Union Matters


Labor leaders denounce GOP tax bill

Republicans in the House and the U.S. Senate passed sweeping, $1.5 billion tax legislation, the most significant tax reform in 30 years.

PSC-CUNY/CUNY deal restructures full-time faculty workload

A deal between the City University of New York and the union that represents CUNY’s faculty and staff would allow full-time faculty to restructure their time.

Union dues up for grabs in the Supreme Court

Labor has fought many battles this decade, but the fight in the highest court could be the biggest of them all.

No metal detectors in public schools—What’s your suggestion, Mr. Mayor?

Three students, three families ripped apart. One student is dead, one critically wounded and the other awaits trial.

Union leaders call Senate tax bill ‘robbery’

When the U.S. Senate passed their tax bill in the dead of night, it didn’t surprise anyone that labor leaders weighed in.

Courtlandt Corners workers strike in the Bronx

Workers at an affordable housing development in the Bronx went on strike after management threatened them with retaliation for organizing.

The great tax scam

Early Dec. 2, under the cover of darkness, the Republican-led Senate passed—strictly along party lines—a tax overhaul bill that could represent the greatest transfer of wealth in our history from working people and the poor to the nation’s biggest corporations ...

Skyhorse employees look to the NLRB to help unionize

Employees at an independently owned, Manhattan-based publisher have filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to request an election to vote for unionization.

CUNY’s faculty union tells trustees ‘ensure student success’ by offering faculty a better contract

In a letter to the City University of New York’s Board of Trustees, the head of CUNY’s faculty union said if they want the best education for its students they need to offer competitive wages to faculty.

Airport workers take to PANYNJ meeting to demand higher wages

New Jersey airport workers’ ongoing battle for increased wages continued at a recent meeting.

EMS unions claim discrimination, demand city hand over payroll records

“Ever since the EMS became part of the fire department in 1996, the bureau hasn’t been recognized as the uniform service it is,” said Yetta Kurland of The Kurland Group and attorney for Locals 2507 and 3621 to the AmNews.

Incoming New Jersey governor calls for $15 minimum wage

New Jersey will move toward a $15 minimum wage next year, Democratic Gov.-elect Phil Murphy pledged on Monday alongside fellow Democrats who control the Legislature.

Black IBEW Local 3 workers fighting job discrimination

William Hargraves III’s been an electrician for 37 years. As a member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 3, he’s seen it all on the job. But one thing has remained consistent: “The racist conditions that persist within our ...

Labor and activists celebrate pushback against constitutional convention

Last week, New York State voters roundly rejected a constitutional convention, fearing the deep pockets of big business influencing Albany more than ever.

No limit to Amazon’s greed

In September, Amazon announced it was looking for a city in North America to build its new headquarters in North America, and announced it was soliciting proposals from cities and regions throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Among Amazon’s announced ...