Make America Great Again: Trump Must Go! #106

Once again Trump has demonstrated his profound ignorance of history or his lack of sensitivity while insulting Sen. Elizabeth Warren. In a tweet last Saturday, he taunted Warren again, as he has done on numerous occasions, by referring to her ...

A New Year’s Resolution for Children in New York: School Improvement

New Year’s resolutions are underway across the state of New York, and I’m one of those who is trying hard to keep the promises I made to myself.

Why the New York City Council proposal to ban menthol cigarettes is wrong

I dedicated 34 years of my life to public safety, enforcing the laws that our legislators placed before me. That’s what cops do, and we trust that those laws are well thought out, studied and based upon sound data and ...

The State of the Black Union

During the month of February in America we celebrate Black History Month. As we celebrate the achievements of Blacks in the making of this great country, I can’t help but think about the state of the Black community in 2019.

So many Democratic candidates

It seems like each week someone new announces they are running for the presidency in 2020. In the upcoming weeks and months, it is likely that we will see even more members of Congress, governors and businessmen jump in the ...

The Democrat nomination is up for grabs

Along with the 2019 new year came the predictable onset of the 2020 presidential election cycle.

Want to make America great again? Start by showing respect to Native Americans

I am aware of the numerous tribal wars that occurred for thousands of years before European settlers arrived in the “New World.”

It is not progressive for the state legislature to exclude Black and Brown workers from legislative initiatives

There are important discussions taking place in the state legislature about the future of New York City’s construction industry and especially its workers.

URBAN AGENDA: An Opportunity to Repair Harms Caused by Two-Tiered Criminal-Legal System

When the 2019 legislative session began, many New Yorkers were excited to hear Gov. Cuomo include the much-anticipated legalization of adult-use cannabis in his budget priorities.

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #105

For every Trump tweet, for every fabrication and stupid conclusion he reaches, there’s a commentator or critic who can hang him on his own petard.

The Trayvon Martin travesty and going forward

The Trayvon Martin killing demands that we raise the right questions. It was not simply the “Stand Your Ground” law that was responsible for Martin’s death and Zimmerman’s acquittal.

For Black Children, Attending School Is an Act of Racial Justice

As a seemingly twisted way to ring in 2019, the Trump administration has sent a loud and clear message that it’s okay for educators and school leaders to keep Black children out of school buildings and exclude them from opportunities ...

Islamophobia is still alive and well in America

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Debbie Almontaser, who is a leading scholar on education and Islam.

Dubai: Where morality and modernity coexist

When I arrived in Dubai two week ago as the guest of billionaire business mogul Khalaf Al Habtoor, I expected to witness the opulence and luxury for which the United Arab Emirates have become renowned.

American imperialism, not socialism is the root cause of the economic and political crisis in Venezuela

In 1998, Hugo Chavez was democratically elected president of Venezuela by an overwhelming majority of the Venezuelan people.