Debt relief looming for our students

Millions of current and former students will be able to breath a sigh of relief over the repayment of their student loans. Those hamstrung by oppressive student loans will be ecstatic to learn that President Barack Obama has finally lived ...

We must stop burying our babies

In the early 1970s, I went to a small Montessori program on Avenue D in the middle of the Lillian Wald housing project. I remember being all of 3-and-half years old and marching with my classmates in our graduation ceremony ...

President Obama and climate change

This week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a new proposed policy to cut carbon pollution from America’s power plants. As we enter the summer months, now is the time to think about climate change and clean energy.

NYCHA camera request

First came the news that is every parent’s worst nightmare. Two children had been brutally attacked by a knife-wielding man on Sunday at the New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) Boulevard Houses in East New York, claiming the life of ...

A helping hand for senior citizens

At last there’s some good news from Albany. Recently, the Senate Health Committee narrowly passed a medical marijuana bill that will allow 20 licensed manufacturers to grow marijuana that can be dispensed to people over the age of 21 who ...

Amiri Baraka’s son becomes mayor of Newark by earning it: An election analysis

Ras Baraka, one of the sons of the late poet and playwright Amiri Baraka, handily beat rival Shavar Jeffries to become the next mayor of his father’s city, Newark, N.J. How he did it was no mystery to those paying ...

Amsterdam News endorsements for Congressional primary

Every two years, congressional candidates make their rounds to editorial boards across the city to ask for the papers’ endorsements.

Segregation, housing and education

It was recently nationally reported that “New York schools (public and charter) suffer from worse racial segregation than in any other U.S. state.” Throughout New York City schools, all classes get dismal marks for diversity. It was surprising to many ...

New responsibilities come with the age of ownership

Donald Sterling’s publicly disclosed comments depict an anachronistic view of race relations in this country.

Corporate charter school hijackers destroying public education

New York City has become a hotbed for education reformers making promises to ready Black and Brown children for college and their careers, even as young as kindergarten.

They buried the lede

The “Gray Lady,” aka the New York Times, has had a storied past. She has stood at the center of controversies and victories and now is at the center of a historic milestone, but under the ouster of its former ...

Welcome to the jungle: Fetishizing darkness

On April 23, Lupita Nyong’o was named the “Most Beautiful Person” in People magazine

Kidnappings in Nigeria

Human trafficking continues to be a major issue not only in Africa, but in the rest of the world as well.

We have the right to know what is in our food

We, as New Yorkers, are a step closer to achieving our right to know what is in all of the food that we eat. Recently, the New York state Assembly’s Consumer Affairs and Protection Committee endorsed a measure that would ...

Mayor Baraka: A city to hold up and a legacy to uphold

With Ras Baraka’s mayoral victory in Newark, N.J., yesterday, the family secures unprecedented electoral authority.