Sharing my love and pride for a member of the graduating class of 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had so many devastating effects on all of our lives, and as the mother of a graduating high school senior, I know the disappointment, sadness and feeling of being cheated that so many young people and ...

World Sickle Cell Day is June 19th

Thanks to a transplant, a North Carolina student is winning his sickle cell anemia battle.

A literary promise of greatness—Henry Dumas

It is easy to summon a list of Black men whose lives have been snuffed out by unwarranted violence by white police officers, a list that is provoked by the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis when an officer ...

Mia Frasier, a 2020 graduate with a master plan

Mia Frasier is a recent graduate from SUNY Oneonta.

Will schools reopen in September?

As areas around New York City enter the first phases of reopening, many in the city are wondering if public schools will be able to open in the fall.

Danny Ray Thompson, Sun Ra’s flutist and saxman

Last September there was a tribute to the late poet Steve Cannon at the Flamboyan Theater on New York’s Lower East Side.

Poll: 1 in 5 teachers say they're unlikely to return to schools if they reopen in fall

Schools districts across the U.S. are drawing up plans for how they’ll possibly reopen classrooms for the 2020-21 school year based on recommendations from state and federal officials.

Dr. Julie Butler, a veterinarian with a personal touch

It isn’t often that a column is waiting for you in your own backyard or around the corner in your neighborhood.

(Some) CUNY teachers to John Jay College: No jobs? No grades.

CUNY faculty members want to curtail layoffs. Some of them are willing to withhold grades to do it.

10 Black Scholarship Programs in 2020 That Are Still Open Despite COVID-19

Every year, there are many programs that give away scholarships to thousands of African American and other minority students.

New syndrome in kids could change fate of schools reopening in fall

The growing number of New York children diagnosed with a serious inflammatory syndrome possibly connected to COVID-19 may impact whether schools reopen in the fall.

The closing of schools: what needs to be done before schools re-open

Remote learning is currently occurring, but New York City School buildings have been closed through the end of the academic year.

Bohannon, percussionist, producer and bandleader

News of Little Richard’s death on May 9 made him the second notable musician from Georgia to leave us in the last two weeks with the passing of drummer Hamilton Bohannon on April 24.

NYC will consider staggered hours for schools, de Blasio says

Students in New York could have staggered hours at schools in the fall.

Princeton names first Black valedictorian in school history

Princeton University has named its first Black valedictorian in school history, according to a press release from the school.