Caribbean upset at vaccine allocation, deems system unfair

Caribbean Community leaders met virtually for an entire day last week and, as was widely expected, one of the main topics they deliberated on was the difficulty the region was experiencing accessing the growing array of COVID-19 vaccines for use ...

Bermuda turns to long-term residencies for cash source as COVID brings hard times

Battered by shuttered airports, grounded airlines and a dramatic drop off in tourist arrivals, authorities in Bermuda are trying to claw their way out of the economic doldrums by offering affluent people around the globe long term residency in exchange ...

Fatal attack on poll workers, killing seven rattles voters in Niger

The country that drew worldwide attention over a now debunked U.S. theory linking Saddam Hussein with the purchase of “yellowcake” uranium powder is in the spotlight again.

Afro Mexicans welcome MLK III visit as push for recognition, respect

Last Thursday, Feb. 11, the Mexican government announced that Martin Luther King III would be traveling to the state of Oaxaca to take part in the 190th year commemoration of the death of one of Mexico’s founders, Vicente Guerrero.

Chocolate multinationals charged with complicity in Mali's child slavery

A federal class action suit filed on behalf of eight Malian citizens against Nestle SA, Cargill, Hershey and Mars, Inc. among others for their alleged complicity in the trafficking and forced labor of African children, is now under review by ...

Once again: multiple Caribbean elections this year

Election observers were hard pressed last year to scramble from one country to the next to monitor general elections in a plethora of countries across the Caribbean Community and its neighbors in spite of the challenges posed by shuttered airports ...

Caricom countries shopping around for vaccines

Caribbean Community countries are shopping around the globe to acquire doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, with some nations eying supplies from Cuba, China and the Middle East while hoping that the World Health Organization (WHO) could also help them obtain ...

Drug companies scooping super profits from the "people vaccine

Protected by undisclosed trade secrets and exclusive patents, a small group of drug companies has ensured that rich countries can lay claim to most of their miracle drugs while limiting the number of companies that can also produce the vital ...

COVID-19 reaps a 'grim harvest' in Zimbabwe's governmental ranks

The coronavirus is reaping a “grim harvest” in Zimbabwe.

Guyana-Venezuela border row heats up

A few weeks after the Venezuelan government vowed to reconquer a large chunk of territory belonging to the Caribbean Community headquarter nation of Guyana

Nigerian Nobel Laureate decries rise of armed groups as a threat to sovereignty

Nigeria’s sovereignty has been taken over by armed groups, says Nobel Prize author Wole Soyinka, responding to the recent rise in student kidnappings and massacres, adding that President Muhammadu Buhari must do more to stop terrorists, bandits and other criminal ...

New York residents stand together against the war in Tigray, Ethiopia

Tigrayan New Yorkers continue to raise awareness about the silent genocide in Tigray, Ethiopia’s northernmost state that has been at war with the federal government of Ethiopia and the neighboring state of Eritrea, since Nov. 4, 2020.

Politicians angry over U.S. treatment of Jamaican fishermen

In the late 1990s, the U.S. government came up with a controversial scheme to control the waters south off the Florida coast by signing agreements with various Caribbean governments to allow American coastguard officers to board a vessel in the ...

Guyana, Venezuela at it again over border markers

Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela and the Caribbean Community nation of Guyana are on the diplomatic warpath again in the wake of last month’s ruling by the World Court that it has the right to hear their decades-old quarrel over boundary markers.