An artist with a camera, Chuck Stewart, passes at 89

There is the photo of Eric Dolphy in deep thought, his bass clarinet resting on his shoulder. Another photo shows a pensive John Coltrane with his wife Alice hovering in the background.

Michael J. Feeney remembered one year later

Friends and family came together this week to remember late journalist Michael J. Feeney, who died Jan. 31, 2016.

The Bishop Eddie Long I knew

I was hanging out with Bishop Eddie Long one day when he decided to surprise me.

Thank you, Dr. Phyllis Harrison-Ross

Funeral services were held Wednesday at for that pioneering psychiatrist Phyllis Harrison-Ross at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, where she served as a trustee and chairperson. Harrison-Ross died Jan. 14 at age 80.

Pioneering psychiatrist, Dr. Phyllis Harrison-Ross, passes at 80

There’s a photo of Wayne State University’s College of Medicine graduating class in Detroit in 1959. Of the 66 graduates, there are two Black men, one white woman, and one Black woman—Phyllis Harrison.

Bishop Eddie Long dead at 63

Multiple reports indicate that Bishop Eddie Long has died.

Cyril DeGrasse Tyson, sociologist, educator and civil rights activist, dies at 89

Cyril DeGrasse Tyson, a leading figure in the development of urban social policy in New York City, who devoted his life to the empowerment of all those who were disenfranchised, died at his home in North Salem, N.Y., Thursday, Dec. ...

1,000-day vigil for Chibok girls, met with unsatisfied protesters, advocates

Before the Christmas holiday, Nigerian authorities reported that 21 of 276 Chibok girls had been released by the Boko Haram.

CORE leader, Roy Innis, dead at 82

When Roy Ennis, a native of the Virgin Islands, first emerged on the political scene as a member of Congress of Racial Equality, he was a steadfast opponent of racism and discrimination and a loyalist in the ranks of civil ...

Reflections on the legacy of Thutmose Powell

Several comrades of renowned Harlem activist Brother Morris Thutmose Powell reflected on his life-long efforts this past Monday at Harlem’s UCLA, the University on the Corner of Lenox Avenue. Powell joined the ancestors May 23 while in Namibia, Africa, where ...

New Jersey community organizer and activist Balozi Robert Alexander Harvey dies at age 76

Pan-African nationalists and the community in Newark are mourning the passing of community organizer and activist Balozi Robert Alexander Harvey, who died Dec. 28 at the age of 76.

2016—A year of major transitions

While noting the disturbing numbers of wars and copious amount of deadly violence laying wast all over the globe, it is with somber thought people acknowledged that 2016 marks the passing of so many famous and noteworthy people, whose name, ...

Actor and comedian Ricky Harris, who worked alongside the greats, dies at 54

Ricky Harris, whose yin-yang comedic career went from raunchy standup on one end to family-friendly sitcoms on the other, has died. He was 54.

Kujichagulia: Self-determination now!

As we enter the sphere of President Trump, we must make a thoroughgoing analysis of the choices that lay before us.

Harlem recognizes Human Rights Day

“What’s the call? Free them all!” a slew of multiethnic activists chanted while posted up on the northeast corner of Harlem’s African Square (125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard) this past Saturday afternoon as they withstood the cold ...