Baraka returning school control to Newark residents

School control in Newark, N.J., must be followed by full involvement of residents in planning for future of city schools, according to Mayor Ras J. Baraka in a press release from the City of Newark Press Office. “Time has shown ...

Dr. Darwin T. Turner, poet, teacher and leading literary critic

When I arrived at the University of Iowa in 1983, Dr. Darwin Theodore Troy Turner had already reached a commanding plateau of his amazing academic career. At that time, he was the University of Iowa Foundation’s Distinguished Professor of English.

Talking to children when hate makes headlines

There is no shortage of examples of bigotry-inspired hatred in the United States these days, nor are there iron-clad ways to shield children from ugliness.

In the persistence, healing comes

Adio Kuumba Akil stands 5 feet tall with a gargantuan persistence that brought herbal medicine specialist Dr. Sebi and his cures for cancer and sickle cell anemia to scores of people in the U.S. Knowledge of Sebi healing women of ...

Sarah Webster Fabio, poet, educator, activist and literary critic

No matter which of the endeavors consumed her at the moment—poet, scholar, educator, musician, activist, literary critic, performer or mother—Sarah Webster Fabio did it with uncommon flair and creativity.

What people get wrong about affirmative action

After the New York Times reported that the Justice Department is gearing up to combat "intentional race-based discrimination" in schools, many were left wondering whether we're about to see a new push to dismantle affirmative action

Sigmas and Zetas come together for cookout in Brooklyn

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. hosted their annual Blue and White Picnic in Prospect Park.

Dr. S. Allen Counter, ‘the most interesting man in the world’

There is no need to wait for years to go by to enshrine Dr. S. Allen Counter, who died July 12 at his home in Cambridge, Mass. Dr. Counter was 73 and his daughter, Philippa Counter, said the cause of ...

Press Iyamu: Press to success

Press Iyamu is a Fairleigh Dickinson University student who studies electrical engineering and is the co-founder of a startup sharing economy platform known as Where is it? Who has it? How much?, or W.W.HO., founded March 31, 2016.

Regina Anderson Andrews, librarian, playwright and patron of the arts

The storied Harlem Renaissance is replete with authors, but often neglected are the librarians, the bibliophiles who played an important role in keeping the books on the shelves and ensuring a struggling writer’s success.

After traveling the country mowing for those in need, strangers help Alabama man pay tuition

When an Alabama man whose own generosity made national headlines realized he wouldn't be able to pay his college tuition, friends and strangers alike stepped up to help.

Celebrating prom, UK style

There is a saying that when America sneezes, Britain catches the cold, meaning that whatever the U.S. does, Britain is bound to follow.

Jim Ingram, an intrepid reporter and radio commentator

Despite the overwhelming recognition and attention Detroit is receiving in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the rebellion, there are sure to be many interesting elements that will not be covered.

Touro College awards top honor to Payal Aggarwal for service, leadership, research and dedication

When Payal Aggarwal was just 6 years old, she visited her grandfather in India in the hospital.

Lillian Hardin Armstrong, pianist, composer and tailor

There was, as expected, a flurry of renewed interest in the life and musical legacy of jazz great Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong over the last week or so because his birthday was on or somewhere around the Fourth of July.