Cash-strapped Venezuela turns to Caribbean

Facing perhaps its worst ever political and economic crisis, despite being the world’s fith oil producer, Venezuela has turned to its Caribbean neighbors for help as President Nicolas Maduro struggles to hold on to power.

Riot Police Using 'Excessive Force' Break Up Opposition Protest

Demonstrators in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kakamega and Kisumu in western Kenya seeking a new slate of election commissioners were met with an excessive use of violent force by uniformed officers that stunned many Kenyans over its brutality.

Mandela Statue Casts Shadow over Unfree Palestine

Now that the media circus has moved on, a bronze statue of Nelson Mandela is a curious icon standing impressively tall in the well-to-do city of Ramallah, the economic capital of Palestine.

Ghana Still A of Lethal E-Waste Dumping

Digital dumping ground. World’s largest e-waste dump. Whatever you call it, Agbogbloshie, Ghana, is among the top ten “worst polluted” places where tons of discarded electronics, refrigerators, microwaves and televisions—also known as e-waste—end up decomposing in a massive scrap heap.

South African defense ministry defends hiring of Cuban workers

A growing number of Cuban technicians are working in South Africa, refurbishing infantry combat vehicles and South African Military logistical transport vehicles of the South African National Defense Force.

Water is life: Links to Helping and healing in Haiti

The 2010 catastrophic earthquake devastated the nation of Haiti. Millions of Haitian citizens were affected by the major structural damage in Port-au-Prince and other settlements in the region. Despite international humanitarian aid, six years later, the people of Haiti are ...

Ethiopia plans to export more coffee but local vendors object

Strike while the iron is hot. For Ethiopia, that means sell—coffee beans in this case—while the market for good coffee is booming around the world.

U.S. delegation among foreign nations saluting re-elected winner of DuBois poll

After the disputed re-election of the longest-serving ruler of Equatorial Guinea, opposition leaders and local organizations decried it as “not credible.”

Haitian cooking night reminds us of our roots and lets us give back

Thursday, May 19 you will have the opportunity to attend the class “Cook Like a Haitian” in Brooklyn, N.Y. The event will be hosted by the Court Tree Collective, a group of Carroll Gardens-based artists who are dedicated to sharing ...

Fidel Castro: Continue Cuba’s communism after I am gone

During his dissertation at the fourth and last day of the 7th Cuban Communist Party Congress in Havana, Cuba last Tuesday, April 19, the Caribbean island’s long-standing revolutionary leader Fidel Castro announced that he would soon be departing this world ...

Somali-British poet penned verses in 'Lemonade'

Beyonce’s pick for lyrics for her latest production, “Lemonade,” was Warsan Shire, a poet of Somali-British parentage.

Dysfunction persists in Nigeria, despite power shift

Despite the guiding hand of a new president and a massive bailout by the federal government last year, salaries of government workers in most of Nigeria’s 36 states have not been paid, in some cases for as long as nine ...

Rivals settling old scores Imperil Burundi

Like a train without brakes, Burundi is barreling towards a collision of ethnic and political factions, with an alarming number of fatalities already reported among Hutus and Tutsis.


Papa Wemba, or Jules Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba, was rebellious, prolific, a style icon, at times notorious and always innovative.

Haiti elections now set for May

When Jocelerme Privert, the interim president of Haiti, was asked if he was keeping up with the presidential campaign in the U.S., he thought the question was about the election problems in his country.