Suriname president to challenge mass murder sentence

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, Pres. Desi Bouterse of Suriname will appear before a war tribunal court for the very first time to lead in a defense against a conviction of mass murder...

Militant youth pin hopes on Uganda's 'New Nightmare'

He’s elusive. He escapes, he hides. Police keep chasing him like a video game character or a superhero in a movie.

Suriname takes control of major hydro dam

The people of the Dutch-speaking Caribbean Community nation of Suriname have taken control of a major hydroelectricity project from U.S. bauxite major Alcoa and officials say a new and sustained effort would be made to light up jungle communities not ...

Sowore speaks to the Amsterdam News

“I am feeling very well thank you,” a cheerful, just-released political activist Omoyele Sowore told the Amsterdam News from Abuja, Nigeria, on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020. “I want to thank everyone who has been in support.”

'It's time for Africa to do things for itself,' proclaims Kenyan peace prize winner

Over the last 100 years, Africa has been the eternal donor to the West but has been represented as always reliant on aid from the Western community.

Art world's 'Season Africa 2020' recalls much loved Nigerian curator

One of the more ambitious exhibits of African art to showcase French-speaking, English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking Africa, including North Africa, is scheduled to open June 2020 and run for six months.

'More than a few reasons to be happy'–As African writer looks ahead to 2020

While its soundtrack may have been grim and pessimistic, Africa has more than a few reasons to be happy, asserts prominent author, journalist and former editor of The East African, Charles Onyango-Obbo of Uganda.

U.N. working group condemns racial discrimination against Afro Ecuadorians

Independent experts of a United Nations Working Group are “deeply concerned about the human rights situation of people of African descent” in Ecuador.

Sowore––New York-based journalist released from Nigeria detention

“Sowore is doing well,” Opeyemi Sowore told the Amsterdam News on Monday, Dec. 30, 2019––New Year’s Eve’s Eve. “The children are doing well. It was a wonderful Christmas Day as we were able to talk to Yele.”

Guyana on cusp of becoming oil producer

Preparations are racing ahead for Guyana, the Caribbean Community’s largest and most resource-rich nation, to become the world’s newest oil producer perhaps before the end of 2019 as an international consortium led by American oil giant ExxonMobil prepares to begin ...

W. Africa’s colonial-era currency dead—Long live ‘the eco’

A decades-long reminder of the years of captivity under colonial French rule was ended this month with the renaming of the colonial era currency––the CFA franc––to a name of independence– the Eco.

Trinidad switches dollar notes to undermine organized crime

Authorities in Trinidad in the past week dropped a monetary bombshell on the country by moving to outlaw the old $100 currency notes aimed at undermining the strength of the underground economy, including a thriving counterfeit trade, and contending that ...

Five tech giants link to 'cruel and brutal use of children' in Congo mines

This month, five major companies were named in a federal class action suit filed by the Washington-based International Rights Advocates for “knowingly benefiting from and aiding and abetting the cruel and brutal use of young children.”

World human rights groups activists, electeds call for Sowore to be released

“The whole world is watching!” protestors from Nigeria, to New York, to England, to Canada are chanting during dozens of demonstrations demanding the release of the now re-arrested New Jersey-based publisher Omoyele Sowore.

Miss Jamaica crowned 2019 Miss World, becomes the 5th Black woman this year to win a major pageant

Yet another Black woman has won a prestigious international beauty pageant. Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh was recently crowned Miss World 2019 becoming the fifth Black woman this year to win a major pageant.