Billionaires worked behind scenes in Kenya's recent polls

There was more than just voting in the presidential polls in Kenya this week.

Caribbean ups reparations pressure on Europe

Caribbean governments are stepping up the pressure on Europe to pay reparations for the brutal transatlantic slave trade, adding Norway and Sweden to the list of countries they have identified as culpable players.

Kenyan elections jarred by torture murder of election official

The body of senior Kenyan election official Christopher Chege Msando was discovered this week on the outskirts of Nairobi, showing signs of torture, according to police.

French court sides with migrants, ordering restart of humanitarian aid

Efforts by French officials to block humanitarian aid for African and other migrants seeking sanctuary at the port of Calais were forcefully rebuffed this week by France’s highest administrative court.

Oil, gas could spark significant change for larger CARICOM states

Last week, U.S. oil giant ExxonMobil announced yet another major oil field find off Guyana, saying that it continues to be confounded and encouraged by the large amount of high-quality crude it has discovered in the past two years.

Election races to watch- Kenya, Rwanda, Angola

Major elections are taking place in three African nations next month: in oil giant Angola, in East African powerhouse Kenya and in tiny, rapidly developing Rwanda.

Kenyan teens head for Silicon Valley with "app" to end FGM

When historians write Africa’s digital story, Kenya will likely assume its place as the cradle of the internet revolution on the continent.

Black party wins again in Bermuda

Sent to the opposition benches in 2012 after three consecutive terms in office plagued by infighting and allegations of arrogance.

What exactly is China building in Africa?

This month, China opened its first military base abroad in Djibouti, a small country on the Horn of Africa.

Celebrating prom, UK style

There is a saying that when America sneezes, Britain catches the cold, meaning that whatever the U.S. does, Britain is bound to follow.

First woman to head OPEC snared in multibillion dollar fraud scheme

Lavish lifestyles are nothing out of the ordinary in New York City, home of the rich and glamorous.

After disqualifying opposition, Rwandan president sees victory in august polls

Rwandan President Paul Kagame may think he has a clear shot at winning the upcoming poll Aug. 4.

Europe replies to demand for reparations

At the just concluded meeting of Caribbean Community leaders in Grenada, the question of making European nations that had participated in the transatlantic slave trade compensate the region for the genocide was discussed at length, but officials are tightlipped about ...

South Sudan in the grip of ethnic cleansing

South Sudan, the world’s newest nation, did not celebrate its sixth anniversary July 9.

Vendors in tears as Zambia's biggest outdoor market burns

A fire of unknown origins raced through the largest outdoor market in Zambia, destroying the livelihood of its many vendors.