Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #188

There is no way to determine to the penny how much money Trump has in his campaign war chest, and this is an increasingly pressing issue as the Biden camp rakes in donations and outspends his opponent almost 10 to ...

The weathering of Black America

After Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, his autopsy report revealed that at the young age of 39, he had “the heart of a 60-year old.”

The aftermath

With the conclusion of both the Democratic and Republican conventions, there was one aspect of the RNC convention that truly stood out, and that was the diversity of the speaker.

Mourning those we’ve lost

It seems like 2020 just won’t stop. So many of us are still processing the death of Kobe Bryant at the beginning of the year and just last week, we lost Chadwick Boseman.

URBAN AGENDA: Economic Inequities Grow As COVID-19 Recession Takes Hold

The coronavirus crisis revealed deep fissures in New York City and across our society. COVID-19 showed that when we say inequity, it means something more than money or people struggling to get ahead.

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #187

With his rhetoric laced with venom and accelerant, Trump is on his way to tempest tossed Kenosha, a visit that the governor and mayor of the city have asked him to reconsider.

Back to school

There are so many parents who are exhausted. Students across the country have been home since March and many parents are at their wits’ end.

Teaching students during the politicizing of a pandemic

Teaching in the midst of a viral pandemic is one of the most stressful and arduous tasks an educator has ever had to attempt to do in the modern age of educating.

The real issue of hybrid and remote learning and the specter of living on the street

As families grapple with the stress of this year’s back-to-school season and worry about the well-being of their children in hybrid and remote learning setups

President Trump helps Middle East take another step for peace

History has been made. Israel and the United Arab Emirates have announced their intention to establish full diplomatic relations, which is really just another way of saying they are prepared to reach a peace agreement.

Black Riders Matter

The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) is the nation’s oldest and largest trade association of Black-owned newspapers and media companies.

Remembering the 1963 March on Washington

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, let us remember...

Kamala Harris makes history

Last week at the Democratic National Convention, California Senator Kamala Harris made history by accepting the Democratic nomination for the vice presidency of the United States.

What Trump and his convention must accomplish

This week is the launch of the Republican National Convention, and it’s a pivotal moment for President Trump and the Republican Party.

Where is Barron Trump?

Where in the world is the Tangerine Tyrant’s 14-year-old son Barron Trump—a sad, tragic, unloved Shakespearean character if there ever was one.