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Bail reform overhauled in New York budget

After months of outcry, bail reform will be overhauled in New York, just months after the elimination of cash bail for the vast majority of misdemeanor and non-violent felony cases.

Trump changing his tune

In the midst of a pandemic that shows no sign of flattening, the latest tweet from Trump sounds a most distressing alarm, though for one who is a president of prevarication it’s hard to determine when he’s leveling with the ...

AG James pushes to increase abortion access during COVID-19 pandemic

New York Attorney General Letitia James is pushing to ensure women across the state and the nation are able to access safe and legal abortions during the coronavirus public health crisis.

What would a 5% cut mean for New York City schools?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to cut education funding as coronavirus disrupts the lives and education of New York’s children.

Congressional Black Caucus focuses on economic recovery of African Americans in COVID-19 crisis

The coronavirus health crisis that hit America in the middle of March has compelled Governors to shut down states, requested citizens to stay in their homes and moved Congress to pass an unprecedented stimulus of over two trillion dollars.

De Blasio releases inmates to curb COVID-19 spread, but activists want more

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to lessen the burden on local jails, which are potential hotbeds for COVID-19.

AG James launches hotline to combat coronavirus hate crimes and xenophobic rhetoric

Amidst the generated panic from the coronavirus, hate crimes have spiked towards Asian Americans.

Trump, Congress agree on $2 trillion virus relief package bill

The White House and Senate leaders of both major political parties announced an agreement early Wednesday on unprecedented emergency legislation to rush sweeping aid to businesses.

Assemblyman Charles Barron released from hospital

Brooklyn Councilwoman Inez Barron tells the AmNews that her husband, Assemblyman Charles Barron, was released from the hospital following treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19).

POLL: Biden-Abrams ticket beats Trump-Pence

A Democratic ticket of Joe Biden and former Georgia Rep. Stacey Abrams would beat a Republican pairing of Donald Trump and Mike Pence

All non-essential businesses in NY must work from home amid COVID-19 crisis, Cuomo says

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Friday ordered all non-essential businesses in New York.

Long Island Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre tests positive for coronavirus

Reports indicate that Long Island Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre has tested postive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Biden sweeps Super Tuesday III

There may be pressing uncertainties about the impact of the coronavirus, but Joe Biden’s quest to be the Democratic nominee appears to be almost settled after taking three more primaries on Tuesday.

Treasury wants to send checks to Americans, starting April 6

The Treasury Department wants to start issuing direct payments to Americans by early next month .

Bronx Council Member Ritchie Torres confirms he has coronavirus

Bronx Council Member Ritchie Torres confirms he has tested positive for coronavirus.