The intrepid Donald Cox, a Black Panther field marshal

Within a 24-year period, two books and one article centered on the year 1970, and while one, a novel by Bill Fletcher, Jr., only unfolded in that year

Jay Z and Beyoncé awarding $1 million in scholarships to high school students

Popular music’s most powerful couple continue to make power moves.Jay

College scholarships for African-American students: Fall 2018

Check out these scholarships for African American students

CUNY again dominates Chronicle’s public college social mobility rankings

Nine senior colleges and two community colleges at The City University of New York dominated the Chronicle of Higher Education’s rankings of public U.S. campuses with the greatest success in lifting low-income students into the middle class.

Probe into teacher’s slave lesson wraps up

As the school year gets underway in the next few weeks, a probe over a teacher who stood on the backs of Black students during a lesson about slavery at a Bronx middle school is now over.

Dorothy Van Engle, a gorgeous and talented actress

Near the end of director/producer Oscar Micheaux’s film “Swing” (1938), Dorothy Van Engle delivers an intimidating look that dares a man to pilfer from her friend’s purse.

CUNY Start program excels for college-level courses

The City University of New York’s pioneering CUNY Start program is significantly more effective than standard remedial education in preparing students who arrive at CUNY needing to master basic skills before they are ready for college-level courses, according to results ...

William Leo Hansberry, noted authority of Ethiopian history and culture

Anytime the renowned playwright Lorraine Hansberry is mentioned, it invariably summons memories of the eminent historian and anthropologist, William Leo Hansberry.

Lincoln University launches plan aimed to advance the institution

Lincoln University has announced a new strategic plan, “Reimagining the Legacy: Learn. Liberate. Lead.”

We Have to Get Real about the Achievement Gap between Black and White Students

Our nation’s graduation rate is at an all-time high.

Morehouse president starts freshman year in dorm

The president of Morehouse College is tackling his freshman year in an unusual way.

From LeBron ‘King’ James to Headmaster James

By launching his new school, LeBron James is choosing to not just “shut up and dribble,” but rather to give back to youth in his hometown. Located in Akon, Ohio, James’ I Promise School aims to help students who are ...

Legendary baseball player, the speedy James ‘Cool Papa’ Bell

Cool Papa Bell was so fast, legend has it, that he could turn off the light and get into bed before the room got dark.

Christina Lewis: Living on the legacy

Christina Lewis is the daughter of late Black billionaire and business legend Reginald F. Lewis. Today she’s carrying on his legacy, giving African-Americans the tools for success as founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization All Star Code, which teaches ...

The upside down of diversity at the State University of New York

Recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo asked the State University of New York (SUNY) to reexamine its existing diversity plans to ensure these plans are furthering New York’s goals of diversity and inclusion.