Public school students advocate for equal access to school sports

Black and Latino public high school students are demanding equity in access to school sports for all students.

France says it will return stolen African artifacts

France is set to return stolen art treasures to Benin after an order from French President Emmanuel Macron. According to the 108-page report, “The Restitution of African Cultural Heritage.

Tackling test prep at the Harlem Y Dec. 1

Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018, the Harlem YMCA, located at 180 W. 135th St., will host the AdmissionSquad, Inc. The core mission of the AdmissionSquad is to provide exemplary test preparation to high-achieving middle school students from underrepresented backgrounds seeking to ...

Willa B. Brown, aviator pioneer and activist

For several months now I’ve been in contact with the Robinson Family Aerospace mission, most notably their “send-your-name-to-Mars” project, which is still on my agenda to fulfill.

Young Black CEO micro-financing her company to help other girls start businesses

Award-winning GaBBY Bows CEO Gabrielle Goodwin and her mom Rozalynn are sharing their international brand with other girls and their moms through the Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy.

New York Foundling hosts Thanksgiving celebration for college students in foster care

The New York Foundling hosted its annual “Let Us Give Thanks” for college students in foster care at the New York Hotel Wednesday.

Wally Triplett, first Black player for the Detroit Lions

Coming of age in Detroit, it was easy to idolize the legendary boxers Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Louis because they had roots in the city.

Touro students host Fall Into Health fair

Monday, students from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine and Touro College of Pharmacy in Harlem offered a free health fair for the Harlem community.

Diana Sands, talented actress and a founder of Third World Cinema

Last month, we lauded playwright Alice Childress for being the first African-American woman to direct an off-Broadway play.

New York Urban League hosts 32nd Annual HBCU Fair

The New York Urban League is hosting its 32nd annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities Fair Nov. 10 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Denny Farrell Riverbank State Park.

1968 Olympic Black Power salute: 50 years later

During the medal ceremony after their 200-meter race at the Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Oct. 16, 1968, African-American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos partook in a very defiant act of social protest that immortalized them.

The School Girls Deserve campaign is ready to give power to the neglected

Girls for Gender Equity launched School Girls Deserve in late October. The intergenerational campaign called on the Department of Education to create safer, more inclusive learning environments for the city’s 1.1 million public school students, asking the DOE to increase ...

Pianist/composer Don Shirley, jazz and pop with a classical touch

Given the preponderance of ads by political candidates this season during the midterm elections, perhaps you missed the trailer for the movie “Green Book,” which is slated for release later this month. Most folks knowledgeable about “The Negro Motorist Green ...

Black Solidarity Day 2018

Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, marks the 49th anniversary of Black Solidarity Day. In 1969, Dr. Carlos Russell was inspired by a play written and produced by Douglas Turner Ward entitled “A Day of Absence,” which depicted a small southern town ...

Evelyn Cunningham, the grande dame of Black journalism

You knew from her regal bearing and the first words out of her mouth that Evelyn Cunningham was not a woman to suffer fools kindly, and that you had better state your purpose and not waste her time.