Community music school on UWS welcomes students regardless of financial status

If it’s a matter of paying next month’s rent or enrolling your child in music lessons, guess where the money is going?

SUNY Old Westbury holds Convocation to Honor Excellence

The beautiful expansive campus of SUNY Old Westbury just held its annual Convocation to Honor Excellence.

Rutgers University prepares for Obama’s commencement address

On the heels of his rousing commencement speech at Howard University, President Barack Obama heads to the Garden State this weekend to address graduates at Rutgers University.

President Barack Obama's commencement address at Howard University

The commencement speech President Barack Obama delivered at the Howard University graduation.

Deltas and Omegas host program for college-bound students

The New York Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta and the Xi Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity are hosting the event “The Things Textbooks Don’t Teach Us About College!”

Obama at Howard: 'Passion is vital, but you got to have a strategy'

President Barack Obama warned against a culture of political correctness on college campuses Saturday as he urged students at Howard University to engage in the political process at the local level.

Black student accepted to all eight Ivies announces her decision

A Black Long Island high school student receiving offers from all eight Ivy League schools has finally made her choice.

Moody’s math challenge takes NYC by storm

Moody’s Mega Math Challenge and Mega Math Workshop took New York City by storm as students demonstrated the importance of math.

Shirley Horn, an unforgettable voice and superb pianist

Most fans of vocalist/pianist Shirley Horn were probably seduced by her recordings and concert engagements toward the end of her career, with her rendition of “Here’s to Life,” her signature song. But there’s plenty more to Horn’s remarkable journey and ...

Teen accepted to all 8 Ivy League schools makes her choice

A Long Island teen who received acceptance letters from all eight Ivy League schools has decided where she'll attend college in the fall.

What's it like to apply to college from one of America's poorest neighborhoods?

CNNMoney followed Olatunde and several classmates during their senior year of high school as they tried to defy the odds by getting into college from one of America's poorest neighborhoods.

Oliver Law, Black commander during the Spanish Civil War

To balance our last classroom featuring Salaria Kea, an African-American nurse who volunteered in the fight against the fascists during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, we profile the adventurous life of Oliver Law.

First Lady celebrates College Signing Day in Harlem

Tuesday April 26, 2016, Michelle Obama and many other celebrities came to New York City’s Harlem Armory to celebrate National College Signing Day.

First Lady Michelle Obama hosts college signing event in Harlem

As part of her Reach Higher initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama celebrates her signature College Signing Day at the Harlem Armory on Tuesday.

Requesting parental consent for a preschool special education evaluation

In the state of New York, children between the ages of 3 and 5 years who qualify for special education services receive their services and support through the Department of Education’s Committee on Preschool Special Education.