Declaration 17 holds inaugural public reading

The Society for Ethical Culture hosted an event March 20, at which various speakers read Declaration 17 and discussed how citizens can oppose and resist some of the current policies of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Midtown murder suspect came to NYC to kill black men: NYPD

Police say a man came up from the Baltimore area to New York with one thing in mind: Make a statement in the media capital of the world by killing black men.

Bloody photo shows inmate slashed behind bars at Rikers Island

An inmate at Rikers Island was slashed inside the jail and a bloody photo of his wound, which stretches from above his eyebrow to his upper lip, was posted to a private Facebook page for correction officers.

New York man steals ambulance, runs over EMT and kills her

The bystander's video starts with a chaotic scene: An ambulance runs through an intersection in New York, one of its doors open, lights flashing. It drags what appears to be a person trapped under the vehicle.

Captain Tania Kinsella keeping Staten Island safe

Tania Kinsella stands out among the NYPD not only being a so-called minority in the police force but also for her achievements.

Community leaders rally at Cuomo’s office over homelessness

It’s only a coincidence that it was freezing Monday afternoon when community activists and clergymen gathered outside of New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office.

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women hosts 61st session

From March 13 to 24, the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women will be hosting its 61st session at the United Nations headquarters.

Community pressure reopens Brooklyn subway station

With the help of elected city officials, the Pennsylvania Avenue Station on the No. 3 line in Brooklyn is now reopen to East New York commuters.

South Orange school apologizes after fifth-graders asked to make 'slave auction' posters

A New Jersey schools superintendent has apologized for a "culturally insensitive" assignment in which fifth-graders learning about Colonial America were asked to create posters advertising slave auctions.

Advocates react to mayor’s homeless plan

Mayor Bill de Blasio has released what many are calling a long overdue plan to help the nearly 65,000 people in New York City who are homeless.

Ramarley Graham’s mother challenges continued NYPD withholding of information about son’s killing

The mother of Ramarley Graham, Constance Malcolm, was joined by community supporters to announce their filing an appeal of the de Blasio administration and NYPD’s blanket denial of their Freedom of Information Law request for records pertaining to the killing ...

Raising the ‘bar,’ Kim M. Parker, Esq.

Kim M. Parker, Esq. serves as executive director of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association, a position she’s held for almost two years. Aside from being the leader of the citywide association of African-American and other minority lawyers, Parker’s work goes ...

Newark asks residents for feedback on policing and public safety

Saturday, Newark residents completed surveys about policing in the city at the Training, Education and Recreation Center in the Dayton neighborhood

Malcolm X memorialized on 52nd anniversary of his assassination

Tuesday, Feb. 21, the 52nd anniversary of Malcolm X’s martyrdom, a capacity, multi-ethnic crowd packed into the building where it actually occurred—the former Audubon Ballroom, renamed the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center (3940 Broadway) when ...

Crown Heights residents say ‘Kill the deal’ at Ebbets Field

Crown Heights residents are once again saying kill the deal to the Bedford Union Armory project.