African union to hold summit in 'slavery hub'

“Corruption” is the theme of this year’s African Union Summit to be held next month in the capital of Mauritania—a country better known for being the last country in the world to ban slavery.

Ugandan inventor wins major prize for malaria detector

Ugandan inventor Brian Gitta, 24, has scooped a major prize for his device that detects telltale signs of malaria, the leading cause of death in his country.

Deep Mourning Over Passing of Nigerian Reggae Legend

Acclaimed reggae star Ras Kimono will be remembered for his contribution to the elevation of reggae in Nigeria.

Spain Gives Safe Harbor To 629 Africans Stranded at Sea

After European leaders from Italy and Malta refused to accept a ship with more than 600 mostly Africans aboard, it took the new prime minister of Spain to secure the stranded migrants a safe refuge.

It’s a month to celebrate Caribbean immigrants, but who really cares?

Since 2006, every U.S. president since George W. Bush has been declared June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month in the United States.

IMF on key mission to Barbados

Less than two weeks after the Barbados Labor Party did the unthinkable and carried away all 30 contested seats in general elections, the daunting task of rebuilding an economy in ruins is about to begin, and it appears that the ...

South African promise of a 'new dawn; slowed by infighting

South Africa’s former leader Jacob Zuma is among those said to be impeding efforts by his successor, President Cyril Ramaphosa, to create a “new dawn” for citizens and foreign investors—free of the corruption and cronyism that became associated with the ...

Retirement pledge in doubt as Ivory Coast president eyes a run for 10 more years

In a recent interview with a French magazine, Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara revealed his vision of two more terms in office despite having repeatedly said he would step down at the end of his second term in 2020.

Historic election results in Barbados

As predicted by regional pundits, electors in the idyllic Caribbean island nation of Barbados voted emphatically to elect a new government in the past week and in doing so created history on several fronts.

Gambian ex-president linked to mass killing of refugees

Strong evidence has been gathered linking the former president of the Republic of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, to the murder of 44 West African migrants, mostly from Ghana, by operatives of the ex-president.

African who saved child from fall gets French citizenship

A migrant from Mali who scrambled up the side of a building to save a 4-year-old child dangling from a fifth floor balcony was thanked this week by President Emmanuel Macron and offered citizenship.

Curt denies Nigerian fishermen access to justice, rights groups say

A coalition of human rights, environmental and development groups from the four corners of the world is challenging a U.K. appeals court ruling that lets U.K.-headquartered parent companies escape liability when people in poor countries are harmed by their affiliates.

Women's groups plead for clemency for Sudanese teen sentenced to hang

A Sudanese court has upheld a judgment of execution for a teenage girl who fought off the forcible sexual advances of her arranged-marriage husband, leading to his death.

Did Trump meet his match in President of Nigeria

Try as he might, President Trump couldn’t land a deal with Nigerian leader Muhammadu Buhari at their tête-à-tête in Washington last month.

Black activists step up to the plate against Israel/U.S. aggression

At Amsterdam News press time, there is expectation of further violent clashes in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, as some 60 demonstrators were killed by Israeli military forces May 14. Rallies were expected in the large West Bank cities in protest ...