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What Matters 2020 – Issues that impact minority communities

Every vote counts and Elections have consequences!

Booker was ready to call it quits but now says his 2020 campaign continues

Sen. Cory Booker announced Monday he will stay in the 2020 Democratic presidential race after his campaign met a self-imposed fundraising goal of $1.7 million.

The Trump Effect — Is this administration a present danger to the Black psyche?

The debate over the merits of Donald John Trump’s presidency continue with no sign of closure in sight. The constituency that elected him has remained steadfast in its support, as the marginalized and ethnically diverse who oppose him, stay at ...

Memo: Trump prodded Ukraine to probe Biden

Washington plunged into an impeachment crisis on Wednesday, as House Democrats opened an investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign season dealings with Ukraine.

Mayor Bill de Blasio drops out of 2020 presidential race

The race is over for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Zellnor Myrie holds community meeting on 2020 Census

On Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019, State Sen. Zellnor Y. Myrie held a community meeting on the upcoming 2020 Census.

Trump’s tax returns targeted again

Yet another phase of getting Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns was recently disclosed, this one a subpoena issued by the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

New claims against Kavanaugh detonate in heat of 2020 election

President Donald Trump and Democratic White House hopefuls have plunged into a new battle over Justice Brett Kavanaugh because they have strong incentives to put the Supreme Court at the epicenter of the election.

Trump’s map flap creates a political imbroglio

Trump’s map flap, his tweet that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama “harder than anticipated,” has left in its wake a political imbroglio at the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration.

Trump to loot the Pentagon

The promise, or should we say threat that Trump made months ago about declaring a national emergency to divest funds from the Pentagon to build a wall along the southern border appears to be closer to a reality.

National Congress of Black Women to Honor Shirley Chisholm at Annual Brunch

On Sunday, September 15, the National Congress of Black Women will celebrate its 35th annual brunch in the Thurgood Marshall Room of the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.

NY Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand drops out of Democratic primary

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) announced she is dropping out of the Democratic Presidential primary on Wednesday on her Twitter account.

Trump waffles on trade war

Trump’s appearance at the recently concluded G-7 summit did little to resolve the ongoing trade war with China.

New polling sparks debate on consolidating Dem candidate pool

Democratic candidates on the polling bubble are fighting to join the third and fourth debates.

17 million voters purged nationwide between 2016 and 2018

A Brennan Center analysis has found that at least 17 million voters were purged nationwide between 2016 and 2018, similar to the numbers discovered between 2014 and 2016.