Institute

Newly hired executive director of the National Dance Institute, Traci Lester, wraps up her first week in her new position. In an interview with the AmNews, she said she’s looking to expand the nonprofit’s reach to give more access to ...