Rwandan "genocide hunters" still searching for perpetrators

On the 20th anniversary of one of the worst massacres on the African continent – the Rwandan genocide – a Rwandese couple is still reliving the nightmare as they search for perpetrators in foreign countries complicit in crimes against humanity.

Rural clinics face closures as a private hospital drains funds

The health budget of one of Africa’s poorest and least healthy countries could be bankrupted by a privately-run hospital envisioned by the World Bank’s private sector arm as the future of African health care.

Nigeria claims Africa's highest GDP, disputing World Bank's poverty states

News headlines worldwide are trumpeting the startling news that Nigeria has now surpassed South Africa as the continent’s biggest economy.

‘Blade Runner' tells court of nightmares on trial's day 17

Former Olympic champion Oscar Pistorius told the South African courtroom he suffered from “terrible nightmares” leaving him unable to sleep since the day his gun went off, shooting his girlfriend as she hid from him in the couple’s bathroom.

Guyanese Opposition Leader to visit NY

Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) and Opposition Leader in Guyana’s Parliament retired Brig. David Granger is scheduled to visit New York during the Memorial Day weekend.

Gambia replaces English with indigenous tongues

In another recent retaliatory measure against European imperialism, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh announced earlier last month that English would cease being the official language of his African country, adding that they will revert to a native vernacular.

Most crucial round of Canada talks starts Monday

This week, Caribbean trade bloc nations and Canada commenced a crucial round of negotiations for a free trade agreement in Ottawa, Canada.

Flame of Remembrance Criscrosses Rwanda on 20th Anniversary of Genocide

Ceremonies around Rwanda and abroad are underway to mark the 20th year since the devastating genocide which, according to the Genocide Memorial Center in Rwanda, took over a million lives during a three-month killing spree.

Popular Editor in leg irons for offending Judge in an editorial

The N.Y.-based Committee to Protect Journalists is protesting the “degrading” treatment of a newspaper editor whose piece critical of the Chief Justice of Swaziland angered the top judge.

Guyana to begin FACTA talks with the US

A number of Caribbean trade bloc nations have announced plans to begin talks with US financial officials in the coming months to negotiate an agreement with the US discouraging American citizens and residents from hiding millions of tax free dollars ...

Reprisals Expected for Deadly Attack on Mombasa Church

After a deadly shocking attack on a Sunday church service in the Kenyan city of Likoni, Mombasa, plans are afoot to raise the stakes of war in neighboring Somalia.

Doctors Group Sounds Alarm over Ebola Outbreak

The deadly Ebola virus has erupted in the West African nation of Guinea. The latest official statistics put the toll at 86 suspected cases and 59 deaths.

UNESCO closing reception held in Harlem

After opening the UNESCO 34th annual International Conference at the United Nations, Conference Chair state Sen. Bill Perkins held the closing ceremony at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building in Harlem.

Bahamas’ Women’s Suffrage Movement honored at the Schomburg

Sen. Bill Perkins hosted a screening of the documentary film "Womanish Ways."

South Africa's ANC under harsh spotlight over Luxury Construction

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress is trying to deflect harsh criticism over a finding that President Jacob Zuma’s country residence was upgraded with expensive improvements that were billed to taxpayers.