A Mandela Revival appears in books and films

Since the Long Walk to Freedom, the book and the movie, the life of Nelson Mandela continues to inspire a generation of writers and filmmakers.

Former African leaders call for legalizing low-level drugs

A frank report cited by two former African presidents has called for the decriminalization of minor drug offenses, saying that trafficking, consumption and production is undermining development in West Africa and abetting corruption.

‘Invest in our girls,’ says Liberia's 'Ma Ellen,' if Africa is to rise

In an open letter dated June 16 – the International Day of the African Child – Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf warned there would be no “Africa Rising” without a serious “investment in our girls.”

New Yorkers/Nigerians host panel on state of girls in Nigeria

The kidnapped 276 Nigerian girls have not been returned to their homes in Chibok, Borno State, but neither have they been forgotten

Trinidad and Tobago to move from ‘red tape to red carpet’

Trinidad and Tobago has created an enabling environment for foreign direct investment and will be moving from “red tape to red carpet.”

Walter Rodney murder probe to resume

A commission of inquiry probing the June 1980 assassination of Caribbean and American civil rights activist Walter Rodney is to resume hearings after a short break later this month.

War resisters group holds first African confab in cape town

War Resisters’ International, founded in 1921 by conscientious objectors to the First World War, will hold their first conference in South Africa from July 4 to 8.

South African miners in historic strike stand firm on pay demand

South African miners are holding out for a living wage in the longest strike against mining companies in the country’s history.

Cables reveal U.S. -baked plan left Rwanda 'knee-deep in bodies'

Six days before Rwanda would explode in a genocidal bloodbath, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations saw the storm clouds on the horizon and pushed to send all peacekeepers home, despite signs of an imminent disaster.

‘Hashtag' campaign for kidnapped girls sparks debate

Is the social media campaign to bring back the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls an effective tool to win their freedom or just trending until the next big thing comes along?

African Union to Campaign Against Child Marriages

The West African nation of Niger has one of the highest rates of child marriage. About a quarter of all girls are married by 15 and on the road to child-bearing. That rises to nearly 80% by the age of ...

Nigeria Tries to Stem Protests Over Abducted Girls

Police in Nigeria have issued a ban against further protests by Nigerian citizens demanding that government rescue the nearly 300 kidnapped schoolgirls

Ugandan Writer Declares Libya 'the Biggest Mess'

une 2 (GIN) – Ugandan opinion writer Charles Onyango-Obbo took up his pen this past week to denounce the deadly meltdown in the north African nation of Libya and the apparent neglect of that country by black Africans.

New President of Malawi Takes Power Under Felony Cloud

In his second try for elected office, Peter Mutharika captured the winning margin of victory and edged out Malawi’s first woman president – Joyce Banda.

Caribbean eyeing hurricane season

The annual hurricane season officially began this week, and several governments in the Caribbean say they are reviewing plans to deal with any eventuality despite international predictions that this year will be quieter than usual.