Obama travels to Jamaica, Panama to improve relations

The tension among the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean countries has not really changed for 100 years.

Violence in blue

Are the incidents of the police caught on camera committing one brutal, atrocious act after another aberrations or are they merely a small sample of even more occurrences that are never recorded? We like to believe it’s the former.

Why don’t Black lives matter?

Why don’t Black lives matter? Is it because according to the Constitution we are still just three-fifths of a person? Is it because our communities seem poorer than others? Or is it because when we dress in a hoodie, we ...

Not good enough: How New York is failing minority businesses

For decades, minority-owned firms have been trying to do business with New York City and New York state governments. And for decades, they’ve been told that, for varying reasons, they’re “just not good enough” to compete.

Obama’s dangerous wordplay

As if the Islamic Republic of Iran’s determined pursuit of nuclear weapons were not enough, President Barack Obama’s recent interview should prove to everyone just how dangerous the framework agreement announced in Lausanne April 2 really is.

Writing letters must not be a dying art

All of these modes of communication are necessary and helpful in our quest to stay involved and connected. However, I am proposing the slower way to stay connected.

Convertible justice: The inequitable currency of human life

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the abduction of 276 girls from a Nigerian school and the three-month anniversary of the slaughter of 2,000 people in Baga, how can we explain the lack of international response to the expansion ...

Is this better?

Increasing the number of people graduating from high school and seeking higher education is particularly important in our inner cities, where public high school graduation rates are often less than 70 percent.

Test taking and money making

I voted no for the so-called education reforms portion of the $141.6 billion New York budget for two reasons.

Time to reap some reparations!

There are times when the editorials in the major dailies take positions on subjects that we applaud.

Obama’s doctrine and legacy

If President Barack Obama’s intention is to forge a legacy, one mainly based on his foreign policy, he has made several decisive steps toward that goal.

We urge lawmakers to reject Cuomo’s education agenda

Last week, a group of clergy endorsed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s education agenda, which includes use of more high-stakes standardized tests for students to evaluate teachers, a state takeover of struggling public schools and the pulling back of funds from public ...

States’ rights return

What do Florida, Alabama, Texas, Indiana, Mississippi and Arizona have in common? There are two, almost three things that they share in opposition to the Obama administration and the federal government.

Be careful how loudly you cheer on Mo’ne Davis’ olive branch

We’ve spent the last several months reminding women of how much they matter--let’s be careful not to train young girls that they matter most when showing the world how much abuse they can take and still hold their heads up ...

Does increased wealth lead to a declining sense of abundance?

Author Armstrong Williams discusses why wealth doesn't exactly equal abundance.