David N. Dinkins, the first Black mayor of New York City, dead at 93

David N. Dinkins, the first Black mayor of New York City, dead at 93

Morris teaches us not to rush the story

C. Zawadi Morris saw the instant response citizens had about coronavirus, she noticed the news did not cover their experiences.

Slick Rick, Bronx BP and FreshDirect give away food and PPE in the Bronx

Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, local elected officials teamed up to distribute 700 turkeys, holiday side dishes and PPE for Bronx neighbors and the community at large.

Stephanie McGraw and W.A.R.M bring awareness to domestic violence

This week Stephanie McGraw and her W.A.R.M (We All Really Matter) organization brought awareness to domestic violence against Black women.

NYC public schools will close due to COVID-19

NYC public schools will close due to COVID-19

City officials warn of possible second COVID-19 wave

City health officials report that the COVID-19 positivity level in the city has been higher in recent days. The city surpassed its seven-day average of 550 cases with 795 cases.

Dianna Houenou appointed to chair N.J. Cannabis Regulatory Commission

During the General Election New Jerseyans voted to legalize marijuana. The measure was approved taking nearly 67% of the vote.

CEMOTAP raising money for property insurance fund

James McIntosh is organizing a fundraiser to benefit Committee To Eliminate Media Offenses To African People (CEMOTAP).

Marcy Houses Community Center opens in Brooklyn

City agencies and elected officials recently cut the ribbon on the Marcy Houses Community Center in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

LaToya Meaders says pandemic or not, ‘We must feed those in need’

Providing sustenance to underfunded people is everything. Refueling targeted communities amidst one of the world’s greatest collectively experienced health challenges this century…is something else.

BP Adams honors Brooklyn COVID Heroes and Fauci at Borough Hall

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, Brooklyn President Eric Adams hosted his second Brooklyn COVID Heroes ceremony outside Borough Hall.

High-ranking NYPD officer allegedly spews racist venom

A probe conducted by the City Council’s Oversight and Investigations Division accuses NYPD Deputy Inspector James Francis Kobel, utilizing the alias “Clouseau,” of anonymously posting over 500 recently deleted inflammatory comments in a police blog.

NYC celebrates Trump Loss

New Yorkers across the city celebrated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' win.

Cuomo Announces Curfew

New curfews on bars, restaurants, gyms and private gatherings.

Youth caught in crossfire as shootings continue to go up

The city is reeling from another deadly month of violence. Numbers from the NYPD indicate that there were 137 more shootings compared to the same time last year and murders are up 37% over the last 10 months compared to ...