Paris under siege

Paris, “the City of Lights,” is currently illuminated by flickering candles. The candles, along with flowers and other items, are memorial decorations at the various sites where three hours of carnage by terrorists transpired Friday evening.

French attacks force renewed focus on IS

Terrorist attacks in Paris forces a renewed focus by Caribbean governments on international terrorism.

Bomb blast kills dozens in Nigerian city of Yola

At least 31 people were killed and 72 others injured in a bomb blast in the northeastern Nigerian city of Yola on Tuesday evening, according to Aliyu Maikano, a local Red Cross official.

Paris attacks: ISIS claims responsibility for gunfire, blasts that killed 128 people

Americans are among the injured in the Paris attacks, State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner said Saturday.

Jubilation in freetown as Sierre Leone declared ebola-free

Two years since the outbreak, Ebola is on its way to becoming a distant memory.

Cuba offering medical scholarships to American Blacks and Hispanics

The recent renewed diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States has created many new possibilities.

Caricom takes reparations fight to OAS

Caricom continues to fight for reparations from Europe.

The Landings St. Lucia earns top award

The Landings St. Lucia won a 2015 Orbitz Worldwide Best in Stay award.

Why Africa's biggest telecom company is crashing

The boss of Africa's biggest telecom company MTN is stepping down just weeks after Nigeria fined the company about $5 billion, which is about half its annual revenue.

Afro-Colombians dispose of blackface TV character as African-American rep faces racial profiling

Protests from Afro-Colombian activist groups won a major victory last week when the Colombian television network Caracol Television finally agreed to stop broadcasting the portrayal of a stereotypical character who wears blackface on its weekend entertainment program “Sabados Felices.”

VIDEO: Pan-African Congress celebrates 70th anniversary in Manchester

Seventy years ago, from Oct. 15 to 21, 1945, the fifth Pan-African Congress was held in Manchester, England.

Caribbean appeals court hands down key land rights ruling

A Trinidad-based umbrella Caribbean appeals court has forced authorities in Belize to recognize ancestral lands of its historical Mayan people.

U.S. Virgin Islands promotes romance

The United States Virgin Islands and Mon Cheri Bridals are bringing weddings and honeymoon experiences to paradise.

The queen still reigns supreme

General elections in Jamaica are due in about a year, and if the governing People’s National Movement is forced to demit office because of the will of the electorate, it could mean that its sacred political promise to replace Britain’s ...

Indian doctors a blessing to Caribbean, says envoy

Having spent nine years in New Delhi, the Dominican Republic’s ambassador to India has endorsed the expertise of Indian medical practitioners, who are dispensing high-quality medical care and saving lives in the Caribbean and around the globe.