Manhattan BP opens storefront on 125th Street

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer opened the doors to her storefront location at 431 West 125th Street.

Anti-violence groups and local celebrities collaborate after violence weekend

In response to recent incidents of violence, which has claimed the lives of multiple people in New York’s most vulnerable communities, anti-violence organizations are coming together to intervene.

Housing stop-and-frisk case settled

The NAACP recently settled the five-year-old class action lawsuit Davis v. City of New York regarding unlawful stops and arrests in a “racially discriminatory manner and without sufficient evidence of wrongdoing” on public housing properties, a version of the NYPD’s ...

Malcolm X’s legacy influences today’s youth: Education is key

Five school buses, one charter bus and a dozen or so vehicles trekked from the Harlem State Office Building up to Ferncliff Cemetery this past Tuesday morning for the 50th annual pilgrimage to Malcolm X’s and Betty Shabazz’s burial site.

7 photos that prove Malcolm X's spirit is felt today

Every year on May 19, Malcolm X's birthday, marchers' make their way down 125th Street in Harlem to ensure that businesses close from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in honor of the beloved leader.

Community celebrates Malcolm X's 90th birthday

The Shabazz Family and X Legacy are hosting a birthday celebration for the late el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, known as Malcolm X.

Fleet Week welcomes American heroes to city

Hundreds of military personnel from the U.S. Coast Guard, Navy and Marines are taking a bite of the Big Apple during the 27th Annual Fleet Week

Medgar Evers College comes together to remember Dr. Derrick Griffith

Students, faculty and the community came together to remember Medgar Evers College dean Dr. Darrick Griffith at a candlelight vigil on the campus

Teen shot at Mother’s Day bike event in Newark

"Mother’s Day will never be the same for my sisters and I,” said Tanika Zigler, the aunt of 15-year-old Al-Shakeen Woodson, during a recent news radio interview. “Never.”

10th annual Harambee Breakfast held by NCNW’s Greater Elizabeth Area Section

Alexis Herman never forgot the lessons her grandmother taught her as she was growing up in the segregated South.

Delta Day hosted at United Nations

Recently, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority hosted its 12th annual Delta Day at the United Nations with a “Special Briefing on Empowerment and Opportunities for Women and Girls.”

Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thiong’o celebrated at CUNY

The “Legacy Series” for the legendary writer China Achebe at City College, hosted by the Black Studies Program, closed with an equally celebrated African author, Ngugi wa Thiong’o of Kenya.

Max Tapper is ‘The Fit New Yorker’

At 6-foot-5 and a chiseled 230 pounds, Max Tapper’s own body is perhaps the best advertisement for his personal training business.

Attorney Gloria Brown-Marshall, broadcaster Eddie Ellis among honorees for Malcolm X awards

Kawaida Organizations, in conjunction with the International African Arts Festival, will host its 46th annual Malcolm X Awards Program.

December 12th Movement celebrates Malcolm X's 90th birthday

Tuesday, May 19 at 12 p.m., the Black Power Rally will assemble at 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard in front of the Harlem State Office Building.