Harlem is healing: Art and community

Containing disease and restarting the economy have been the prime twin goals of coronavirus efforts, locally and across the globe. But dealing with our emotional and community responses have been important as well, particularly among artists who have been sidelined ...

New sickle cell disease testing on Nigerian newborns

A newly released study seeks to increase sickle cell disease detection and treatment rates in newborn babies across Nigeria through HemoTypeSC, a rapid diagnostic test.

NYC Health + Hospitals opens COVID-19 antibody testing to all New Yorkers

NYC Health + Hospitals recently announced expanded, walk-in antibody testing for all New Yorkers.

Past due time for American healthcare system to protect Black Americans

Today, Americans are facing unprecedented times. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, our country has fallen into an economic recession, and hundreds of thousands are protesting police brutality and racial injustice

Black people suffer disproportionately from dementia crisis

Alzheimer’s disease (the most common type of dementia) is the 6th leading cause of death among White people, but the 4th leading cause of death for Black people like me.

Lenox Hill first responders take a knee in support of BLM

Members of the New York Professional Nurses Union and first responders from Lenox Hill Hospital recently took a knee in support of the movement for Black lives.

Practical tips for caregivers facing a pandemic

Whether your role as a caregiver has you looking out for an elderly relative, children or both, chances are good that you’ve worried about how the COVID-19 pandemic may continue to affect your ability to provide necessary care.

NYC Health + Hospitals announce on-site treatment for post-acute care facility residents

NYC Health + Hospitals today announced the availability of new on-site hemodialysis treatments for residents of the health system’s five post-acute care facilities who require the service and would like to receive treatments in their residence.


The following remedies have been shown in many cases to heal, as well as cure, many medical conditions that are not always found in medical textbooks.

Numbers so far show protests have not spread COVID-19, but officials still cautious

Since people took to the streets by the thousands to protest the death of George Floyd and demand police reform, there have been serious concerns it could lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Black-Owned laboratory uses artificial intelligence-based drug discovery platform to develop COVID-19 treatment

Darnisha Harrison, a Louisiana State University grad and founder and CEO of Georgia-based Ennaid Therapeutics, says that scientists working for her company are developing a drug-based therapy whose laboratory tests continue to show promise.

ASK DR. KEVIN: An unfamiliar, rare disease associated with heart failure in African Americans

ATTR-CM is a life-threatening, underdiagnosed disease associated with heart failure, but many people have never heard of it or don’t know what it is.

Dying to live

It seems that doctors are not taking patients’ pain seriously.

Founder of DiverseMedicine Inc, Black Men In White Coats, wants NY to Wake Up!

Dale Okorodudu, MD, the founder of DiverseMedicine Inc. and the Black Men In White Coats, has a message to the Black parents of the world and that is to please encourage your kids, especially your sons, to explore a career ...

Health expert concerned protests could fuel surge in coronavirus cases

Thousands of protesters gathered at locations across New York to send a clear message demanding justice for George Floyd, many crowding closer than six feet from one another and without any masks.