Don’t manage diabetes—reverse it

Diabetes is reversible.

That ain’t all, about Tylenol

Often, when someone experiences a headache, muscular aches, backache, arthritis, the common cold, toothaches, menstrual cramps or fever, the sufferer might reach for a common over-the-counter drug known as Tylenol to relieve the symptoms.

Black woman elected president of the American Medical Association

The American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates elected Patrice A. Harris, MD, a psychiatrist from Atlanta, as its president-elect at the AMA Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Uncontrolled diabetes might be caused by 'thy thyroid'

During my practice of medicine in the ‘hood, my family and I lived above my office.

Board of Health approves new Health Code amendments

The Board of Health today approved new amendments to the Health Code, including a requirement that the nearly 3,000 city-regulated child care sites maintain two epinephrine auto-injectors on location.

Lean on the bean

It is interesting how important the bean is in our food chain, and I don’t mean jellybeans! For good nutrition and survival, man has had to lean on the bean.

Smallest Mollusk Museum comes to NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln

Health + Hospitals/Lincoln announced today the temporary installation of what is being called the world’s Smallest Mollusk Museum, located in the hospital’s front lobby for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy. MICRO partnered with Science Sandbox to bring this captivating ...

If I forgot your name, forgive me

I can still recall from early childhood, a tiny, beautiful little flower that would bloom in the early spring, showing itself off with light green leaves and cluster of small, blue, pink or white flowers.

Chronic fatigue syndrome: More than just feeling tired

Everybody feels tired sometimes, but feeling fatigued for six months or longer can be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome.

‘Spring into Fitness’ free event at Bronx Terminal Market

May is Wellness Month in the Bronx, and the Bronx Terminal Market is celebrating with the introduction of a new health and wellness experience, “Spring into Fitness.”

Vitamin D is desirable

Recently, an increase in the intake of vitamin D has been reported to prevent early deaths by heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

ACS, NYU College of Dentistry partner to bring dental care to foster children

The Administration for Children’s Services Commissioner David A. Hansell recently announced a new partnership with NYU College of Dentistry to provide dental screenings to children in foster care onsite at the Nicholas Scoppetta Children’s Center via a mobile dental care ...

You’ve got some nerve

In my family, when someone did something outrageous, you would hear that expression, “You’ve got some nerve.”

White House looks to cut children’s health insurance funding

The White House is seeking to cut funding from the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP, as part of its larger request for cuts to the federal budget in a rescissions package sent to Congress this week.

Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce presents eighth annual Urban Health Conference

The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Elev8 Wellness Centers, Touro College and Metroplus Health Plan present the eighth Annual National Urban Health Conference taking place May 12 through May 20.