Union Matters


GM workers’ protest drags on, workers struggle to get by

Three weeks into their strike General Motors workers are struggling to get by, suppliers are losing business and GM hasn’t budged.

Subcontracted Con Edison cleaners rally for better wages

Subcontracted workers took to the Con Edison building in Manhattan to protest for better jobs and better wages.

Eugene Scalia’s nomination moves forward, labor and activists continue protest

Amidst all of the Ukraine hoopla, labor secretary nominee Eugene Scalia’s nomination continues to make its way to confirmation.

Workers file EEOC complaint against Verizon, claim racial discrimination

Latasha French has worked at a Verizon’s corporate office in Irving, TX for 17 years. However, her status as one of the senior employees in the building didn’t shield her from racial discrimination, according to a complaint.

Car wash bill will protect workers from injustices

The Car Wash Bill 2019, which would end subminimum wages and help eliminate wage theft for thousands of downstate New York car wash workers, was passed by the New York State Senate and Assembly in June.

Skip the greeting card—no presents needed: Labor Day, a holiday like no other whose importance lasts beyond a single day

It’s not so easy to find a holiday that crosses all religious, racial, ethnic and gender lines. Your political party, favorite color and years of education matter little too.

UAW workers strike from General Motors

The largest labor strike in over a decade began on Monday, Sept. 16. It involves America’s biggest carmaker.

NY wants ‘gig worker rights’ to travel east

California’s state government’s slated to pass a bill that would make workers of app-based companies like Uber and Lyft full employees of said companies.

Candis Tolliver named 32BJ’s new political director

Candis Tolliver has spent the past two years with 32BJ SEIU as a senior political director. For her work, the union is promoting her.

Unions denounce new labor secretary nominee Eugene Scalia

President Donald Trump found another nominee for labor secretary that’s angered unions and labor activists.

Unions reflect on Labor Day, continue to mobilize

Labor unions celebrated Labor Day this week, but kept one eye toward the future of worker solidarity during conservative rollbacks of their gains.

NYSUT, others say ‘pump the brakes’ on state test bragging

New York City’s mayor and the schools chancellor touted the latest gains on the state English and math exams, but the state teachers’ union wants them to slow down.

Immigrant car workers file lawsuit against New Jersey car wash

Eight immigrant car wash workers in New Jersey are taking their boss to court.

NYSUT praises bill authorizing stop-arm cameras on school buses

New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a key component of his “Justice Agenda” this week.

CWA President Emeritus Morton Bahr dead at 93

The second day of the biannual Communication Workers of America’s convention in Las Vegas last week brought some sad news.