Peace Walk: A step in the right direction

It’s always good to learn that our editorial voice is in sync with progressive developments in our community, and that congruity is certainly evident this week when you read the op-ed by John Burnett.

What New Yorkers can learn from California: Bags and baths

I recently visited Los Angeles, and each time I touch down and see the Pacific Ocean, I always feel like I am cheating on New York City just a bit.

Cops and Kids Day

As we approach the midpoint of the year, New York City residents are eager for a summer filled with outdoor activities, street fairs and community-based events throughout the five boroughs.

South Dakota voter fraud prosecution out of control

Former South Dakota U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth’s trial started Tuesday.

Urban Agenda: As Albany dithers, working moms suffer

A string of public corruption investigations and convictions have sullied an already dubious image of state politics this legislative session. As a result, a disgruntled electorate has low expectations that anything good can come out of Albany.

Investing in American competitiveness

I am devastated by the recent Amtrak crash outside of Philadelphia. Such loss of life and injury to people just going about their routine hit close to home for me because that is my weekly route from Washington, D.C., back ...

The enduring crisis of public housing

Some of us old enough to remember when public housing, a brand-spanking-new, two-bedroom residence in the projects, was considered “upward mobility” not only are nostalgic about the past but also sympathize with those currently in desperate straits for decent housing.

We need better transportation infrastructure

I ride the subway almost every day of the year. The people’s taxi is one of the most efficient means of transportation available and it is also “green.”

Dismantle, not reinforce school-to-prison pipeline in our New York City schools

Schools should be places where children are treated as students and given the tools to learn, but too often, our school discipline system treats them as criminals instead.

Falling short of greatness

When African-Americans marched on Washington to hear the historic “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King, they were pressing for a society that looked very much like that in which they already lived—a society built on freedom, a ...

Keep it current

As the weather finally begins to change, I am inspired by the phrase “Keep it current.” It may seem like a simple or even abstract phrase to some, but it is quickly becoming a guiding principle for me in all ...

Michelle Obama tells the truth at Tuskegee’s graduation

The reality of being Black in America is not understood by white people, and many prefer to treat us as if we don’t exist or will eventually disappear.

Reconstructing the Black family

For a select few in the know, the election and re-election of President Barack Obama and the passage of his signature Affordable Care Act mark not the pinnacle (as is widely assumed) but rather the end of a golden era ...

The murdering of Black men!

Black men know why we are murdered. We talk about it.

E pluribus racism

If we need any further evidence that we are years if not decades away from a post-racial society—and that point has been made repeatedly with the rash of fatal assaults on unarmed Black men by white police officers—check the recent ...