King of Savalou, Benin visits to Harlem

Senator Bill Perkins held a public welcome ceremony for His Excellency Gandjegni Awoyo Gbaguidi, King of Savalou, Benin.

UN announces death of former UN Chief Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Boutros Boutros-Ghali, a veteran Egyptian diplomat and a single term as U.N. secretary-general, has died. He was 93.

We are all Haitian

The attacks of Haitians in the Dominican Republic affects us all as New Yorkers.

Red Flag Raised In Ethiopia As Food Shortages Mount

Food shortages mount in Ethiopia

Obama meets Colombian delegation, but where are the Blacks?

There’s some outrage being expressed in D.C. this week after the visit between Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and President Obama.

Africa's Nonstop Sun Now Powers a Solar Bus

The Ugandan manufacturers of a solar-powered bus are showing off their creation at a stadium in Kampala.

Trouble Ahead For Nigeria As Oil Plummet

Tumbling oil prices have been a gift to some, but they’ve blown a huge hole in Nigeria’s balance sheet, which some fear may set the once promising African economy into a tail spin.

Gushing Pipelines Bombed by Militants Foul Water, Farms and Fishing Grounds

Oil is spewing unchecked into delicate ecological systems in southern Bayelsa State, Nigeria, after multiple bombings by militants in the area.

Oil isn’t well in the world

Low oil and gas prices are wreaking havoc on economies across the globe.

African leaders to press fight for representation at the U.N.

The present composition of the United Nations is a thorn in the side of some African leaders, who question why none of the five permanent members of the Security Council is a Black African.

Brazil and Trinidad cut back on Carnival

Every year, thousands of tourists and locals flock to Brazil and Trinidad to experience the biggest street parties on Earth, but this year the two Carnival powerhouses are scaling back the festivities because of a financial crisis.

Afro-led government to probe Guyana death squad killings

On Carnival day back in 2002, four inmates awaiting trial for various felony offenses broke out of a maximum-security prison in Guyana’s capital, formed a gang that traded deadly rifle fire with police, staged a serious of armed robberies and ...

'Cobalt for smartphones mined by children in the DRC': Amnesty

Children as young as seven haul cobalt for foreign companies operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Ghana think tank questions major shortfall from gold sales

Ghana’s abundant resource in gold produced $23 billion in earnings from 2013 to 2016, but only $1.7 billion for the country’s coffers, according to a newly released report by the African Centre for Energy Policy in Ghana.

MLK library in Mozambique brightens reality of American life

At the Centro Cultural Americano in the Mozambican capital of Maputo, there’s a trove of books in the Martin Luther King library that tell the American story, with some offerings touting a mythological tolerance, belied however by the fierce struggles ...