Leading hotel and dive groups agree on Caribbean collaboration

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and the Diving and Equipment Marketing Association have agreed to work together to enhance the attractiveness of Caribbean destinations to diving enthusiasts.

International court to seek reparations for thousand of African war crimes victims

The International Criminal Court is preparing the ground for a determination of reparations owed to more than 5,000 victims of atrocities that were committed in the Central African Republic.

Zimbabwe President Comrade Robert Mugabe resigns

After several days of conflicting reports and confusion, Zimbabwe’s parliamentary speaker, Jacob Mudenda, announced Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017, that President Robert Mugabe has resigned.

Clear names of Ogoni martyrs, activist urge

Some 22 years have passed since nine environmental activists were executed by the Nigerian government for what their lawyer called “asking inconvenient questions.”

The muddled Middle East

Dampening the good news from Abu Dhabi about the recent opening of its new Louvre museum, which has already shown signs of boosting tourism and momentarily subsuming its reputation as a mall heaven, is the terrible news that an earthquake ...

President Mugabe under house arrest in Zimbabwe capital

All reports out of Harare, Zimbabwe, indicate that President Robert Mugabe, 93, is under house arrest after a move by the military to readjust the nation’s leadership issues, according to the BBC.

Charities Facing Closer Scrutiny Over Sex Harassment and Graft Claims

Two well-known charities are responding to serious claims of misappropriation of money and sexual harassment during their work in Africa.

Grueling Rescue Operation in Mediterranean Unable to Save 26 African Girls

Shivering immigrants pulled from icy Mediterranean waters, huddled under aid workers’ blankets, hardly move the hearts of wealthy nationals in developed countries these days.

Home of parents of Afrobeat legend Fela to become a museum

A government-led plan to restore the home of the parents of Afro music legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and turn it into a museum has cheered and excited Fela’s many fans and followers.

All eyes fixed on West Africa as US role in combat grows

With the deaths of four American servicemen in Niger, a window has opened onto U.S. operations in West Africa, an area barely known even to U.S. legislators who have sent U.S. soldiers there in harm’s way.

CARICOM gets UN support for hurricane donors conference

Caribbean leaders and high officials from countries that were pulverized by the stronger than usual 2017 hurricane season are headed to New York for a major international donor’s conference in November, where they hope to raise well in excess of ...

As war widens in Africa, body bags come home

A funeral was held over the past weekend for Sgt. La David Johnson, killed in a country few can find on a map and in a war that few lawmakers knew anything about.

Can Hurricane Irma possibly help Haitians win a TPS extension?

In Washington Sept. 12, 2017, Haiti’s U.S. Ambassador Paul Altidor and Caribbean American Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) hosted a dinner with other Democrats to craft a new strategy aimed at convincing the White House to extend Temporary Protected Status for ...

Dominica slowly picking itself up after Maria

Coverage of the 2017 hurricane season is slowly disappearing from the major newspapers and from the daily lineup of media houses in the Caribbean less than a month after two of the worst storms ever to have passed through the ...

Cameroon security forces fire on English-speaking separatists killing 17

Amid a rising tide of citizen-led movements demanding independence, sovereignty and home rule, English-language speakers in Cameroon are rising up for an end to second-class status, unemployment and limits to freedom of speech imposed by French-language rulers in the capital, ...