What Black men of Dallas need you to know

It shouldn't have taken the deaths of two black men in Louisiana or Minnesota, or the countless ones before that, they say.

North Carolina law blocks release of police recordings

Citing a desire to balance "public trust" with the rights and safety of law enforcement officers, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed legislation this week that blocks the release of law enforcement recordings from body cameras or dashboard cameras with ...

Philando Castile shooting: What happened when filming stopped?

Days after police shot them, the investigations into the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling are far from over.

Black and blue: Double despair for African-American police

Even before five fellow Dallas officers were shot and killed last week, Morris Pope was already in sorrow.

Police more likely to use force on blacks than whites, study shows

A think tank study of thousands of incidents where law enforcement interactions turned forceful concluded blacks are much more likely to be involved than other groups.

Dialogue amid more nationwide protests

As protests against police brutality continue across the country, signs of cooperation between demonstrators and law enforcement emerged in Atlanta.

How Black mothers talk to their children about policing and race

Black mothers reflect on telling their sons about interaction with the police.

Where do we go from here? A nation united in grief seeks answers

In the aftermath of the recent kllings in the nation, the country looks for direction for the next steps.

Dallas sniper attack: 5 officers killed during protests against police

Shooters killed five officers at a protest over police violence in downtown Dallas, sending screaming crowds scrambling for shelter and spurring an investigation into who was behind the ambush.

Minnesota Cop kills Philando Castile during traffic stop

Thirty-two-year-old Philando Castile is dead following a Wednesday evening (July 6) officer involved shooting in Falcon Heights, near the gates to Minnesota State Fair grounds.

Philando Castile's mother: He was 'black in the wrong place'

Hours after her son's death was live-streamed on Facebook, Valerie Castile was remarkably composed.

Alton Sterling shooting: Homeless man made 911 call, official says

A homeless man made the 911 call that brought police to the convenience store where Alton Sterling was shot dead, a senior law enforcement official told CNN on Thursday.

Motorist killed by off-duty cop

“You don’t bring a gun to a fist fight, and I don’t know the exact circumstances of the police shooting of Delrawn Small, but I am uncomfortable with the fact that this father died during a road rage incident,” retired ...

Alton Sterling shooting: Video of deadly encounter with officers sparks outrage

Two police officers pin down Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, then shoot him as he lies on the ground.

Louisiana lawmaker calls on Justice Department to investigate police shooting death

Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond called on the Justice Department Wednesday to investigate the death of Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old man shot as he lay on the ground with two Baton Rouge police officers on top of him.