Brooklyn community talks health at forum

Last month, residents of the Bedford-Stuyvesant community in Brooklyn came together at a town hall meeting to discuss topics regarding health and wellness with a panel of experts.

NYC Tour de Cure Starts at Randall’s Island August 20

The American Diabetes Association is inviting riders of all levels to join the celebration and be part of the Stop Diabetes® movement by taking part in the annual New York City Tour de Cure®, a cycling event on Aug. 20 ...

Beware: Pain pills and water pills don’t mix

I can’t tell you how many times patients have come to my office complaining about swollen ankles because of hypertension and congestive heart failure. Further history revealed that they were also taking pain medications for arthritis.

Forget New Year's; start a summer workout instead

Forget about fitness-focused New Year's resolutions. Experts say summer might actually be the best time of year to conquer a new workout routine.

Mount Sinai researchers ID way to predict, prevent donated kidney damage

A multicenter team of researchers led by Barbara Murphy, M.D., of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has identified a panel of genes that can help predict whether a transplanted kidney will later develop fibrosis, an injury that ...

Stand back against fatback

As you expand your waist with fatback and other high fatty-calorie foods, the deposits of fat will ultimately collect in your gut and your butt.

America’s gift to Blacks is PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is in the news again. When soldiers return home they are often diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Baton Rouge police killing reveals bigger issue about PTSD in Black men

The nation was put on edge once again as three police officers were killed. The shooting took place in Baton Rouge, La., which is still reeling from the fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling.

Day of action to address hepatitis C risk

New York State has the third highest hepatitis C rate in the U.S., and East Harlem has one of the highest rates of newly reported chronic hepatitis C infection of all New York City neighborhoods.

A healthy arsenal in your kitchen

A healthy arsenal in your kitchen Everybody can be a healthy somebody by eating the following foods:

New HIV vaccine to be trialed in South Africa

A vaccine against HIV will be trialed in South Africa later this year after meeting the criteria needed to prove it could help fight the epidemic in Africa.

Stomp Out Sarcoma Walk

More than 100 cancer patients, survivors and their families, along with staff from the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore and community members, gathered Saturday, July 9 to raise awareness and research funds at the 11th annual Stomp Out Sarcoma Walk in ...

Tropical fruit: more than a treat

Alright, you have a dollar to spend for a tasty treat.

Meat is killing you and the planet

If I’ve somehow kept your attention, and you weren’t instantly put off by the title of this article, then just know that I’m not going to bombard with anger or spite because you eat meat.

Hydrate well, stay cool to avoid heat-related illness

The human body is cooled naturally when heat escapes from the skin and when sweat evaporates from the skin.