Gil Noble remembered at CEMOTAP

In a tribute to the late Gil Noble last Saturday at CEMOTAP, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, one of several speakers, told the audience that the gathering was a family affair.

Ma’oon Inc. and Newark Symphony Hall presents 2016 Qur’an Competition

Newark Symphony Hall and Ma’oon Inc. present "Path Towards Understanding Quran Through Recitation & Competition on Sunday, June 12 from 4:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. Newark Symphony Hall located at 1030 Broad Street in Newark, NJ.

Revolutionary Will Reese celebrated in Harlem

Noted activist Will Reese was memorialized at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Harlem May 14, 2016. The well-known communist died in February this year after a four-year battle with cancer.

Activist James Haughton memorialized at Mount Olivet Baptist Church

Powerhouse of the labor movement Jim Haughton was memorialized at Harlem’s Mount Olivet Baptist Church, with friends and family praising his unwavering dedication.

United Palace honors the Rev. Dr. Eula Dent Eikerenkoetter for 50 years of service

The United Palace House of Inspiration honored the Rev. Dr. Eula M. Dent Eikerenkoetter for her 50 years of stewardship, service and contributions to Reverend Ike Ministries and the greater United Palace community.

Passionate political activist Ramon Jimenez dead at 67

Ramon Jimenez, a voice for the voiceless and an outspoken member of the Green Party, died Tuesday of prostate cancer. He was 67.

Celebrating the life of Woodley Charlot

A handful of tight-knit people—mainly close friends and intimate relatives—came out to reflect on the memory of Brother Woodley Charlot, a.k.a. “Big Sincere” or simply “Sin,” at a local get-together in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn on spring’s first day.

The Rev. Samuel Billy Kyles, civil rights witness and participant, dead at 81

The Rev. Samuel Billy Kyles is often best remembered as an eyewitness to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Afeni Shakur, mother of hip-hop icon Tupac, joins ancestors

Afeni Shakur, original Black Panther activist and mother of slain hip-hop legend Tupac, passed away Monday night after paramedics removed the 69-year-old from her Sausalito, Calif., home and rushed her to Marin General Hospital

United Palace House of Inspiration honors the Rev. Eikerenkoetter for 50 years of service

The United Palace House of Inspiration is hosting a celebration in honor of the Rev. Dr. Eula M. Dent Eikerenkoetter and her 50 years service to Rev. Ike Ministries and the greater United Palace community.

Educator and deacon Dr. Joe L. Jackson passes at 81

Professor Emeritus Dr. Joe Lewis Jackson leaves a legacy as a passionate family man, educator and church deacon at Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church. He died April 20 of cancer. Jackson was 81.

90% of Americans have prayed for healing, study finds

When Americans experience health problems, they don't just rely on doctors and medications. A new study found that most Americans have turned to prayer to heal themselves and others.

Acclaimed sculptor Inge Hardison passes at 102

The bronze bust of Robinson Robinson at Bradhurst near 147th Street is just one of Hardison’s sculptures of famous personalities and others, who she termed, “Our folks.”

Amity Baptist Church celebrates its 100th anniversary

Amity Baptist Church will celebrate its 100th anniversary in April with a series of events from April 16 to 24.

Sister Student Minister Ava Muhammad speaks to the people

The National Spokesperson for Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan addressed the people by webcast screened at Mosque Number 7.