Haiti anniversary remembered

Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, marked five years since a 7.0 earthquake devastated the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, and surrounding areas.

Calls for a stronger Pan-African movement to deal with Boko Haram

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has been quoted as saying that the rebel organization Boko Haram killed 13,000 people in 2014. On Jan. 13, the United Nations called on his administration to bring the five-year rebellion to an end.

March for Paris Victims Called Display of Contradiction

Close to 4 million people joined a historic march in Paris, France, Sunday to show sympathy for the 12 fallen staffers of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, and support for the right of free expression in the media.

Christie’s Cuban crisis

Chris Christie sent the president a letter urging him “to demand the immediate return of Joanne Chesimard/Assata Shakur before any further consideration of restoration of diplomatic relations with the Cuban government.”


Spending cuts, pushed by an international lender, “weakened health-care systems in the West African region,” leaving the countries “underfunded, insufficiently staffed and poorly prepared.”

Obama’s Cuban Revolution: What it means for Afro-Cubans

President Obama’s surprise announcement that the United States will normalize relations with the government of Cuba leaves many questions open about how race relations will fare on the island.

'Black Live Matter' heard 'round the world

Across the world, people are taking different lessons from the nationwide uprising sparked by #BlackLivesMatter.

International News 12/11-12/17


Afro-Peruvians urged to take part in a practice, virtual census

Peru is one of the last countries in the Americas to include an ethnic category in its national census.

Zimbabwe VP loses bid for central committee seat

According to state media reports last week, the Zanu-PF party decided to “defend” President Robert Mugabe, Africa’s oldest leader, by rejecting Zimbabwe Vice President Joice Mujuru’s bid for a seat on the powerful central committee after she was accused of ...

Can President Obama cement his Asian policy legacy this week?

Last week in eight days, President Barack Obama traveled to three countries, China, Myanmar, and Australia, and attended three different summits with many world leaders.

Black doctor dies of Ebola on American soil

Dr. Martin Salia is the second person to die of Ebola in the U.S.

Experimental drug fails to save Ebola doctor from Sierra Leone

One of the promising new drugs being tested against the deadly Ebola virus failed this week to save a surgeon from Sierra Leone, flown in for treatment at a Nebraska hospital.

Kenyan Catholic clerics attack UNICEF's tetanus shot program, seek shutdown

Leaders of Kenya’s Catholic Church are attempting to derail a vaccination campaign that would protect 2.5 million, women from a life-threatening nerve disease.

President Mugabe visits NYC

A follow-up forum conducted earlier this month by the December 12th Movement at Harlem’s UCLA—the University on the Corner of Lenox Avenue—discussed Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s visit to New York City a couple months ago, where he addressed the 69th ...