Patience exhausted, Obama seeks August deadline for end to South Sudan War

President Barack Obama, in a meeting with regional African leaders, threatened new sanctions for the warring factions in South Sudan if a peace deal is not reached by Aug. 17.

Kenyan leaders warn Obama against promoting gay rights during visit

President Barack Obama was warned by local leaders not to address gay rights prior to visiting his father’s homeland, Kenya, last week because he risked “opening floodgates of evil by supporting LGBT rights.”

Obama offers help to track billions in stolen Nigerian assets

With a dangerous insurgency spreading within his country’s borders, the visit to Washington, D.C., this week by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was certain to touch on increased military support against Boko Haram.

Twitter campaign shines light on positives of African culture

Most images and stories of African culture portrayed in the media are negative, sad and tragic.

It’s time to help our neighbors

Our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico are facing the country’s largest economic and fiscal debt crisis in history.

Trinidad picks up coup leader

Before daybreak Monday, police swooped down on the Trinidad headquarters of a Black Muslim sect that staged a bloody coup attempt on the island 25 years ago.

Post Cold War, US-Cuba relations mended

The Cold War is long over, and with a better understanding of their mutual interests as well as the depth of their differences, the United States and Cuba officially restored their diplomatic relations Monday, July 20.

Guyana-Venezuela situation worsens

Venezuelan authorities last week turned away and generally hassled a Guyanese fuel boat that had docked there for oil supplies.


Closing the income gap between rich and poor countries of the world will be on the table at a U.N.-sponsored policy conference this week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Cairo-to-Cape Town free trade zone to be established in Africa

Wednesday, June 17, senior officials from 26 countries in eastern and southern Africa met in Egypt and pledged to create the continent’s largest free trade zone, which will reach from South Africa to the northeastern region in Egypt.

As Boko Haram advances in Nigeria, neighbor states are drawn into fight

Despite threats to eliminate Boko Haram by Nigeria’s sitting president, Muhammadu Buhari, the insurgent group refuses to melt away. In fact, it has launched new deadly attacks in that country.

Kenyan Lawmakers Warn Obama to ‘Keep off the gay agenda’ during visit

Five Kenyan lawmakers have threatened to eject President Barack Obama from Parliament if he tries to lecture them about same-sex marriage during his upcoming visit.

Nigeria outlaws female genital mutilation

In one of his final official moves before ceding power to recently elected Muhammadu Buhari, outgoing Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed a measure that criminalizes the controversial practice of female genital mutilation.

Let’s think about Cuba

Congress recently blocked President Barack Obama’s efforts to ease the Cuban embargo, but it now appears the two countries will begin the process of recreating embassies after 55 years.


June 29 (GIN) Some 270 women from 220 countries gathered in Managua, Nicaragua over the past weekend to launch a political platform that addresses discrimination against people of color.