MTA, take a hike

When a fare hike by the MTA went into effect Sunday, the moans from straphangers, particularly those who have been struggling even to pay $2.50 per ride, were louder than the brakes of an A train coming to a halt—that ...

The savage inequality of education must end

The current education debate in Albany has been elevated because of the need to pass a New York state budget by March 31.

Teen violence: Who’s to blame?

I returned from “Bloody Sunday” weekend in Selma, Ala., with my mind filled with images and words of men and women of superlative courage, ingenuity and commitment, and who made the ultimate sacrifice, only to be met with news of ...

The poverty of identity politics

Imagine if the current president were a Republican, and if during the second half of his second term, after having been elected both times with record turnout by Blacks, the Black unemployment rate remained stagnant at 11 percent while the ...

No more excuses, confirm Loretta Lynch

Several days after impressing a Senate panel, Loretta Lynch appeared to be a shoo-in to succeed Eric Holder Jr. as U.S. attorney general. But leave it to the mischievous, mean-spirited Republicans to rain on her parade. At least, we hope, ...

When it comes to Iran and Israel, Obama is way off target

The unelected mullahs in Iran must be having a hearty laugh this week, enjoying the spectacle of the Obama administration falling over itself to drive a wedge between America and Israel, our vital Middle East ally.

As social media increases our youth’s penchant for violence, we must combat the root cause

Brooklyn Council Member Jumaane Williams shares his thoughts on the fight at a Flatbush McDonalds that went viral

The savage Brooklyn beating: preventing the do-nothing bystander culture

The Bully Proof Diva Traciana Graves shares here thoughts on the McDonalds beating

Netanyahu’s speech undermines President Obama’s authority

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress. He was greeted with thunderous applause, which lasted nearly his entire speech

Rebuking Obama

There is nothing new about partisan politics in our so-called democracy, but sometimes the “demo” gets absolutely “cracy,” and with a Black man in the White House, the GOP has made the political divide even wider.

So much has changed, or has it?

When we look at the images of President Barack Obama crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge with his family, along with Rep. John Lewis and Amelia Boynton Robinson, who were both beaten on Bloody Sunday, and those thousands of others this ...

Bully-Proof Diva: 8 things parents don’t know, need to know and should want to know about their children and bullying

Parents today have tons of things to deal with and sometimes it feels like more than any other time before.

Leave New York City to love it

New York City can be an exhausting place. The constant movement, the noise pollution, the actual pollution and the roughly 9 million people who all seem to be riding the subway at the same time as I am can weaken ...

Move quickly from thought to action

Reduce the time that elapses between thought and action. More importantly, strive to have the time lapse approach zero. Your mantra will soon become “More Done!”

Keep your eye on the goal, not on the prize

In lieu of the United State Justice Department’s decision in reference to the killing of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, along with listening to Minster Louis Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day 2015 keynote address, titled “The Intensifying Universal Cry for Justice,” I ...