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NJ Black Mayors’ Alliance for Social Justice endorses Hillary Clinton

This week, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton met with 15 members of the N.J. Black Mayors’ Alliance for Social Justice to discuss issues important to their communities. After the event, the Mayors’ Alliance endorsed Clinton for president.

‘Reparations Now!’ for president 2016 campaign launch

The Black Voter Coalition launched its voter registration campaign for the upcoming 2016 presidential election Saturday with great success.

A narrow lead for Clinton in Cali

Mathematically, the Democratic presidential primary has been over for months, and when the primaries in California and New Jersey are over, Hillary Clinton can probably add presumptive candidate to her list of titles.

Closer than close: A tale of Hillary, Donald, the polls ... and Bernie

It’s early, but a potential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, two of the least popular presidential candidates in recent memory, could be closer than people think.


Yesterday, Donald Trump insulted the Pope and the Dalai Lama. Not really. But because he’s insulted everybody else, they could very well be on his hit list.

Clinton edges Sanders in Kentucky, loses in Oregon

No matter whose polls or numbers you consult, Hillary Clinton has outdistanced her opponent thus far in the race to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

Obama administration issues guidance on transgender access to school bathrooms

The Obama administration issued guidance Friday directing public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity.

Sanders wins West Virginia but gains little

The polls and pundits predicted that Sen. Bernie Sanders would win the West Virginia primary Tuesday, and they were right. But, as they also noted, the victory did little to close the gap between him and Hillary Clinton, who has ...

Treachery: Corrupt Cuomo or debased de Blasio?

The race that the nation, if not the world, is watching with interest is one looming between Hillary Clinton and the “presumptuous” Donald Trump, as Clinton called him.

Two popular Harlem pols unite

For those who missed the Saturday morning press conference at the Alhambra, where Rep. Charles Rangel endorsed Keith Wright to succeed him, there was a smaller, more intimate occasion with Wright that evening at Tsion Café.

Sanders wins Indiana

Sometimes in a race, particularly a hotly contested political one, it’s not a matter of how far you’ve come but rather how much further you have to go to win.

At the starting gate: Clinton leads Trump by double-digits

As Donald Trump captures the mantle of presumptive Republican nominee, a new poll finds he begins his general election campaign well behind Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Clinton's warning: Obama's legacy is on the line with Trump

Hillary Clinton warned the roughly 6,000 people at an NAACP dinner in Detroit on Sunday that Donald Trump's candidacy is the biggest risk to President Barack Obama's legacy, putting the decision between her and the Republican front-runner in stark terms.

Rally calls for ‘three-fifths’ language to be removed from Constitution

Although African-Americans have achieved much in the past 200 years, certain language in the U.S. Constitution remains stuck in the past. New York York City Council Member Andy King hopes to eliminate that language.

Clinton trumps Sanders

It was another superb Super Tuesday for Hillary Clinton. She took four of the five states and the delegates up for grabs, leaving Sen. Bernie Sanders only tiny Rhode Island to crow about.