Union Matters


Columbia grad students win pay increase

Unions, and workers in general, have made some gains over the past five years. Graduate student workers can be included on that list.

AFT endorses Hillary Clinton

Before this week’s coronation at the Democratic National Convention, the American Federation of Teachers jumped in front to endorse Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

Economic inequality is making us sick

Economic inequality has an even higher cost than many people realize. Beyond lowering living standards for working Americans, a treasure trove of data compiled by the Center on Society and Health and the Urban Institute reveals that a major consequence ...

Man sues NYPD for violating First Amendment rights

The New York Police Department is facing a lawsuit after they violated the First Amendment rights of Ruben An, an associate for the Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence, who recorded public police activity.

Unions representing health-care workers push for workplace safety policies

A group of labor unions representing health-care workers across the country want the federal government to ensure workplace safety for their constituents.

Health professionals vote to join the AFT

Health care workers in Montana, Connecticut and New Jersey recently voted to join the American Federation of Teachers.

DC37 endorses Jamaal Bailey for state senator

Last week, New York State Senate candidate Jamaal Bailey scored a major endorsement from the biggest public union in New York City.

Better tools, not obstacles, for middle-income workers

We don’t need to listen to pundits or polltakers to know times are tough for working people. Millions of full-time workers live in poverty.

1199SEIU praises passing of Home Health Aide Bill

The end of the latest session in the New York State legislature saw a few groups unsatisfied that their cause wasn’t considered and some that were ecstatic.

AFT’s Weingarten reacts to Fisher v. University of Texas decision

In a 4-3 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court said that race could still be a factor in college admissions.

PSC and CUNY finally reach a tentative deal

The City University of New York and its faculty and staff have agreed to a tentative contract after years of fighting.

AFL-CIO endorses Hillary Clinton

The leadership of the AFL-CIO voted on Thursday to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, according to a spokesman for the union federation.

Assembly passes Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act

New York nurses scored a victory in Albany this week when the New York State Assembly passed the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act (A08580A).

Teachers at three Cleveland charter schools ratify new contracts

The faculty and staff of three charter schools in Cleveland have ratified a new contract. This action makes them the first organized charter schools with a collectively bargained agreement in their city.