Union Matters


Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund divests from private prisons

With detention centers and private prisons at the forefront of American minds, the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund decided to send a message to its constituents and the public.

COBA leader found guilty of fraud and conspiracy

The former head of the union representing corrections officers met his fate in court this week.

De Blasio signs for-hire cap bill into law

This week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law five bills that he said would bring “fairness” to the for-hire vehicle and taxi industry in the city. It’s the first legislation in the United States that regulates ...

Thrillist staff members vote to authorize strike

Rather than report to work, members of an online media website organized for a better contract.

State legislatures prep for post-Janus world

With the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruling against organized labor, state governments have looked to play protector for public sector unions.

Non-union education association doubles job protections for members post-Janus

The largest non-union, professional educators’ organization doubled job protection benefits for members without raising dues.

Airport workers still waiting on wage raises

The raises should have happened by now, according to local airport workers.

Two million workers can't be wrong

New York is the most unionized state in the nation with nearly 2 million union workers. Although private sector unions make up the largest number of those workers—17 percent compared with 6 percent nationwide—the real power of New York’s organized ...

H&M workers push for a new contract

H&M employees want a new contract and they want it now.

Labor leaders and activists turn out for immigrants

Whether it was Lower Manhattan or in Los Angeles, labor leaders and activists took to the streets to protest the White House’s immigration policies.

A new rallying point

The last session of the Supreme Court produced a host of decisions that turned back the clock on social, political and economic justice.

AFT President Weingarten blasts Trump and DeVos for labor/education merger proposal

Something the Republicans have wanted to do since the Clinton administration might come to fruition under Trump. It’s made American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten furious.

Pleasure Chest employees walk out demanding better wages and treatment

Pleasure Chest workers were joined by a legislative ally in their fight for a better workplace.

32BJ members rip Rep. Dan Donovan over immigration

Members of 32BJ and immigration activists said Rep. Dan Donovan heard them but isn’t listening to them on immigration.

The power of hope

I recently attended a Teamsters conference. It was billed as “A Weekend With the Teamsters,” focused on education and reflection. It was held in Milwaukee, Wis.