NY Times pummeled over job postings called offensive by Africans

The New York Times is still recovering from the verbal bashing it received from Kenyan writers shocked and angered by the paper’s outdated references to Africa in a recent ad for the job of Nairobi bureau chief.

Norway may pay Suriname to preserve forests

Back in 2009, Guyana and Norway signed off on a novel deal for a Caribbean Community country, under which that oil and gas-rich European nation would provide Guyana with millions in grant aid to preserve its standing stock of rainforest.

South African candidate for space fight dies in motorbike crash

Family and friends are mourning the untimely death of Mandla Maseko, South Africa’s candidate to be the first Black African in space.

Nigeria restores the study of history in public schools—absent for a decade

The government of Muhammadu Buhari is bringing back the teaching of history in all basic and secondary schools, ending a decade in which departments of history were dismantled or merged into other programs as having little earnings potential for the ...


(GIN)—A foreign investor with mineral assets throughout Africa is alleged to have made a secret payment of $250,000 to a company run by the brother of the president of Senegal, in a bid to obtain the country’s assets, according to ...

Brooklyn hosts memorial for Comrade Field Marshal Coltrane Chimurenga

The family and the December 12th Movement (the organization he co-founded) held standing-room-only “Memorial Tribute to our Comrade Field Marshal Coltrane Chimurenga” on Thursday, June 20, 2019, at the Rev.

Former President of Egypt dies on stand in contentious court hearing

Egyptian ex-president Mohammed Morsi, persecuted by the current military regime according to rights activists, collapsed on the stand and died after giving testimony in his trial, it was reported on state TV.

Blue for Sudan: Sudan protest supporters speak out on the Sudan crisis

Social media profiles have turned blue to stand in solidarity with and bring awareness to the civil crisis in Sudan.

#StrikeHard! Reggae Girlz World Cup Watch Party promotes unity and support for the team

On Sunday, June 9, the Jamaica Tourist Board hosted the first of a series of watch parties. Online people from watch parties in places such as Baltimore, Fort Lauderdale and Toronto joined New York to cheer on the Reggae Girlz ...

D-Day and a fourth Reich?

The headline from an editorial in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo on Donald Trump’s visit to the U.K. was the best description anywhere of the so-called state visit by the U.S. president.

Norway to fund mega solar farms in Guyana

Norway’s government has approved grant aid worth $80 million to help the largest Caribbean Community nation build a number of mega solar farms to provide energy to several communities located near the jungle close to the borders with Venezuela and ...

Ghana’s president stuns women with demeaning remarks at Canada confab

In this day and age of #MeToo shaking up outdated gender relationships around the world, it was somewhat unsettling to hear Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo demean his country’s working women as insufficiently activist and dynamic enough to obtain better leadership ...

CBC chair confronted on U.S. sanctions on Zimbabwe

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke hosted The Congressional Black Caucus—The State of Black America in Brooklyn at I.S. 392 in Brownsville, Brooklyn on Friday, May 31, 2019

Fun summer fitness getaways for kids and teens

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! public health program aimed to reduce childhood obesity and inspire children to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

‘We’re on top of it and plan to stay on top!’

Social observers say that the Venezuelan Registration program in Trinidad and Tobago might help address the alarming rates of human trafficking of Venezuelan women.