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How Trump is chipping away at Obama's legacy

There is nothing unusual about a new president arriving in Washington with a promise to right the perceived wrongs of his predecessors.

AQE and Working Families respond to IDC’s ‘Call The Roll’ video

After being accused of halting progress of Democrats in Albany, the Independent Democratic Conference released a video to prove they support a liberal agenda.

More damaging revelations against Trump

Last week, more damaging revelations surfaced suggesting that President Trump is careening dangerously toward impeachment.

Council Member Andy King launches Constituents Service Night

Bronx Council Member Andy King and his staff are hosting Constituent Services Night every other week in different NYCHA housing developments in the 12th Council District.

Speaker Ryan holds the line

If the Senate is poised to reject President Trump’s American Health Care Act that narrowly passed in the House by four votes, they should feel equally resistant to his budget proposal, with its severe cuts planned for the nation’s poor.

Introducing State Sen. Brian Benjamin

Brian Benjamin is Harlem’s newest politician, winning by a landslide in the special election Tuesday to replace the seat vacated by District 30 State Sen. Bill Perkins, who was elected to the City Council.

Brian Benjamin wins special election for state senate seat

Brian Benjamin is Harlem’s newest politician winning a landslide in the special election on Tuesday to replace the seat vacated by District 30 State Senator Bill Perkins who was elected to the city council.

Black lawmaker received racist threats after calling for impeachment

Rep. Al Green played recordings at a town hall on Saturday of racist threats he received after recently calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

New kid on the block: Brian Benjamin

Brian Benjamin is poised to become Harlem’s newest elected official and a sign of the new generation coming to uptown politics.

Trump trips again

A disclosure by The Washington Post on Monday that President Trump had shared highly classified intelligence information with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador last week sent a new wave of improbability and consternation across the nation.

Trump should/won’t resign

Here’s a little hypothetical scenario for you to ponder. Trump resigns over threat of impeachment from charges of obstruction of justice and cover-up.

Impeach Trump now

Texas Congressman Al Green spoke those words on the House floor Wednesday morning, kicking off what could be the journey to impeach President Donald Trump.

Congressman calls for Trump's impeachment on House floor

Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump Wednesday morning, the first member of Congress to officially request leveling charges against the President from the House floor.

Defiant Trump says he had 'absolute right' to share information with Russia

President Donald Trump insisted Tuesday he had the right to share information with Russia related to terrorism and other issues, his first public response to the revelation he disclosed classified information at an Oval Office meeting last week.

President Trump fires FBI director James Comey

President Trump has found yet another way to boil the political pot—dare we call it Trumpestuous—with the firing of FBI director James Comey. As expected, the termination of the FBI head has unleashed a firestorm of reaction among Democrats and ...