Caricom-Canada talks stall again, near collapse

In the clearest indication yet that Canada and the 15-nation Caribbean trade bloc might not have a free trade agreement anytime soon

Caricom backs Antigua in fight with US

The Caribbean trade bloc governments appealed to the U.S. to honor a World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling in favor of Antigua

World rallies for kidnapped Nigerian girls

Public pressure both at home and abroad is keeping hope alive for the safe return of the 200-plus Nigerian girls abducted from a boarding school in a remote part of northern Nigeria by the notorious Islamic fundamentalist Boko Haram group.

From Afghanistan to Africa, reaper drones are the hottest weapon of choice

As the war in Afghanistan winds down, western countries are finding new uses for their high-tech surveillance equipment and unmanned drones – namely a new war against terror in Africa.

Liberians successfully resist UK company's 'land grabbing'

After years of fruitless court battles by small farmers against major multinational corporations, the Jogbahn Clan across 11 villages in Liberia is celebrating victory over a British company which tried to clear them off their lands.

South Africans return Madiba's party to lead the nation

In a closely watched election, South Africans turned out a decisive “vote for the party,” giving the African National Congress – the party of Mandela - another five years at the nation’s helm.

No deal for the kidnapped girls, seen in new video

Attempts to broker the return of the missing school girls held in a rebel camp somewhere in northern Nigeria were apparently quashed today when a government minister forcefully rejected any deal.

Kenya's polygamy law gets thumbs ip from U.S.

A U.S. State Dept. official has found something to like in Kenya’s new legislation legalizing multiple marriages.

Erykah Badu in hot water over birthday serenade for Swazi king

Pop icon Erykah Badu was the surprise guest of honor at a swanky party for Swaziland’s King Mswati who turned 46 this month. The lavish event was held at one of Mswati’s many palaces.

Nigerian women lead rallies worldwide for the 'missing girls'

An unprecedented surge of gatherings and rallies across the U.S. and abroad, sparked by the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian boarding school girls

U.S. loosing clout among entrenched african leaders

In his just concluded Africa tour, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was striking few deals with African leaders who are intently pursuing their own agendas on elections, the construction of schools, hospitals, roads and bridges, and on curbing rampant ...

High profile murder rocks the region

A series of emergency meetings are being held across Trinidad following the murder of one of the country’s most prominent citizens and apolitical attorneys.

New Yorkers rally for the return of kidnapped Nigerian girls

In Union Square last Saturday, May 3, hundreds of men, women and children took up the clarion call to “Bring Our Girls Home.”

Obama tour to forge ties in Southeast Asia

Not since 1998 has a top American official paid a visit to Malaysia and President Barack Obama may have some second thoughts about his current tour of the nation

From Brooklyn to Zanzibar: Judges to attend big conference in Tanzania

Several New York City judges are on their way to Tanzania, invited by their continental colleagues to the 12th International Biennial Conference of the International Association of Women Judges.