NYPD commissioner testifies on protester clashes: 'Our trust has taken a hit'

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea testified at an online public hearing Monday in response to over 100 complaints filed by protesters and officials describing violent clashes with police during demonstrations in New York City following the death of George Floyd in ...

NYPD officer suspended without pay after apparent chokehold in Queens caught on video

An NYPD officer was suspended Sunday night after viral video showed police use an apparent chokehold on the boardwalk in Far Rockaway.

NYC parks being named after Black Americans

New York City parks in each borough will be renamed to honor Black Americans.

Osmond Gibson goes sky high to capture memories and Black history

“Black Lives Matter” was painted in bright yellow, covering Fulton Street (Harriet Ross Tubman Ave.) between Marcy Ave. and Brooklyn Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Black Lives Matter mural hits Brooklyn

After a big community-involved event this week Brooklyn became the home to the first Black Lives Matter (BLM) mural in New York City.

PHOTOS: New York in fighting mood

From Harlem to Brooklyn, residents are still protesting police brutality the nation over.

Illegal fireworks complaints have exploded in past week

Independence Day isn't for a few weeks but that apparently hasn't stopped New Yorkers from setting off fireworks in the past few days.

What data shows about policing in poorer communities of color

It's a grievance heard again and again at protests throughout the Tri-state region: that law enforcement over-polices lower-income communities of color.

NYPD changes policy on when body camera footage is released

In another major change for the NYPD, body-cam footage will now be released to the public within 30 days if the use of a firearm, stun gun or force results in death or potential injury.

Noose found in Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park sparks NYPD hate crimes probe

Someone hung a noose inside Marcus Garvey Park — and now the NYPD is trying to figure out who put up the symbol of hate in the heart of the Harlem oasis.

NYPD to shut down plainclothes policing unit, will transition 600 officers: Shea

The NYPD will phase out its plainclothes anti-crime unit in what the police commissioner called "a seismic shift in the culture of how the NYPD polices this city," he announced in a news conference Monday.

De Blasio against proposal for $1 billion in NYPD cuts

Mayor Bill de Blasio is against a proposal to cut the NYPD's budget by $1 billion.

Juggling political activism and mental health, from five Black professionals

Ordinarily, the Amsterdam News selects one great individual to be our Black New Yorker.

With NYC reopening, don’t forget about Black lives

Essential workers are disproportionately people of color. Those people want the governor to keep their safety in mind.

Manhattan D.A. declining to prosecute protest arrests

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr. recently announced his office is not prosecuting people arrested during the ongoing demonstrations against the use of excessive force and killing of George Floyd.