Fallout from police shooting of Black man in NJ continues

Black citizens in the southern New Jersey city of Bridgeton continue to demand answers for the police shooting of a Black man who clearly had his hands up, as seen on a dash cam video.

Amadou Diallo, 16 years later

The police killing of Amadou Diallo ignited protests and debates in New York City that still rage 16 years later. The case gained national and international notoriety.

Harlem Superintendent of the Year Award

Known as the “Super of the Year” competition, an annual competition to see which supers perform their duties best in their buildings was held in lower Manhattan on Hudson Street by Friedman Management Corp., a real estate developer in Harlem ...

The ‘bully-proof diva’

After being bullied during childhood and later on in the workplace, Traciana Graves is giving people the power to be “bully-proof.”

Justice for Jerame: Another Black man shot by police

Another police shooting of a Black man has the victim’s family and the community asking questions.

‘Fairness for all’: Cuomo unveils plan to improve police-community relations

Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlined his “Fairness for All” plan, is said to be a directive to restore and improve police-community relations.

Embattled Speaker Silver asked to resign

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, charged with graft and corruption, decided Monday to take a step back. But that is apparently not a big enough step for Harlem Assemblyman Keith Wright, leader of the Manhattan Democratic Party.

Snow shovlers needed for storm aftermath

In the aftermath of what is being called an historic blizzard approaching the city, snow removal is going to be needed to clean up.

NY attorney general settles agreement with bank in fight to end discrimination

Prompted by concerns of New York banks not lending to minority groups after the mortgage and financial crisis in 2008, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Civil Rights Bureau launched an investigation into the claims.

1199/Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Center hosts 19th annual political prisoners’ family dinner

Last Saturday was a powerful, moving night for the people as the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee hosted its 19th annual tribute to Black freedom fighters and their families.

Induction ceremony for Judge Evelyn J. Laporte

Judge Evelyn J. Laporte was sworn in as a justice of the Supreme Court of the state of New York.

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This week a “Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration” was held by the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Greater New York and Vicinity.

The governor’s expensive, expansive 'opportunity budget'

Governor speaks on budget expansion.

Brooklyn DA investigates NYPD for planting guns

Last Friday, Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson announced that his office is investigating six NYPD officers on suspicion of planting guns on innocent people to pad their arrest records and fulfill department quotas.

City Council propose funding for new police-bulletproof vests 

Rank-and-file NYPD officers may soon have new bulletproof vests, under a new $7.3 million funding proposal for fiscal year 2016 by the New York City Council.