Union Matters


AG rules that Brooklyn warehouse owners pay $3 million in wage lawsuit

Owners of a Brooklyn warehouse will have to pay out for wage theft.

PSC and CUNY agree to five-year contract

It took long enough, but the Professional Staff Congress finally has a new contract.

Chicago Teachers Union & CPS still haven’t reached a resolution

Chicago Teachers Union officials said their bargaining team won’t leave the table until they’ve reached a tentative agreement with Chicago Public Schools.

32BJ blasts Trump administration for latest immigration stunt

The latest attempt by President Donald Trump’s administration to curb immigration has drawn the ire of organized labor.

Drivers, advocates aim to hold ride-sharing industries accountable

Drivers of ride-sharing businesses want to unionize and organizations want the law to take them to task.

Chicago teachers and city continue negotiations

The Chicago Teachers Union and the City of Chicago continued contract negotiations this week while schools remained closed.

Workers protest racial discrimination at Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless workers and elected officials want the telecommunications giant to quash racial discrimination in their midst.

Cory Booker meets with Eulen America employees, supports effort to unionize

Subcontracted American Airlines workers found an ally in U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker.

Chipotle workers strike claiming employer violated Fair Workweek law

Chipotle workers claim that their employer continues to violate Fair Workweek laws even after the city announced it was seeking financial remedies for previous violations.

GM workers’ protest drags on, workers struggle to get by

Three weeks into their strike General Motors workers are struggling to get by, suppliers are losing business and GM hasn’t budged.

Subcontracted Con Edison cleaners rally for better wages

Subcontracted workers took to the Con Edison building in Manhattan to protest for better jobs and better wages.

Eugene Scalia’s nomination moves forward, labor and activists continue protest

Amidst all of the Ukraine hoopla, labor secretary nominee Eugene Scalia’s nomination continues to make its way to confirmation.

Workers file EEOC complaint against Verizon, claim racial discrimination

Latasha French has worked at a Verizon’s corporate office in Irving, TX for 17 years. However, her status as one of the senior employees in the building didn’t shield her from racial discrimination, according to a complaint.

Car wash bill will protect workers from injustices

The Car Wash Bill 2019, which would end subminimum wages and help eliminate wage theft for thousands of downstate New York car wash workers, was passed by the New York State Senate and Assembly in June.

Skip the greeting card—no presents needed: Labor Day, a holiday like no other whose importance lasts beyond a single day

It’s not so easy to find a holiday that crosses all religious, racial, ethnic and gender lines. Your political party, favorite color and years of education matter little too.