Union Matters


Airport workers, elected officials rally around ‘poverty wages’

A different kind of food fair happened in Queens last week.

Report: How ‘Unheard Third’ deals with poverty

A new report from the Community Service Society chronicles how a group of New Yorkers who are constantly discussed, but never heard from feel about their situation.

Landscape company caught not paying overtime, defrauding state on unemployment

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman caught a landscaping company red-handed and is asking them to pay up.

New law brings order and oversight to car-wash industry

New York City’s car wash industry has long operated as if it has been doing business in the Wild West, with a history of wage and hour violations and exploiting workers.

Activists let their voices be heard on wage raise

Lining up and ready to raise hell, hundreds of fast-food employees gathered outside of the second public hearing of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s wage board Monday.

Teachers’ unions, advocates and legislators call for halt to charter school openings

At a press conference last week, state legislators, education activists and teachers’ unions called for a halt to charter school openings in addition to legislation that would require charter schools be held “accountable.”

Home care is a vital part of equality fight

Economic inequality already has emerged as an issue in the 2016 elections.

Fast food, minimum wage movement claims victories, keeps pushing

From New York to Los Angeles to St. Louis, members of the fast-food worker movement are achieving small victories and continuing to push their agenda nationally.

Musician’s union & 54 Below reach new agreement

Monday, the Associated Musicians of Greater New York Local 802 AFM announced a new collective bargaining agreement with the New York venue, 54 Below.

McDonald’s workers march to corporate headquarters

Last week, 5,000 McDonald’s workers made their way to the company’s headquarters in the largest ever protest at the annual shareholder meeting.

LA wants to raise minimum wage, NY workers continue push for same

As New York workers continue to push the state to adopt a $15 an hour minimum wage, they can look to the city of Los Angeles for inspiration.

Educators, activists denounce Cuomo’s Education Investment Tax Credit proposal

Last week, educators and educational activists called for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to ax plans for an Education Investment Tax Credit, which they call a “scheme” to divert money from public education.

Unions strike for right to organize

Earlier this month, Environmental Service Systems employees walked off the job, demanding that their employer respect their right to be represented by their union, Local 32BJ.

Cooperation, not conflict, will help reduce crime

All New Yorkers must be concerned with fighting crime, but it is the city government’s mandate to focus on keeping all New Yorkers and visitors safe.

Unions express concerns during ‘Evalpalooza’

Last Thursday in Albany, educators and legislators voiced displeasure with the teacher evaluation process and suggested a change of pace in its implementation.