‘Hashtag' campaign for kidnapped girls sparks debate

Is the social media campaign to bring back the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls an effective tool to win their freedom or just trending until the next big thing comes along?

African Union to Campaign Against Child Marriages

The West African nation of Niger has one of the highest rates of child marriage. About a quarter of all girls are married by 15 and on the road to child-bearing. That rises to nearly 80% by the age of ...

Nigeria Tries to Stem Protests Over Abducted Girls

Police in Nigeria have issued a ban against further protests by Nigerian citizens demanding that government rescue the nearly 300 kidnapped schoolgirls

Ugandan Writer Declares Libya 'the Biggest Mess'

une 2 (GIN) – Ugandan opinion writer Charles Onyango-Obbo took up his pen this past week to denounce the deadly meltdown in the north African nation of Libya and the apparent neglect of that country by black Africans.

New President of Malawi Takes Power Under Felony Cloud

In his second try for elected office, Peter Mutharika captured the winning margin of victory and edged out Malawi’s first woman president – Joyce Banda.

Caribbean eyeing hurricane season

The annual hurricane season officially began this week, and several governments in the Caribbean say they are reviewing plans to deal with any eventuality despite international predictions that this year will be quieter than usual.

Reparations redux

As thousands of college students return home for the summer and compete with the thousands of teenagers already scrambling for jobs in an ever-shrinking job market, the Obama administration has announced it will be allotting $6.7 million for the creation ...

Hope and skepticism in the pursuit of the abducted Nigeria girls

Hope tempered with trepidation has followed the news that the almost 300 girls have been located.

Caricom foreign ministers call in help

Caricom foreign ministers who met for several days at regional headquarters Guyana in the past week say they plan to utilize the services of academic and other experts from around the trade bloc in the future to help governments shape ...

Africans share in grief over passing of Maya Angelou

Legendary poetess Maya Angelou was renowned in Africa much as she was beloved in the country of her birth.

Malawi's first woman president faces ouster in disputed vote

President Joyce Banda’s legacy may be cut short if a court fails to uphold her annulment of last week’s poll and schedule a new election in 90 days.

Nigeria claims to know where kidnapped girls are

Almost a month after more than 200 boarding school girls were kidnapped by a militia group dressed as soldiers, a top Nigerian officer claimed to know exactly where the girls were being held.

Disturbances Mar Niger Govt's deal with French Mining Co.

Students and police clashed in the capital city of the West African nation of Niger this week over essential stipends held up by a school official.

CARICOM Forign ministers call in help

Caribbean Community foreign ministers met for several days in regional headquarters in Guyana

Local activists call an end to Zimbabwean sanctions

The continuing fight to emancipate Zimbabwe from European imperialism was the main theme of a recent rally at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building in Harlem, sponsored by the December 12th Movement.