Ella Little-Collins, Malcolm X’s resourceful half-sister

As Black History Months draws to a close it leaves in its wake a number of renewed memories and events, most notably the annual reflection on the life and legacy of Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz).

Book Reviews: ‘The Undefeated’ and ‘A Place To Land’

Children’s books that can both promote literacy and history have to walk a very fine line.

Local HBCU alumni come together in Teaneck for youth event

Alumni from several historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) came together Feb. 20 at Teaneck High School for the 3rd annual HBCU Panel Discussion & Mix and Mingle.

Many say education of King’s life, legacy remains critical for young people

More than a half-century after the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., many of America’s youth are still in the dark about the life and legacy of the nation’s foremost civil rights leader.

Joe Wood, a promising literary career cut short

Two things occurred recently to remind me of the author and editor Joe Wood: first there is all the fresh discussion around the life and times of Malcolm X, mainly generated by the documentary being aired on Netflix; the other ...

SUNY Downstate partners with Medgar Evers and Brooklyn College

Graduates of Medgar Evers College School of Science, Brooklyn College Health & Technology, and Health and Nutrition Sciences have announced that Medgar Evers’ students can receive priority admission consideration into the Master of Public Health program at SUNY Downstate Health ...

Harlem Renaissance 100 celebration is setting the bar for 100 years of Harlem

The Harlem Renaissance gave birth to a new wave of Black pride through intellect and various forms of art that agitated stereotypes and racism.

Howard University Receives Record Donation for STEM Scholarships

Howard University has received the largest donation in the university’s history. Howard has received a $10 million gift from the Karsh Family Foundation.

Cities hoist Pan African flags for Black History Month

In commemoration of Black History Month, municipalities in several cities have approved resolutions to erect the red, black and green Pan African flags at prominent places in their local areas throughout each February.

Honoring Black contemporary heroes for Black History Month 2020

Traditionally Black History Month has honored our great leaders of the past.

‘Listen to your heart,’ on Heart Valve Awareness Day

Recognition of the importance of Heart Valve Awareness Day is practically nonexistent for most Americans, unless you are someone like Candice Tarter, who 12 years ago was afflicted with rheumatic fever that eventually led to four open heart surgeries.

Hallie Quinn Brown: A pioneer in Black women’s clubs and teacher

Among those several and memorable moments when Hallie Quinn Brown raised her voice against racism and for women’s rights, the one in the summer of 1920 in Tuskegee, Alabama stands out.

Star Studded “I Will Graduate Day” Takes Over Brooklyn

“I Will Graduate Day” was hosted at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn with thousands of kids, political figures, internet sensations and celebrities in attendance to celebrate the beauty and power of education.

Activists fight for sports equity in NYC high schools

Last year, the New York City Council passed Intro 242-B requiring the Department of Education (DOE) to make public numbers that demonstrate the inequity of access to high school sports for predominantly white schools and predominantly Black and Brown schools.

Before Rosa Parks there was Ellen Garrison Jackson

In her opinion piece in the New York Times on the film “Little Women,” Kaitlyn Greenidge evoked Ellen Garrison Jackson, a Black girl coming of age in Concord, Mass., whom she contrasted with the white girls in “Little Women.”