Union Matters


Walmart settles LGBT-discrimination lawsuit

Earlier this month, Walmart received a perfect 100 score on the Human Right Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. At the same time, the retail giant was settling an LGBT-discrimination lawsuit.

NYers look forward to minimum wage, but larger fight looms

Many New Yorkers were celebrating the increase in state minimum wage beginning Dec. 31, 2016, this week, but incoming President-elect Donald Trump might make their hard-fought victory moot.

Toward a better nation

We in 1199SEIU refer to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as our North Star. We constantly ask ourselves, what would Dr. King do?

NY/NJ airport workers win first union contracts

Four years of hard work has paid off for New York and New Jersey airport workers.

Vancouver-based hospital service and maintenance workers join AFT

The American Federation of Teachers took their work over the border when workers at a hospital in Vancouver voted to join them.

UFT opens new teacher center at Bronx school

A collaboration between the United Federation of Teachers, the New York State Education Department and the New York City Department of Education, bears fruit in the Bronx.

Union leaders stand up for Chuck Jones

United Steelworkers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones found fellow union leaders and members defending him after being publicly criticized by President-elect Donald Trump.

Columbia grad students officially vote to form union

In a landslide, Columbia research and teaching assistants voted 1,602 to 623 in favor of joining the Graduate Workers of Columbia-United Auto Workers Union. Columbia’s graduate workers are the first in the country to form their union after the National ...

Reduced transit fare would help get low-wage workers moving

Working people in New York City face yet another MTA fare hike next year—and this time it could go up to $3 per ride.

Activists to Obama: Use Constitution to pardon undocumented with low-level drug offenses

A group of clergy and immigrant justice advocates have called for President Barack Obama to pardon undocumented immigrants with nonviolent, low-level offenses.

Off-duty corrections officer shot and killed in Brooklyn

Corrections officers are mourning the death of one of their own after she was ambushed, shot and killed while sitting in her car in Brooklyn this Sunday.

‘Fair Workweek’ legislation is introduced in City Council

Because of the politics of the current president-elect, states and cities would have to lead the charge on workers’ rights.

The path ahead

One month after Election Day, many of us are still fighting through our shock and grief while trying to better understand the reasons for Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

32BJ endorses Bill de Blasio for re-election

Pundits on both sides of the aisle may have criticized his approach to governing the city, but a few unions are still backing Bill de Blasio for re-election.

Fight for $15 to strike Nov. 29

This Monday, members of the Fight for $15 announced a nationwide work stoppage Nov. 29. Workers around the country want to signal to the incoming Donald Trump administration that they’ll keep fighting for a living wage no matter who is ...