Black families can bridge the wealth gap by owning a home

From predatory lending and foreclosures to wealth stripping and income inequality, the national wealth gap is relevant and ongoing.

Farewell, Mr. President, and still we rise!

As Barack Obama, the nation’s first African-American president, leaves office, he made it abundantly clear in his farewell address that he was optimistic about the future and his commitment to progress.

Toward a better nation

We in 1199SEIU refer to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as our North Star. We constantly ask ourselves, what would Dr. King do?

Technology and the student with special needs

This article was inspired by my work with children on the autism spectrum, specifically African- American children.

Without a decent place to live, you won’t be prepared to thrive in the workplace

The great challenge of our nation is to ignite the hope of upward mobility and the realization of one’s personal potential. Housing opportunities are at the core of how we meet this challenge.

We shall not be moved!

This King Day weekend we are summoned, by divine mandate and history and to breathe new life into the movement embodied in the life and by the death of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Mr. Mayor, make good on your promise!

For far too many New Yorkers who are trying to make ends meet, it’s a vicious circle that always comes up short.

A fascist forecast

Simply defined, fascism is “a system of government characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control, belligerent nationalism, racism and militarism.”

2016—Year in review

Is it still 2016? This year really seems like the year that never ends.

Letter in support of Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s clemency petition

We are writing to urge you to commute the sentence of Dr. Mutulu Shakur. He has served more than 30 years in prison for his conviction arising from his participation in the social justice movement of the past century. He ...

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017

The year 2016 was supposed to be one that brought about great change to America. It was supposed to be President Obama’s crowning glory, capping off what we must say was a successful eight years in office, despite the continuous ...

Let’s be woke and awake

I am not sure how many people reading this column are still reeling about the recent presidential election.

Trump’s thank you tour a sign of his ego and more to come

As the billionaire and millionaire club continues to grow, everyone is fighting for their piece of the pie.

The CIA is not wrong about Russia but Putin should not underestimate Trump

One of the main reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election had to do with perceived (and actual) security breaches with regards to her private email communications and the hacking of the Democratic Party.

Fighting Trump with local power politics

Hey Black leaders, don’t join the Donald Trump Black gravy train line, trying to secure funding for yourself and your pet programs.