Seeing each other

“O would some power the gift to give us, to see ourselves as others see us,” are the immortal words of the great Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Police killings and brutality: causes and solutions

In light of the killings and brutality, the reactions of the police and even of some Black leaders, have been interesting and instructive.

All lives matter

We have a city in crisis. We have a nation in crisis. There is blood on the streets, and it runs both Black and Blue.

A City in Crisis: Let us talk and listen— so we can heal

Let’s take each other’s word for it and recognize that we never really understood the positions of those who have had different experiences and trust that when so many people feel the same way —various cities across this county, they ...

Police killings and brutality: Causes and solutions, part one

While the world observes the recent acts of police killings and brutality, and the exonerations of the policemen, it should be emphasized that there is nothing new about these events.

Fact-finding in Middle East

I don’t usually get so personal in these columns, but today I want you to know that I feel particularly blessed.

Black lives have always mattered

For nearly 20 years, I’ve been involved in the Civil Rights Movement and have organized protests around some of the most high-profile police brutality cases of the past two decades.

Love and marriage, horse and carriage

As the harness is placed around Ruby’s neck, she knows it is time to go to work.

Agitate, agitate, agitate

This was the command heard a century or more ago from the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass, and it continues to have resonance today among the tens of thousands taking to the streets.

Foreign and domestic policy—same difference

“History will judge us by our commitment to a just society governed by law and the willingness to face an ugly truth and say, ‘Never again.’”

Since Black life matters, then...

Since Black life matters, then ... fire Police Commissioner Bratton and rid this city of his broken windows theory.

‘Black lives matter’

Since Darren Wilson shot down Michael Brown, these words have been a rallying cry and a balm for our spirits.

'Black lives matter'

Since Darren Wilson shot down Michael Brown, these words have been a rallying cry and a balm for our spirits.

To Congress: Confirm Loretta Lynch

In the aftermath of the democratic defeat in the midterm election in 2014, President Barack Obama...

We have the power, let’s use it

They say a ham sandwich can be indicted, so why is it then that a police officer who shoots an unarmed Black teenager can get off without even having to go to trial?