European terror carnage is a warning to America

As we have seen from recent events in Paris, Brussels and all across the world, terrorism is not an obscure phenomenon that only affects the Middle East.

I’m with Hillary

Civil rights attorney and former president of the Center for Social Inclusion Maya Wiley explains why she's supporting Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Mayor Bill de Blasio insult Black voters

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Mayor Bill de Blasio have taken the disrespect up another level.

The reasons behind President Obama’s visit to Cuba and potential visit to Haiti

Now that the euphoria surrounding President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba has subsided, the question was raised, Why did Obama really go to Cuba?

Bernie, we just don’t know you

So many people are out on the streets debating who should be the nominee for the Democratic Party for president.

Nixon and the War on Drugs

So it has finally been confirmed. Black people are not crazy, or left-wing conspiracy theorists or hypercondriacs.

Dear Judge Chun, we want justice for Akai Gurley

Organizers for Justice for Akai Gurley have a message for Judge Danny Chun.

For prisoners, ‘A landline is a lifeline!’

There is rarely any good news for inmates caught in the grip of the prison industrial complex.

Jackie Robinson’s limited legacy

Every April 15, baseball rightly celebrates Jackie Robinson’s debut as the first African-American major leaguer.

Democrats are wasting their time trying to convince voters Trump is bad for them

The Democrats and their supporters have been in denial for quite some time now. They believe that merely shining a light on Donald Trump’s imperfections will cause him to be diminished in the eyes of his supporters.

Urban Agenda: Our Social Service Nonprofits Living on the Edge

New York City’s nonprofits are in danger.

We celebrate historic minimum wage increase

Last week, the New York State Legislature reached a historic budget agreement that puts the state on a path to a $15 minimum wage. The legislation ensures that millions of low-paid, hard-working New Yorkers will receive much-needed wage increases.

Increased mobile phone use by Blacks fuels new economic justice controversy

It is a rare conversation in Black America. Phrases like “sponsored data” and “zero rated programs” and “free data” are simply not bread and butter issues like the more familiar “quality education”, “criminal justice”, and “health care”, among others.

Black Girl Movement: A National Conference, April 7-9, 2016

The Black Girl Movement: A National Conference will convene at Columbia University.

If Black lives matter, Hillary and Bernie should commit to clemency

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have rooted their appeal to Black voters on promises to address the over-incarceration of federal narcotics prisoners.