COVID vaccines, the Black community, many questions

African Americans need to start asking serious questions about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Countdown to cleanup!

Trump, the commander-in-mischief, took his carnival act to Dalton, Georgia the other night with the planned purpose of aiding the Republican hopefuls in the runoff for the Senate. But, as it so often happens, the appearance was more about Trump ...

Preparation for 2021

It’s a new year and time to prepare as best we can for all of the surprises this world has to offer. I, for one, have quite a few deadlines in 2021 and I need to work consistently and patiently ...

Another stimulus—better late than never

According to a recent study by the Aspen Institute, up to 40 million Americans faced eviction towards the end of this year, no doubt secondary to the financial impact of COVID-19.

More turmoil from Trump

More turmoil from Trump

Trump’s Road to Ruin

It is a rare occasion when we agree with the New York Post, but Monday’s editorial, a front page zinger that demanded Trump “Stop the insanity,” was spot on with us, and hopefully with a number of his supporters

Medical breakthroughs and a prognosis for a better year

“Although we’ve come to the end of the road” are popular lyrics from a song by Boyz II Men. This refrain is squarely tied to the current president.

Sen. Brian Benjamin we want Elder Parole consideration

As a lifelong resident of Harlem, I have seen a lot change over the years. Where we used to have uptown and downtown, now people talk about SoHo and NoHo, and there are new storefronts and buildings on every block ...

Happy New Year

We are in our last day of one of the most trying years of our lives…and we survived! No matter the circumstance, we actually thrived.

How the pandemic brought us opportunity for health, wealth and happiness

It is often said that health is wealth, and at no time in our lives has this truism proven more correct than during the COVID-19 pandemic and the U.S. political upheaval.

Happy Holidays

I am wishing happy holidays to you and yours. This holiday season may feel a bit different from previous years.

URBAN AGENDA: Black America Poised to Cash President-Elect Biden’s I.O.U.

There is an I.O.U. in Black America’s pocket as President-Elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. steps into the Oval Office.

Permanently out to pasture

Trump often derided now President-elect Biden as “Sleepy Joe.” Well, how about “Silent Don” for Trump, who only after Attorney General Barr rejected his plea to change the election results did he temporarily set aside his sulking to respond.

Why Black people cannot trust the Pfizer vaccine

For reasons well beyond Tuskegee, Black people are rightly suspicious of the COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out in “warp speed.”

A Better and Brighter Day is on its way

Like most Americans, I am deeply concerned about the coronavirus and its devastating impact, particularly on the poor and on communities of color.