World Bank issues dire warning on dirty air

What’s deadlier than malaria, four times as deadly as HIV/AIDS and flies under the radar for most policymakers worldwide?

Worst earthquake to hit Tanzania leaves hundreds injured, 17 dead

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck northwest Tanzania over the weekend and was felt throughout the Great Lakes region, local authorities said Sunday.

View from Zimbabwe

It was quite humbling to read the story titled “Mugabe is right—African liberation support rally September 17” in The New York Amsterdam News edition of Sept.1 2016. The initiative by the December 12th Movement and Friends of Zimbabwe to speak ...

Mass protests against Mugabe called ‘biggest in a decade’

Zimbabwe pastor, Evan Mawarire, posting on Twitter in a feed he called “ThisFlag,” was letting off steam about his children’s rising school fees.

Mugabe is right—African liberation support rally September 17

Robert G. Mugabe, president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, chairman of the Zimbabwe National Union- Patriotic Front and commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, is once again under attack from the West and its mercenary mouth-pieces.

Track star who snared silver medal fears death at home

Using every fiber of his being, track star Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia made a dash across the finish line at the just-ended Olympic Games in Rio, but it wasn’t to be the end of his run.

Cyber crimes bill causes worry

Several Caribbean Community countries are moving to draft new bills or pass legislation to make cyber crimes punishable under law, including heavy fines and jail terms for offenders, but the main regional media umbrella body is perplexed by clauses in ...

Sierra Leon bars pregnant girls from school

At their meeting next month in Geneva, the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child will review reports detailing the obstacles, risks and challenges imposed by governments that limit the prospects for children to succeed.

Mining Tycoon of Sierra Leone and Presidential Hopeful Passes in London

One of the wealthiest men in Sierra Leone, who built his fortune in extractive industries, died suddenly at White Chapel Hospital in London, according to the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

Party of Mandela Gets a Beating From Voters

It was a long night for the African National Congress party faithful as a popular revolt in the cities of Tshwane (Pretoria) and Port Elizabeth upended the ANC’s long-held power base in those two key municipalities.

Caricom is right to demand reparations

Several Caribbean leaders Monday used the 178th anniversary of the emancipation from the transatlantic slave trade to push Europe into paying reparations to the region, months after governments formally sent demand documents to European governments.


This week’s municipal polls will reveal the depth of disenchantment with the historic African National Congress.

Protesters Reject Seven More Years of Bongo Dynasty

(GIN)—For the past 50 years, the citizens of Gabon have lived under a dynasty with one name: Bongo. Omar Bongo Ondimba, the father, served from December 1967 to June 2009 to be replaced by his son, Ali Bongo Ondimba, who ...

Kenyan Gender Activists in Uproar over Star's attack on dancer

(GIN)—A well-known soukous star from the Congo got a quick lesson in the evolving status of Kenyan women when he was detained and summarily deported, his performance scuttled, after he was caught striking a woman with his foot on a ...

Governments again complain about US banks

This issue just would not go away. In the past week, finance ministers from across the nine-nation Eastern Caribbean sub-grouping faced up to the issue of de-risking, the situation of American commercial banks cutting ties with those in the region ...