Don’t rush it, to flush it!

A few years ago, I wrote an article titled “Don’t Rush With the Flush.”

No- to low-cost preventive sexual health services available

The National Coalition for Sexual Health, which consists of over 50 leading health and medical organizations, issued a call to action to increase the uptake of essential preventive sexual health care services in the African-American community.

Teenage killing? Enough said

As I drive through African-American communities, I cannot recognize a Boys and Girls Club, after-school programs, Little League baseball and football teams or Sunday school teachers, who make a commitment to teach from September until June.

City partnering with Warby Parker to provide free eyeglasses to students at community schools

The city is expanding its vision screening program to all 130 community schools and will partner with Warby Parker to provide a free pair of glasses students in need.

Lincoln Medical Center receives accolades for stroke care

Milton Nunez, executive director of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation Lincoln Medical Center, announced that HHC Lincoln has received from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association the “Get With the Guidelines, Stroke Gold Plus Award” and the ...

‘Arthur’ ain’t so righteous

Many of my religious patients refer to the medical condition known as arthritis as “Arthur,” and when Arthur ain’t so kind to them, he’s arthritis or just plain irritating.

HHC farmers markets bring fresh fruits, veg to New Yorkers

Dr. Ram Raju, president of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, announced today that HHC will host farmers markets at 11 of its facilities this year, including, for the first time, at HHC Kings County in Brooklyn and ...

Free dental screenings for children in Upper Manhattan to 'Health Now NY'

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine is give free dental screenings for kids.

Alzheimer’s Association, AKAs join forces against disease

The Alzheimer’s Association is proud to announce a nationwide partnership with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority to help raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and increase education, care and support resources in the African-American community.

The cough, that irritating cough

Basically, the body eliminates foreign material by coughing. Now, the cough may be caused by dust, mold, vapors from spray cans, dusting powders, perfumes or a host of other irritants that might be in the air. However, there is one ...

Clinical Depression: A Treatable Illness

It is not uncommon during the winter months, when there is less daylight and we are often stuck indoors, to experience a case of the “blues.” As a result, we look forward to spring’s arrival.

Assault upon salt

Salt should be charged with assault and battery for what it is doing to our bodies.

Max Tapper is ‘The Fit New Yorker’

At 6-foot-5 and a chiseled 230 pounds, Max Tapper’s own body is perhaps the best advertisement for his personal training business.

Beware of fish tanks: They can harbor salmonella

Although they appear to be harmless, beware of fish tanks and the small pet fish that swim inside them. They may be more hazardous to your health than large barking dogs and persnickety cats.

Emotional triggers

Emotional: Definition: Abandonment, forsaken, destitute, depleted, drained, exhausted, empty-headed.