Reclaiming the waves: South Africa's new surfing heroes

South Africa has beautiful beaches and some of the world's best surf, but during apartheid segregatory laws were used to bar nonwhites from parks, swimming pools, libraries, public transportation -- as well as beaches

Tunisa slams door on refugees with 100-mile moat

Once surrounding castles of old, a moat stretching 100 miles is being dug by Tunisia against alleged terror threats from nearby Libya.

A ‘symbol of reconciliation' for victims of British rule

In a ceremony attended by thousands of Kenyans, statues dedicated to the victims of torture and ill-treatment by British colonialists were unveiled this past weekend at Uhuru Park’s Freedom Corner in Nairobi.

Yvonne Pointer: A passionate woman with a purpose

Cleveland-based anti-violence activist, author, motivational speaker and philanthropist Yvonne Pointer took an amazing step by opening a school in Ghana, Africa, in honor of her daughter.

Disruptive theatrics by ex-Chadian president seeking to thwart war crimes trial

The trial of Chad’s ex-President Hissene Habre, faced continuous disruptions by the accused mass murderer, who tried to drown out a reading of his alleged crimes against humanity by the court clerk.

No pause in royal ceremony after 38 teen dancers are killed in crash

Some 38 teenage girls, chosen to take part in Swaziland’s traditional reed dance festival, were killed instantly when the flatbed truck on which they were riding crashed into another vehicle.

Ex Guyanese Pres. named in 1999 kidnapping

Former Guyanese President Bharrat Jagdeo is named as a culpable party in the 1999 kidnapping and presumed murder of Franz Britton, aka Collie Wills.

Rev. Tutu's legacy foundation recalls close friendship with Jimmy Carter

In a note from the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation, the South Africa-based organization expressed its concern for former President Jimmy Carter, now battling an advanced stage of cancer.

Antislavery movement in Mauritania suffers setback as leader is jailed

Despite a tough law against slavery passed in 2007 allowing slaveholders to be prosecuted, those who protest the practice may still wind up in jail, in some cases for years.

Brazilian politicians call out McDonald’s for working conditions

The Fight for $15 is global. Brazil demonstrated that fact last week.

Coalition marches for Haitians targeted in DR

Friday, Aug. 14, the Coalition for Human Rights in the Dominican Republic led a march across the Brooklyn Bridge


More than a thousand people filled the capital streets of Bissau this week despite a downpour in a march sparked by the unilateral dismissal by President Jose Mario Vaz of his entire government, including a popular prime minister.


The small enclave state of Lesotho, with less than 2 million inhabitants, is taking on major proportions for the summit this week of the Southern African Development Community.


Prime time news anchor Nancy Kacungira is this year’s winner of the Komla Dumor award, a new BBC prize recognizing an African journalist with exceptional talent, passion for work and poise.

Deal with Iran is a national security tragedy

The mullahs in Iran call the United States “the Great Satan,” but we are the ones who just made a deal with the devil.