Justices, ranchers and Clippers, oh my!

The last week has seen the racist underpinnings of the United States bubble up from the necrotic abyss like lava that explodes during a volcanic eruption.

Commissioner Silver: A slam dunk!

Former NBA great Elgin Baylor got it exactly right when he charged that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling viewed his team as a “vision of a Southern plantation-type structure.”

The NBA plantation

Charles Barron will be joined by former NFL star Walter Beach of the Cleveland Browns in a presentation entitled “Jump Ball: Blacks Rising Up to Fight for Power, Ownership and Self-Determination in Sports” on Thursday, May 1.

Dangerous consequences will ensue if Fannie and Freddie dissolve

The financial crisis hit hard throughout the country, but here in New York we are continuing to feel the damage in a profound and personal way.

Gun violence and our collective responsibility

The weather is getting warmer in New York City, to what should be the delight of everyone.

Sounding the alarm about school doors

I am generally a cheerleader for New York City’s public schools, having attended them and sent all six of my children to them as well.

Race matters

Given the philosophy and political outlook of our Supreme Court—and we say “our” with some reservations, particularly in view of the more recent rulings—Black Americans should not be surprised that they have once again let us know where they stand ...

Covering up a lynching—the ugly case of Alfred Wright

Is mainstream media a part of the cover-up of the Alfred Wright lynching case?

An open letter to the editors of the Daily News and the New York Post

I stared for a long time at the two front-page stories, with hideous pictures and all, in two New York tabloids—the Daily News and the New York Post.

Goodbye, I spy

Since 9/11, the NYPD, as part of its anti-terrorism operation, has been aggressively spying on the Muslim community. Even Muslims at prayer in their mosques could not be assured they weren’t under heavy scrutiny by undercover cops hoping to get ...

There is a global education crisis

As a newly appointed global youth ambassador for A World at School, I want to call attention to the 57 million children around the world who are currently being denied their human right to an education.

Rehashing the insignificant

Why is it that any time an African-American of note reaches new heights or has a significant event, skeletons that have been raised before seem to come back from the dead for a second or third round?

King would support New York airport service workers

Forty-six years ago, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tenn.

The anti-gay dogma that is enveloping Africa

It was striking when the president of this country, a woman who has been the center of international prominence and the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize, defended a law that criminalizes same-sex activity.

Is Kenya’s princess camera ready for mainstream America?

Long before Steven McQueen unveiled Lupita Nyong’o in high definition, I yearned for her. Self-affirming visual representations of all our children engaging the world would help build their confidence to stake their piece of it. It is unfortunate that we ...