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Dr. Carson inflames Muslim community

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker shot his wad of cash and bowed out of the presidential race Monday.

William Boyland Jr. gets 14 years for corruption

Former New York Assemblyman William Boyland Jr.’s wrongdoings have caught up with him.

Here's why Ben Carson is catching up to Donald Trump

Donald Trump may still be leading the Republican field, but fellow outsider candidate Dr. Ben Carson is closing in, and both are leaving the rest of the field behind.

Carson writes of his cousins killed in street violence

Ben Carson wrote about his personal experience with violence as a youth in an op-ed targeted at millennials.

Another executive order from Obama

When President Barack Obama told union workers during his Labor Day speech in Boston on Monday that his executive order will require federal contractors to extend the number of paid sick leave days, there was sustained applause.

Cordell Cleare hosts campaign fundraiser

Fifth Avenue’s Gran Piatta was the venue to be in Wednesday, Aug. 26. Cordell Cleare hosted the fundraising event, with supporters in her campaign for female district leader in the 70th Assembly District, Harlem.

Obama in the Arctic

President Barack Obama addressed the issue of climate change with unusual force and vigor Monday from Alaska, stating that unless the nations of the planet act more aggressively, there will be “more drought.

Ironclad Iran deal

Having secured the 34th Senate vote, President Barack Obama’s deal with Iran is all but ironclad.

Inside Ben Carson's quiet surge

Watch out Donald Trump. Here comes Ben Carson.

Poll disputes Donald Trump claim on black voter support

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Thursday that his plans to improve the economy for black Americans is why he is leading in the polls with black voters, though at least one recent poll disputes Trump's claim.

Report says GOP willing to let Moskowitz run as Republican for mayor

Some people want New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio out of office at all costs.

Cornel West endorses 'brother' Bernie Sanders

Civil rights activist and philosopher Cornel West on Monday endorsed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for president.

Biden’s bid?

If there’s an ounce of truth to rumors that Vice President Joe Biden is quietly meeting with folks who seem determined to draft him for another presidential run, then we will have to wait to see if it can be ...

Obama’s Clean Power Plan

When President Barack Obama announced his Clean Power Plan, there were several long outbursts of applause in the White House Monday, none more sustained than when he remarked that the “plan [was] two years in the making, and the single ...

Joe Biden keeps watchful eye on 2016 race

Vice President Joe Biden has yet to rule out a 2016 presidential campaign and is likely to wait beyond August to decide, several Democrats say, allowing him to watch as the contest unfolds before determining whether he could make a ...