Our health is in danger

Our health is in danger.

Fact or fiction—The media

“Fake news” or honest reporting?

Health care repeal turns back the clock to a time of no rights

The health care repeal that Republicans are pushing through Congress is a direct attack on the lives of Black people throughout the country.

Media illiteracy on purpose

There once was a time when most educated people, of a certain age, made it a point to watch the evening news, read the daily newspaper or, as technology advanced, read publications online.

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #24

Transparency, like the truth, is an alien word in the vocabulary of the Trump family, a point given fresh currency with Trump Jr.’s rush to publish his Russian-related emails in advance of media disclosure.

URBAN AGENDA: The Next Stop for Poor Subway Riders Should Not Be Rikers

By recently announcing that his office would no longer criminally prosecute most cases of turnstile jumping, Manhattan’s District Attorney Cyrus Vance acknowledged that laws can be enforced without sending people to Rikers Island or putting immigrants at risk of deportation.

Fifty years after the riots that shook America, has anything changed?

On the hot summer night on of July 12, 1967, two white policemen in Newark, New Jersey, arrested an African-American cabdriver named John Smith for "tailgating" and driving in the wrong direction. The police also accused Smith of physical assault ...

New health care bill the wrong choice for African-Americans

Baltimore, Md.—In 1954, Thurgood Marshall and a team of NAACP attorneys argued the landmark civil rights case, Brown v. Board of Education, before the Supreme Court.

American culture scores touchdown in Jerusalem

America’s export of football into Israel received an incredible boost this week after New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and an awe-inspiring group of NFL greats visited Israel to inaugurate a new sports complex in Jerusalem called the Kraft Family ...

Republicans are winning and Democrats have no plan or platform

Democrats can never win in America without the Black vote and a progressive platform.

Make American Great Again—Trump Must Go! #23

As our families gather to celebrate, commemorate or commiserate on the Fourth of July, there is much about President Donald Trump and his administration that is reminiscent of the times when members of Congress assembled in 1776 and signed the ...

Caribbean Heritage Month and its importance to African-American History

Life Needs the Caribbean! So read the tagline of a full-length commercial that ran in frequent rotation on national network television a couple of years ago.

Attack near mosque shows terrorism in all forms must be condemned

A few weeks ago, Americans were awakened to news of yet another terrorist strike in London, the British capital.

Considering the current state of play

Last week we dealt with the news that once again an African-American man was killed by the actions of the police and will not receive any justice.

Cuomo denounces Senate health care bill cuts to Medicaid funding used to combat opioid epidemic

With the vote for the Senate bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act scheduled for this week, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo denounced the bill for cutting Medicaid funding used to combat the opioid epidemic.