Water down your high blood pressure

Until 1955, there were no drugs to control high blood pressure.

Prostate Health Educational Symposium slated for Long Island

The fifth annual Prostate Health Education Symposium is scheduled for Bethel AME Church of Freeport on Long Island, N.Y., Saturday, Aug. 5, at 9 a.m. and ending at 1 p.m.

Latino Alzheimer’s caregivers forum at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln

Approximately 400 families, caregivers and community organizations and a variety of agencies gathered at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln in the Bronx for a health forum that provided insight into a disease that 5 million Americans are living with—Alzheimer’s disease.

Hydrate well, stay cool to avoid heat-related illness

The human body is cooled naturally when heat escapes from the skin and when sweat evaporates from the skin.

Ask Dr. Kevin: Understanding Sickle Cell Disease

In this article, Dr. Kevin answers common questions about sickle cell disease and its impact on the African-American community and provides tips for living with and supporting someone with the disease.

The medical care insurance can’t pay for

A physician’s prayer: Dear Lord, thou Great Physician, I kneel before Thee.

Unions, activists and elected officials to GOP: don’t take away our health care

Last month, before the U.S. Senate decided to punt on a health care vote, union leaders, elected officials and activists gathered in Capitol Hill demanding that the government save health care.

Lead issues continue in Newark after improper testing

The Newark Department of Health and Community Wellness is preparing to re-screen 4,600 children for lead levels. The city is currently facing two unrelated issues involving testing for lead.

Hypertension help shows success in controlling Bronxites’ blood pressure

More than three-quarters of patients with hypertension receiving care at NYC Health + Hospitals

Why a key diabetes test may work differently depending on your race

A test widely used to diagnose and monitor diabetes may vary in accuracy based on your race and other factors, potentially influencing how aggressively your doctor monitors and treats your diabetes.

Taking care of the caregiver: Five tips for nurturing yourself this summer

Dubbed the “sandwich generation,” those in their mid-30s and 40s are in a unique position.

Just a little touch

From the time I entered medical school, I can’t recall one course that I took that ever mentioned the word “touch.”

Joining the fight against blood cancer

Every 35 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with a blood cancer, many patients being children and young people.

Legionnaires’ disease outbreak kills one, hospitalizes six in Lenox Hill

The Legionnaires’ disease outbreak that affected the Bronx several years ago hit the Upper East Side recently.

Eating plastic will make you sick

You cannot stretch out the length of your life by eating plastic.