Flame of Remembrance Criscrosses Rwanda on 20th Anniversary of Genocide

Ceremonies around Rwanda and abroad are underway to mark the 20th year since the devastating genocide which, according to the Genocide Memorial Center in Rwanda, took over a million lives during a three-month killing spree.

Popular Editor in leg irons for offending Judge in an editorial

The N.Y.-based Committee to Protect Journalists is protesting the “degrading” treatment of a newspaper editor whose piece critical of the Chief Justice of Swaziland angered the top judge.

Guyana to begin FACTA talks with the US

A number of Caribbean trade bloc nations have announced plans to begin talks with US financial officials in the coming months to negotiate an agreement with the US discouraging American citizens and residents from hiding millions of tax free dollars ...

Reprisals Expected for Deadly Attack on Mombasa Church

After a deadly shocking attack on a Sunday church service in the Kenyan city of Likoni, Mombasa, plans are afoot to raise the stakes of war in neighboring Somalia.

Doctors Group Sounds Alarm over Ebola Outbreak

The deadly Ebola virus has erupted in the West African nation of Guinea. The latest official statistics put the toll at 86 suspected cases and 59 deaths.

UNESCO closing reception held in Harlem

After opening the UNESCO 34th annual International Conference at the United Nations, Conference Chair state Sen. Bill Perkins held the closing ceremony at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building in Harlem.

Bahamas’ Women’s Suffrage Movement honored at the Schomburg

Sen. Bill Perkins hosted a screening of the documentary film "Womanish Ways."

South Africa's ANC under harsh spotlight over Luxury Construction

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress is trying to deflect harsh criticism over a finding that President Jacob Zuma’s country residence was upgraded with expensive improvements that were billed to taxpayers.

Uganda gives teens a turn at the news

Teenagers in Uganda are the stars of a new TV news show which producers hope will draw other young people to programs of in-depth social commentary.

East African states to show military might in South Sudan

A number of East African countries agreed on Thursday, March 13 to send military personnel into South Sudan

African women celebrate at the UN

The Sirleaf Market Women’s Fund (SMWF) was founded by a group of concerned women from around the world for the women traders of Liberia, who sustained their families and communities throughout 14 years of civil war

Never forget the Sharpeville massacre

On March 21, 1960, in the apartheid state of South Africa, the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) launched its anti-pass campaign.

Compensate 1990 Trinidad coup victims, says report

The report of a commission of inquiry into the July 1990 attempted coup in Trinidad is out and has come up with some interesting recommendations for authorities

Global Warming Could Melts Africa's Famed Mountain Peaks

Ice is vanishing from Africa’s snow-topped peaks, raising fears of a meltdown from the continent’s “Alps.”

Nigerian Wins Major Book Prize for ‘Americanah’

Acclaimed novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi, who gave us Half of a Yellow Sun, has written an epic volume on a U.S. sojourn by a modern young woman from Nigeria who confronts a new reality – being Black in America.