The reality of a dream becoming a nightmare

Sometimes when you hear of someone being deported back to the Caribbean, your first impression is that this individual is a criminal, and when I lived in the Caribbean that was always my belief. If you were deported from the ...

Supporting Black business builds Black Power in 2017

With President Trump leading America, Black Americans must depend on each other to support and maintain their current standard of living.

Not everything is as it seems

“Not everything is as it seems.” Those were the words spoken by the venerable karate master Mr. Miyagi to his student Daniel, when Daniel complained that painting Miyagi’s property was not teaching him self-defense.

Make American Great Again—Trump Must Go! #10

As many of our readers know, for the past 10 issues of the paper we’ve been posting editorials on the front page, demanding that Trump Must Go!

URBAN AGENDA - Deception through Insinuation: Image Is Not Enough

Optics matter, appearances are important and all presidents and politicians use them to enhance their message.

Generation Citizen: Building a new generation of leaders

I was just lamenting the fact that young people do not know enough about the various levels of government, and then I discovered Generation Citizen.

The fragile masculinity of white male terrorism

This past week, news reports revealed that U.S. Army veteran and alleged white supremacist, James Harris Jackson, boarded a coach bus traveling from Maryland to New York City with the intention to commit murder.

A jurist for all seasons

The United States Supreme Court is the crown jewel of our Constitution.

Campaign to end racial profiling

Unless you have been living under a rock, we’ve all heard the expression, “Driving while Black.” Deborah Jacobs, in her capacity as executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, once said, “We want to send a ...

Make American Great Again—Trump Must Go! #9

Having hit a wall not in his planning, our would-be dictator-in-residence Donald Trump is now seeking to do away with climate change, which he once said didn’t exist.

Together Republicans and Democrats debunk President Trump’s wiretapping claims

Alternative facts are not working for the Trump administration, but they continue to use them.

Israeli tech innovations are bettering humanity

Israel, America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, has emerged as a global trailblazer in innovative technology driving us all into a safer future.

Make America Great Again

One of the many problems that is causing so much devastation in our inner cities and urban communities is the lack of jobs.

We all need each other

In the fall of 2016, the Walter Stafford Project, at New York University, had a symposium on Race and Inequality in New York City.

URBAN AGENDA: Up Is Down: What Trump’s Fabulist Budget Really Means

Lying — like it or not — is a part of everyday life. Most of us bend the truth every now and then, with even the most honest person telling the occasional fib to avoid hurting someone else's feelings.