Seize the time!

The co-founder and chairman of the Black Panther Party, Bobby Seale, wrote a book in the ’60s titled “Seize the Time!” That saying is most appropriate for the time that we are living in now.

McCain’s valiant stand

With a last-ditch gimmick to get a “quick win” on repealing and replacing Obamacare before the summer recess in the balance, Sen. John McCain stood before his Senate colleagues last week to deliver a classic speech on bipartisanship and parliamentary ...

The president has no business telling police to ‘rough up’ suspects

In my 14 years of law enforcement service, I would be lying if I said I never wanted to hit a suspect’s head on the side of the car.

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #27

If it were not for President Trump’s comment instructing the police not to be “too nice” when taking suspects into custody, the hot item this week would be Trump helping his son draft a misleading statement about his involvement with ...

I won’t let New Yorkers get taken for a ride

The residents of Harlem have every right to be furious about the state of the subways. This crisis needs immediate attention. As mayor, I am doing all I can to help the MTA (which runs the subways) and the State ...

Why do they keep knocking on our doors?

They come to our neighborhoods in vans and in cars.

Homelessness is not just about shelter

I believe the number of homeless veterans is approximately 30,000. An important point to make is homelessness is not just about shelter.

Leadership by example

At a crucial juncture in the fight for civil rights, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. warned President John F. Kennedy not to “accommodate injustice to maintain political balance.” Today, few politicians are willing to speak out against the injustice in ...

Hand in hand, MTA and union going the wrong way!

Instead of focusing on how to go to bat for the governor, Local 100 leadership should be focusing on its own members and on the riders and taxpayers who foot all the bills.

Make American Great Again—Trump Must Go! #26

President Trump is obsessed with two Democrats: Hillary Clinton, who he defeated in the last election, though he doesn’t seem completely convinced, and his predecessor in the Oval Office, Barack Obama.

URABN AGENDA: Donald Trump and America’s Double-standard

It’s sad that that every time President Donald Trump does or says something outrageous or thoughtless, Republicans offer the excuse that he is new and doesn’t know what is required or expected of a president.

Rose should stay in the Garden

I am writing this letter, supporting point guard Derrick Rose continuing to play in the Garden.

Social media destroying intellect and work ethic

Retweet. Comment. Like. Snap. Direct message. Twitter. Facebook. Snapchat. Instagram. The world has certainly changed over the past 10 years, and social media has played a massive role in the transformation.

Does the law work differently for the Trump administration?

As a Black man who has no formal education and training in the field of law, I understand that America operates by the rule of law.

Original sin: The meaning of treason

Whispers of treason have become bold accusations as the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election turns from simmer to boil.