Ghananian women versus U.S. gold mine that destroyed their farms

On the website of the Colorado-based Newmont mine, the top page reads in bold letters, “Culture of Zero Harm.”

Spain’s Blacks want an end to blackface part of annual Three King’s Day Parade

The annual Three King’s Day celebration took place Jan. 5 in Spain’s Mediterranean city of Alcoy.

Murders upset Jamaica

As Jamaica prepares for the Christmas and New Year holiday season, there is increasing worry among government, civil society and locals in particular about a spike in the murder rate and the seeming inability of authorities to do anything about ...

Sharpton and CBC meet with Libyans about slavery

Various groups held an anti-slavery march Dec. 11 in Washington, D.C., to protest against slave auctions in Libya. The issue was first reported by CNN via a video in early November.

The ANC's battle for South Africa's presidency heats up

The African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s governing social democratic political party once led by the late Nelson Mandela, faces perhaps its most contentious and controversial election yet.

Nairobi welcomes delegates to major UN forum on environment

Approximately 7,000 delegates from more than 100 countries are registered for a major conference in the Kenyan capital Nairobi this week.

New Zimbabwean president must hold elections and rebuild the economy

Now that the dust has settled in Zimbabwe after the ouster of 93-year-old Robert Gabriel Mugabe by the military and with the induction of the former Vice President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa as the nation’s second president since its independence in ...

Suriname’s mass murder trial inching to a close

The 15 victims were rounded up from their homes by heavily armed soldiers, taken to a fort just next door to today’s presidential complex and parliament and shot for allegedly hatching plans to topple the military regime.

New Zimbabwe president pays tribute Mugabe

Unlike the violent upsets in Gambia, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso, the military-led “soft coup” that heralded the exit of President Robert Mugabe was remarkably quiet, dignified and respectful.

Why ending AIDS in Africa matters to Black Americans

World AIDS Day (December 1) is fast approaching and a recently launched initiative aimed at ending HIV/AIDS, as a public health crisis in Africa, could be a catalyst to trigger discussions about HIV in the African American and African diaspora ...

Leading hotel and dive groups agree on Caribbean collaboration

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and the Diving and Equipment Marketing Association have agreed to work together to enhance the attractiveness of Caribbean destinations to diving enthusiasts.

International court to seek reparations for thousand of African war crimes victims

The International Criminal Court is preparing the ground for a determination of reparations owed to more than 5,000 victims of atrocities that were committed in the Central African Republic.

Zimbabwe President Comrade Robert Mugabe resigns

After several days of conflicting reports and confusion, Zimbabwe’s parliamentary speaker, Jacob Mudenda, announced Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017, that President Robert Mugabe has resigned.

Clear names of Ogoni martyrs, activist urge

Some 22 years have passed since nine environmental activists were executed by the Nigerian government for what their lawyer called “asking inconvenient questions.”

The muddled Middle East

Dampening the good news from Abu Dhabi about the recent opening of its new Louvre museum, which has already shown signs of boosting tourism and momentarily subsuming its reputation as a mall heaven, is the terrible news that an earthquake ...