Union Matters


TWU Local 100 calls out de Blasio for funeral no-show

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is in hot water with Transit Workers Union Local 100 after not attending the funerals of two of their fallen: St. Clair Richards-Stephens and Stephen Livecchi.

Labor leaders and politicians blast Trump over census question

Labor leaders and politicians blast Trump over census question

32BJ announces endorsements for special elections

32BJ announces endorsements for special elections

Port Authority’s wage resolution would increase salary to $19 an hour

This month, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey voted on a new wage resolution that would increase their workers’ base pay from minimum wage to $19 an hour by 2023. The raises would affect 40,000 workers in ...

CVS workers push for first union contract

CVS, workers, first, union contract, Tish James

Union leaders stand with state Democrats’ agenda, denounce Republicans’ rejection

New York State Senate Democrats hope to push some of their agenda through, but Republicans in Albany have blocked some of the issues they hold dear. Union leaders have now added their voice to the debate with hopes of pushing ...

Unions hop on the endorsement train

It’s election season, which means it’s time for labor unions to plant their flag in the camp of their preferred candidates.

Working women show the way

During March, Women’s History Month, it is fitting to pay tribute to these leaders whose contributions are sorely under-recorded and underappreciated.

Janus v. AFSCME goes to Washington

The U.S. Supreme Court has the fate of government unions in its hands.

Teachers’ unions push back on gun debate

No matter the amount of blood and guts spilled in mass shootings, the debate over gun control brings out the extremes—those who don’t want any guns in civilians’ hands and those who believe it’s their right to own assault rifles.

Here's what UFT head Michael Mulgrew said about Alberto Carvalho rejecting the offer to head NYC public schools

In a whirlwind moment for the city, Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho rejected Mayor Bill de Blasio's offer to be the next New York City public schools chancellor.

Labor leaders and activists angered over no immigrant deal in Senate

Like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown, the Republicans have tricked Democrats into agreeing on a bill without a deal for immigrants and Dreamers, leaving Democrats angry. Labor leaders and pro-immigration activists aren’t happy about it either.

Labor, community activists push back against U.S. Census citizenship question

A group of local community activists, labor and legal advocacy leaders sent a letter to U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross urging him to reject a proposal from the Department of Justice that would change the U.S. Census.

Dr. King, a legacy constantly challenged

Workers’ rights and civil rights are one. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew that and ultimately died in the fight for equality and dignity in the workplace.

Advocates demand Labor Department allow workers to keep their tips

A new proposal by President Donald Trump’s administration would allow employers to have access to their workers’ pooled tips.