Maya Angelou and Elombe Brath Remembered

The world woke up on May 28 to hear that poet, author and activist Maya Angelou had died quietly in her home in Winston Salem, N.C., at the age of 86. She lived a life that encouraged people to be ...

In loving memory of Elombe Brath, our ambassador to the African world

The global African community, led by the December 12th Movement, marched from the Harlem State Building to the world-renowned Abyssinian Baptist Church in loving memory of Elombe Brath.

In loving memory of Queen Mother Dora Smith

A legion of admirers, friends and relatives paid their respects during the going home services conducted for Sister Dora Smith

‘Spook’ author Sam Greenlee becomes an ancestor

On Malcolm X’s 89th birthday activist-writer Sam Greenlee, 83, joined the ancestors while in Chicago

Elombe Brath funeral services set for Satruday

The late Elmobre Brath is being lead to rest Saturday, May 31 at 10 am at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem.

The world mourns the remarkable, phenomenal Dr. Maya Angelou

Hearts are breaking as the public absorbs the news that the majestic genius Dr. Maya Angelou made her transition on the morning of Wednesday, May 28, in her home in North Carolina.

William Worthy Jr., a bold Black journalist dead at 92

At a time when journalists were forbidden to travel to China, Cuba and the Soviet Union, William Worthy Jr. defied the U.S. State Department, grabbed his trusty typewriter and embarked on journeys to report the unreportable, interviewing several prominent Communist ...

Former NY state Sen Abate dead at 66

The political world in New York continues to mourn the death of former New York state Sen. Catherine Abate.

Africans share in grief over passing of Maya Angelou

Legendary poetess Maya Angelou was renowned in Africa much as she was beloved in the country of her birth.

Phenomenal Woman: Maya Angelou Joins the Ancestors

The celebrated author, poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou died at 86.

Beloved revolutionary Elombe Brath joins the ancestors

On the very day his friends and comrades were celebrating the birthday of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz), Elombe Brath was joining his fellow revolutionary on the other side of our struggle. Brath, 77, made his transition on ...

Three gallant freedom fighters join the ancestors

I was still reeling from the news that one of Detroit’s most remarkable freedom fighters, General Gordon Baker Jr., had joined the ancestors when in rapid succession, like a machine gun of sorrow, word came that the author Sam Greenlee ...

Former NY State Senator Abate, dead at 66

The political world in New York State continues to mourn the death of Catherine Abate.

The Rev Daughtry to hold daily prayer vigil at the UN for kidnapped Nigerian students

A group called the Clergy Alliance to Save Abducted Nigerian Children announced that they will hold a daily prayer vigil at the Ralph Bunche Park

Memorial services for Basil A. Paterson May 29 at Riverside

A memorial service for the esteemed attorney and civil servant Basil Alexander Paterson is scheduled for Thursday, May 29 at Riverside Baptist Church from 6 to 8 p.m.