Rachel Dolezal: 'I defiantly am not white'

Rachel Dolezal breaks her silence as she makes her first public statements about why she considers herself African American even though she is white.

Here comes the judge: Milton Tingling

When you first meet New York County Clerk Milton Tingling, you wouldn’t know that before he became one the city’s most revolutionary judges, he was a cab driver and an MTA token booth attendant.

Bratton under fire for comments about lack of diversity in the NYPD

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton made disparaging statements about diversity in the NYPD during an interview with The Guardian, a British newspaper.

Grand jury indicts former South Carolina police officer in Walter Scott shooting

Reports indicate that the ex-police officer who fatally shot Walter Scott in South Carolina has been indicted by a grand jury.

‘Run, Keith, Run!’

Cheered on by friends, associates, his wife, Susan, and a cadre of clergy, including the Rev. Calvin Butts III of Abyssinian Baptist Church, Assemblyman Keith Wright officially announced his candidacy for New York’s 13th Congressional District, a seat that has ...

Are the nation’s cops out of control?

Call it “Bluemania.” That is, the excessive use of force by cops across the nation.

Grand jury indicts former South Carolina police officer in Walter Scott shooting

Reports indicate that the police officer who fatal shot Walter Scott in South Carolina has been indicted with murder by a grand jury.

Arrests drop, crime rises in Baltimore

Just a couple of months ago, America’s eyes were on Baltimore after the fallout over the fatal police shooting of unarmed Black 25-year-old Freddie Gray.

Killer of Malcolm X’s grandson hit with 27 years

As news spread several months ago about the severe sentencing of Manuel Alejandro Perez de Jesus, 26, for the murder of Malcolm Latif Shabazz, 28, many questions remained unanswered.

June 2 is National Gun Violence Awareness Day

June 2 would have been Hadiya Pendleton's 18th birthday. Instead, it's both a day of mourning and cries to end the gun violence epidemic.

DOJ to investigate Cleveland Division of Police

In the wake of the acquittal of a Cleveland police officer who shot two unarmed Black people, the U.S. Department of Justice is now stepping in to take a hard look at the Cleveland police force.

Wife visits Mumia Abu-Jamal

Reports revealed that political prisoner of war Mumia Abu-Jamal was handcuffed and shackled to his bed in the prison’s infirmary for almost a week as he recovered from his debilitating ailments.

Obama talks community policing in Camden

President Barack Obama spoke in Camden, N.J., at the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center Monday, highlighting steps taken by the city that has struggled with one of the nation’s highest violent crime rates to create economic ...

Tamir Rice investigation wrapping up, maybe

Tamir Rice’s body still hasn’t been buried. His mother has moved into a homeless shelter because she can’t bear to be near the park where he was shot by police, and six months after the events occurred, police say they ...

Lady Law: Are Black women in leadership under attack?

As Black America continues to hail Marilyn J. Mosby as a hero for charging six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, the predicted backlash has begun.