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Goodbye New Hampshire: Clinton campaign moves quickly to focus on African American voters

A day after getting trounced by Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton's campaign moved quickly to solidify African American voters ahead of Nevada and South Carolina's electoral contests, rolling out a series of travel plans and endorsements aimed at ...

Obama: Clinton ‘wicked smart’

In calling Hillary Clinton “wicked smart,” President Barack Obama veered about as close as he could to endorsing his former secretary of state.

Clinton withstands Sanders’ left hooks

In the fourth and final Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses, it was a verbal slugfest between the putative champion and national frontrunner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her worthy adversary Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Darcel Clark sworn in as state's first African-American female district attorney

Darcel Clark officially becomes the new Bronx district attorney and New York State's first Black female district attorney.

Local 46 endorses Adam Clayton Powell for Congress

Adam Clayton Powell scored an endorsement for his congressional campaign from Metallic Lathers and Reinforcing Ironworkers Local 46 Monday, Jan. 11. Powell, running for the 13th Congressional District seat, stood with President John Skinner and other union members on the ...

Obama’s gun control order

It’s been less than two weeks into the new year and President Barack Obama intends to tighten gun control laws across the U.S.

Obama’s final State of the Union address

“I want to focus on our future,” President Barack Obama said toward the beginning of his final State of the Union address in the House Chamber and to the nation Tuesday evening.

Cuomo criticized at State of the State address

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces several new initiatives during his 2016 State of the State address in Albany on Wednesday ranging from improving conditions for the homeless to decreasing unemployment.

State of the Union: Barack Obama sells optimism to nervous nation

Putting aside a sudden crisis with Iran, President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged Americans in his final State of the Union address to reject the politics of tribalism and fear that have rocked the campaign to find his successor and ...

Bernie Sanders campaign launches HBCU tour

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' campaign is kicking off the 'Feel the Bern' HBCU tour.

Obama to leave seat empty at State of the Union to honor gun violence victims

The White House will leave one seat in the First Lady's State of the Union guest box empty on Tuesday to represent victims of gun violence.

Clinton’s force; the Republicans farce

In her closing statement during the Democratic presidential primary debate Saturday evening, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “And may the Force be with you,” referencing the new “Star Wars” film.

Obama on the fight against terrorism: ‘We will prevail’

It may have been absolutely coincidental that President Barack Obama’s address from the Oval Office Sunday evening was just about 14 minutes long, the same as the number of people killed in what he has finally called an act of ...

House passes visa waiver overhaul

he House overwhelmingly passed legislation on Tuesday (407 to 19) that would overhaul the federal visa waiver program and bar those from Iraq, Syria, Iran and the Sudan, or those who have visited those countries in the last five years, ...

SEIU endorses Hilary Clinton for president

We’re still 11 months away from the U.S. presidential election, but 32BJ SEIU has gotten ahead of the labor pack and endorsed Hilary Clinton for president.