Bahamian authorities brace for higher death toll

Some of the claims from authorities that the death toll will rise dramatically in the coming days have subsided for now, but Haitian immigrants who live in The Bahamas have formed themselves in to groups to help in the relief ...

Affluent society blamed for massive loss of Kenyan forest

Since independence, natural resources in Kenya have been on a fast track to extinction. Today, nearly half of all its forests are gone, resulting in more droughts, floods and other dire consequences for communities, ecosystems, food security and infrastructure.

U.S-based journalist detained and jailed in Nigeria

This year New York tri-state area journalist and educator Omoyele Sowore ran for president in Nigeria. He now sits in a Lagos jail.

Bahamas’ neighbors pitch in to help

International aid organizations and authorities in The Bahamas are stepping up the evacuation of people from Grand Bahama and Abaco, which were flattened by a slow-moving Hurricane Dorian in the past week, as authorities prepared islanders for a steep rise ...

From Libya to Rwanda, refugees call new outpost plan 'flawed'

European nations are building a wall—a sea wall—to keep African migrants from reaching their shores.

Nkrumah stressed need for economic freedom

A wave of violence against foreign nationals has been sweeping over Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Robert Mugabe, longtime Zimbabwe leader, dies at 95

Robert Mugabe, the former leader of Zimbabwe forced to resign in 2017 after a 37-year rule whose early promise was eroded by economic turmoil, disputed elections and human rights violations, has died. He was 95.

Jerry Johnson’s Ancestral Wall: ‘Recognizing those who recognized us’

Jerry Johnson is from California. He lives in Ghana. He works in New Ningo. He founded the Ancestral Wall.

Caribbean countries ram up oil exploration

Some Caribbean Community countries are rushing to ramp up oil and gas exploration, motivated by the runaway success Guyana has had since first discovering commercial quantities back in mid 2015.

Violence rains down on Nigerian and other African businesses in Johannesburg

Just as state-sponsored violence threatens Latinos in the U.S., xenophobia is again threatening Nigerians and other Africans whose shops in Johannesburg are being targeted for looting and destruction by unknown groups.

Commemorating a 400 year journey

It was a commemoration worthy of the ancestors.T his past weekend was filled with nourishment for the spirit and the mind. “Welcome to these shores,” Chief G. Anne Richardson, leader of the Rappahannock Tribe, told the audience of over five ...

Caribbean braces for first major storm action in 2019

Countries in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States sub grouping of the Caribbean Community this week braced for the first major storm of the 2019 hurricane season as Tropical Storm Dorian set its sights on a region still recovering from ...

Reframing the history of slavery in Angola and the U.S.

f the U.S. has 35,000 museums, a writer asked in 2014, why is only one about slavery?

NAACP Observes 400th Anniversary of Slave Trade in Journey from Jamestown to Jamestown

On Sunday, August 18, the NAACP began a journey to honor African ancestors.

SADC Solidarity on ending illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe

On August 18, the 39th Southern African Development Community summit of the heads of state and government held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, declared October 25, 2019 as “A Day of Solidarity to Lift the Illegal Sanctions Imposed on Zimbabwe.”