If I can help somebody’s arteries and veins

I’m sure that you have heard some great gospel singers sing that wrenching and uplifting song “If I Can Help Somebody.”


Preserve Our Legacy held it’s annual fundraiser dedicated to sickle cell research at Sofrito in Harlem.

The fruit kids eat most is ...

How do you like them apples? Among kids, a lot, apparently.

Fading minds need your time

I had many elderly patients who, unfortunately, began to have fading minds and lived alone...

Weight of the union: Obesity by state

New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control find that while adult obesity rates remain steady, they are still high around the country.

Binge drinking 101: Learning to curb the college trend

Binge drinking continues to be a problem for college students

Apollo Theater hosts Third Annual Harlem Healthy Soul Festival

The Apollo Theater presents its third annual community initiative focused on family wellness—Harlem Healthy Soul Festival, on Saturday, September 19 from 12pm to 7pm.

Mount Sinai opens dialysis and renal treatment center

The Division of Nephrology of the Mount Sinai Health System recently marked the opening of the Mount Sinai Kidney Center at East River Plaza with a formal ribbon cutting.

Garlic: The breath of life

I am familiar with one herb in the plant kingdom that has kept people healthy through the centuries.

Beware of the kitty cat’s scratch and litter

This column is dedicated to Mittens, my family’s beloved and deceased cat.

Lack of sleep can lead to the common cold

So, it turns out your mother was right again: The less sleep you get, the more likely you are to catch a cold.

Mental health stigmas shift, but access to care still a struggle, survey says

Mental health has a long-standing public perception problem, but the stigma appears to be shifting.

Blind people can be racist, too, study says

Some blind people, just like sighted people, make judgments about others based on their race, according to a new study.

A fight with sulfites

Mrs. C, 34, works as a clerk in a duplicating shop. When she consulted me about night wheezing and shortness of breath, the first question I asked was whether she had experienced the wheezing and chronic coughing at work. It ...

It’s a new year, get a tuneup

Get a health Check-Up.