Black organization seeks clemency for incarcerated women and families

According to a 2017 report, by the Prison Policy Initiative, there are over 219,000 incarcerated women in the United States. 1:5 incarcerated people are locked up are for a drug offense.

Experts Say, ‘Throw Out Cosby Conviction’

Doctored or lost tapes and an apparent and open conspiracy has led multiple legal experts to conclude that Bill Cosby’s upcoming sentencing on assault charges should be postponed – if not thrown out entirely.

Cosby recording could Prove comedian innocent

A source whom can only be identified as a ‘neutral’ Montgomery County Court official, claims a tape played in court that helped convict Bill Cosby was either doctored or partly erased and the original recording contained information that would exonerate ...

Miss New York crowned Miss America 2019

Miss New York has been named 2019 Miss America in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Dallas police identify officer who went to wrong apartment and killed a man

The Texas Rangers have postponed seeking a warrant on manslaughter charges against an officer who shot and killed a man in Dallas.

Horrific convict-system exposes dark truths about American history

Slavery was an extremely barbaric and traumatic legalized institution that negatively impacted the lives of many people of African descent, while making countless Southern White slave and plantation owners extraordinarily wealthy as a result of this system of forced labor.

Mumia’s attorneys granted 60 days

During last Thursday’s (Black Aug. 30) presentation at Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas, attorneys for death row survivor Mumia Abu-Jamal successfully argued for another opportunity to present previously suppressed evidence and were granted a 60-day continuance by Judge Leon Tucker.

Nike inks deal with Colin Kaepernick for ‘Just Do It’ anniversary

Nike began the 30th anniversary celebration of its “Just Do It” ad campaign with a splash.

Stop the murders of Black youth

Civil Rights leaders and others reacted with a sense of relief – if only temporary – after a Texas jury sentenced a former police officer to 15 years in prison Wednesday for the shooting death of an unarmed African-American teen ...

Mixed feelings about a ‘hero’ with blood on his hands

Praise and accolades are pouring in for the recently departed Sen. John McCain who died of brain cancer Saturday at age 81, many of them extolling him as an American patriot with flags across the country flying at half-mast—except at ...

Inmates launch “Nat Turner Day” prison reform strike

Tuesday, Aug. 21, numerous inmates in at least 21 cities across the country began one of the largest prison strikes in the history of the United States, in protest of inhumane living conditions they contend are reminiscent of “modern-day slavery.”

Black reporter fired for sharing story about white privilege

Lisa Benson, a reporter who shared a story about white privilege on her personal Facebook account, has been fired after some of her co-workers took offense of it.

Nationwide prison strike begins

Aug. 21, prisoners in at least 17 states told citizens that they want be counted and treated better.

Lawyer leads online petition to overturn Cosby verdict

Bill Cosby isn’t giving up his fight to clear his name and, while the comedian awaits his September 24 sentencing on aggravated indecent assault charges.Lawyer

Judge temporarily blocks school from enforcing ‘natural hair’ policy

A district judge has intervened in the controversy at Christ the King school in Terrytown and ruled that the school cannot enforce a “natural hair” policy that has sparked outrage nationwide.