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Turbulent Senate race now in hands of Alabama voters

Depending on who is making the case, Alabama’s special Senate election Tuesday is about either continuing the “Trump miracle” in Washington or allowing “decency” to prevail back home.

Can Trump obstruct justice?

Now that Michael Flynn, Trump’s very brief national security adviser, has copped a plea and promised to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller, we can only speculate on the extent of the plea, and what information Flynn is willing to ...

Tax bill would cut essentials to communities of color

President Donald Trump and Republicans herald that their tax plan will help middle class Americans and put the economy back on track by cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent.

New York State fights for victims of child sex abuse

New York State wants to raise the statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases. The current statute of limitations gives survivors until the age of 23 to file a civil lawsuit.

NAACP: Make history in selection of Council Speaker

The NAACP New York State Conference Wednesday announced it will launch a social media campaign to promote the election of the first African American Speaker of the New York City Council in history.

Longtime Rep. John Conyers retires amid sexual misconduct allegations

“I am retiring today,” Rep. John Conyers Jr. said Tuesday morning on the “Mildred Gaddis Show” Detroit (102.7 FM), “and I want everyone to know how much I appreciate the support, incredible, undiminished support I’ve received across the years from ...

State Sen. Rubén Díaz Sr. submits resignation

State Sen. Rubén Díaz, of the Bronx, has submitted his resignation from the New York State Senate at year end, ahead of joining the City Council in 2018.

Supreme Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel ban

The Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to fully enforce a ban on travel to the United States by residents of six mostly Muslim countries.

13 ways the tax bills from the Senate and House would affect you

The tax overhaul bills passed by the Senate and House would likely to change your tax return in ways large and small — which credits you can take, what you can deduct, how much you pay.

CBC meets with FBI director over 'Black Identity Extremist' report

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray failed to explain why the agency he leads changed the name of a domestic terrorism designation from “Black Separatist Extremists” to “Black Identity Extremist,” during a recent meeting with a group of Congressional Black Caucus ...

Candidates for City Council Speaker battle for seat

It was neither a love fest nor “The Hateful Eight” when candidates vying to be the next New York City Council speaker faced off Tuesday evening at the National Action Network

The Iconic John Conyers I know

I am troubled by the recent allegations of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior levelled against Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.), but there is no way I can be impartial.

Conyers agrees to step aside from top spot on Judiciary amid allegations of sexual harassment

Michigan Rep. John Conyers, under investigation over allegations he sexually harassed female staff members, said Sunday he will step aside as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee while fiercely denying he acted inappropriately during his long tenure in ...

Transition of power begins in New Jersey

On the heels of a victorious win in the New Jersey gubernatorial race, Democrats Governor-elect Phil Murphy and Lt. Governor-elect Sheila Oliver officially kick off their transition as the state’s new top political heavyweights.

City Council holds joint on housing, homelessness and safety

Earlier this week, Council Member Jumaane Williams , Deputy Leader and Chair of Council's Housing and Buildings Committee, and Council Member Stephen, Chair of the Committee on General Welfare held a hearing on two bills that relate to housing and ...