Union Matters


Labor dept pushes for Verizon talks

It’s been going on for months, and now the U.S. Department of Labor wants Verizon’s labor issues to come to an end.

UFCW/MCAW files Walmart-related complaint to NLRB

Walmart is in the news again regarding its labor practices.

NLRB upholds decision to pay wrongfully terminated janitors

The National Labor Relations Board upheld a previous decision requiring Eastern Essential Services to pay janitors for lost wages and benefits.

Election 2016: The next six months

Not since the 1964 election, when Democrat Lyndon Johnson defeated conservative Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater, has the difference between the candidates at the top of the national tickets of the two major parties been so stark.

Union to represent 35,000 Uber drivers in New York City, but with limits

Uber announced Tuesday that it has recognized the newly formed Independent Drivers Guild, which will represent 35,000 drivers in New York City.

Verizon workers continue work stoppage

Almost three weeks ago, 37,000 Verizon technicians and customer service representatives walked off the job, pushing for a better contract with their employer.

Security officers rally at Bryant Park for new contract

Security officers affiliated with 32BJ have had enough.

Wrong road to a cure

Last year, when Mayor de Blasio issued his proposal for the city’s budget, he expressed concern about a growing deficit that would adversely affect millions of New Yorkers and the city’s ability to provide essential services.

LIUNA Local 78 endorses Adriano Espaillat for Congress, TWU endorses Sanders for president

At a rally in Washington Heights this past Saturday, LIUNA Local 78 endorsed New York State Senator Adriano Espaillat for a seat in the 13th Congressional District.

CUNY’s faculty and staff announce strike authorization vote

The City University of New York’s faculty and staff have worked without a contract for five years and without a raise for six years.

State attorney general reaches deal with contractor over underpaid labor

A contractor who constructed affordable housing units, caught underpaying labor, has agreed to back payments and penalties.

New East New York housing will be more affordable

According to an analysis by District Council 37, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan for affordable housing in East New York means new apartments will be less expensive than apartments currently for rent in the neighborhood.

We celebrate historic minimum wage increase

Last week, the New York State Legislature reached a historic budget agreement that puts the state on a path to a $15 minimum wage. The legislation ensures that millions of low-paid, hard-working New Yorkers will receive much-needed wage increases.

Unions, activists praise minimum wage passing in several states

It has been nothing but victories for the Fight for $15 movement, recently.

Cuomo’s budget draws mostly cheers

For all of the criticism of the negotiating process, for all of the back and forth of the so-called dog and pony show, New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the legislators in Albany agreed to and signed off on ...