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Assembly passes legislation recognizing Abolition Commemoration Day and Juneteenth in New York State

The State Assembly recently passed legislation establishing Abolition Commemoration Day, which would be observed on the second Monday in July.

Trump whines about bad approval ratings

Beset with a cluster of unfavorable polling results, Trump has unleashed a new strategy to combat his declining popularity: whining.

Rapper Kanye West files to be on New Jersey's presidential ballot

Rapper Kanye West filed to be on New Jersey's presidential ballot.

State Sen. Kevin Parker, Jamaican Embassy hand out baked goods in Brooklyn

State Sen. Kevin Parker teamed up with Jamaican Consul General Alsion Roach Wilson to distribute over 400 boxes of baked goods to members of the Jamaican community in Central Brooklyn last weekend.

Biden Surrogates Tout ‘Plan for America’

President Donald Trump’s failure to control the coronavirus pandemic has worsened a long list of challenges facing American families, according to presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden.

Trump’s troops ready to roll

Once again Portland, Oregon is the epicenter of turmoil and resentment as the city’s George Floyd demonstrators have pushed the Trump administration to the brink of authoritarian rule.

From classroom to Congress: Jamaal Bowman ready to take on Washington

Last month, Congressman-elect Jamaal Bowman beat 30-year incumbent Congressman Eliot Engel during the primary election to represent New York’s 16th District in Washington.

AOC introduces bill requiring all law enforcement officers to identify their name and agency

The Law Enforcement Identification Transparency Act of 2020 would require all federal law enforcement officers to identify their name, agency and badge number on their uniform at all times while on duty or serving the public.

Trump not ready to commit to election results if he loses

President Donald Trump is refusing to publicly commit to accepting the results of the upcoming White House election.

Trump says he may send federal law enforcement to NYC

President Donald Trump suggested Monday he may send federal law enforcement officers to New York City amid ongoing protests and an uptick in shooting incidents.

Good and bad news for Trump; bad news for Americans

It was a week of good news and bad news for Trump and his administration. When he arrives in Atlanta on Wednesday he may take a victory lap after Jeff Sessions lost his senatorial re-election bid in Alabama.

Trump changes course on immigrants & schools, but damage is done

President Donald Trump’s administration handed out an order affecting immigrants who are getting an education. Then the administration reversed it. But the point was made.

Kanye West dumps Trump

It’s not exactly clear what circumstances moved rap artist Kanye West to no longer support Trump, but in an extended interview with Forbes magazine he said he had lost confidence in the president.

Rep. Maxine Waters, ‘Donald Trump is More Focused on Saving Statues of Slaveholders & Confederate Generals than Protecting Americans from the Coronavirus’

Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ (CA-43) statement on Donald Trump’s negligence in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and his threats to protestors calling for the removal of statues of Confederate generals and slaveholders:

City layoffs now off the chopping block for now

Thousands of city employees are breathing a sigh of relief after their jobs were saved in the city’s annual budget.