GOP trounces Democrats in 2014 midterm elections: Where is the golden sky?

“It was a blood bath,” said one political pundit. “It was a shellacking,” said another, quoting President Barack Obama’s assessment of the Democrat’s victory over the GOP in the 2012 election.

Thy medicine is thy food

In today’s society, everyone seems to be aware that a healthy diet is key to maintaining good health, whether we choose practicing it in our lives or not. But a connection that seems more difficult for people to make is ...

The Cablevision ship of fools

Since the overwhelmingly Black workforce in Brooklyn chose to become the first workers in the company to join a union nearly three years ago, Cablevision has refused to offer them a fair contract, has run an aggressive, illegal anti-union campaign ...

Black America at a crossroad

Marijuana, Workfare, Detroit, Low Voter Turnout, Ferguson

Open letter to Mayor de Blasio: Plan to succeed

New York City is not alone in facing a crisis in education.

Faster alone, farther together: Individuals, families and economic resilience

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s recent speech at a conference on income inequality sponsored by Credit Suisse ruffled a lot of feathers, on both the right and the left of the political spectrum.

Excellent education basics No. 1: How do children learn?

Education occurs in the context of a relationship between teachers and children in a supportive and welcoming learning environment.

The nation is red, but we ain’t dead!

The GOP tidal wave has painted the nation an obdurate red, with Republicans grabbing control of the Senate and gaining control of Congress because they also increased their numbers in the House.

New York Amsterdam News Endorsements for 2014 Midterm Elections

The New York Amsterdam News endorses the following candidates for the 2014 Midterm Elections

Vote for working families

When you go to the polls next week, you hold the power to make changes on the ballot.

Vote November 4th, your life may depend on it

With just a few days left before New Yorkers and the rest of the country go to the polls for the midterm elections, we at the Amsterdam News want you to pause.

Which side are they on?

Safe, welcoming, collaborative neighborhood public schools that have multiple pathways for student engagement—from pre-K to career and technical education.

Casino license will be a true test for New York on its MWBE commitment

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has shown a strong commitment to the idea of strengthening MWBEs in New York, but the true test will be whether the governor’s gaming commission awards one of the four casino licenses to the only MWBE proposal.

Wise investment to protect human services

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced that his agencies would hold spending at current levels despite a record budget surplus.

Barack W. Obama

This must be a difficult time for liberals, Democrats and all other flavors of Obama followers.