An immigrant’s story of art: Hollis King 

Raised on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Creative Art Director Hollis King grew up crafting carnival masks, designing spinning tops and creating his own kites.

Nigeria's robust film industry has bright future

There is a vibrant, exciting culture of young people in the film industry in Nigeria these days, and it’s time the world paid greater attention to it.

Ethiopia next African state to legally banish homosexuality

On March 25, Ethiopia became the most recent African state, after Nigeria and Uganda, to pass anti-gay legislation that imposes long-term imprisonment for anyone caught indulging in same-sex activity in the country. Other African nations are said to soon follow, ...

Joyce Banda's re-election hopes could be doomed by donors

One of the few women presidents in Africa stands to lose her post in next month’s polls since foreign donors have cut off support from the once popular leader over funds stolen or misappropriated by members of her administration.

West coast 'black commentator' and social justice activist passes

Longtime editorial writer, poet and political organizer Carl Bloice was remembered by friends and comrades at a gathering in San Francisco this week. The West Coast writer succumbed suddenly to a years-long battle with cancer.

Long lines of voters in Guinea-Bissau could favor newcomer

Thirteen candidates are in the running for the presidency in this West African country which has yet to have an elected leader serve a full term since independence from Portugal in 1974.

Hopes of quick and easy victory fade for embattled ANC

As the May 7 election day in South Africa nears, former friends and allies of the ruling African National Congress are betting that voters will follow them out of the party or at least send a strong message that the ...

Caricom to present reparations demand letters to Europe in July

Caribbean trade bloc states planning to fight Europe for compensation for the Trans Atlantic African slave trade this week said they are prepared to take their case all the way to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Netherlands ...

Jamaican judge rules homeless LGBT youths can live in sewage

A judge in Jamaica recently ruled that the country’s homeless LGBT youths, thrown out of their homes by relatives, have the right to live in sewers and gullies, published reports say.

Open letter calling for peace to the South Sudanese and world leaders

While mainstream media has focused on the situation in the Ukraine, an apparent internal conflict has escalated in South Sudan, causing injury, death and forcible displacement of thousands of innocent Sudanese.

Caricom countries feuding over border dispute

In the very near future, Caribbean trade bloc governments might be called upon to intervene in a feud dating back to the British and Dutch colonial era.

Rwandan "genocide hunters" still searching for perpetrators

On the 20th anniversary of one of the worst massacres on the African continent – the Rwandan genocide – a Rwandese couple is still reliving the nightmare as they search for perpetrators in foreign countries complicit in crimes against humanity.

Rural clinics face closures as a private hospital drains funds

The health budget of one of Africa’s poorest and least healthy countries could be bankrupted by a privately-run hospital envisioned by the World Bank’s private sector arm as the future of African health care.

Nigeria claims Africa's highest GDP, disputing World Bank's poverty states

News headlines worldwide are trumpeting the startling news that Nigeria has now surpassed South Africa as the continent’s biggest economy.

‘Blade Runner' tells court of nightmares on trial's day 17

Former Olympic champion Oscar Pistorius told the South African courtroom he suffered from “terrible nightmares” leaving him unable to sleep since the day his gun went off, shooting his girlfriend as she hid from him in the couple’s bathroom.