Save the West Indian Day Parade

Each Labor Day weekend, thousands of New Yorkers gather to celebrate “One Caribbean, One People, One Voice.”

No housing and job discrimination against New Yorkers with criminal convictions

For too many formerly incarcerated men and women, their criminal past condemns them to a dismal future.

Seeking the missing American worker

One of the striking facets of the economic downturn that started in 2008 and the “recovery” that has continued until today is the unprecedented slack in the American labor force.

Justice or else

As the summer months have passed and the winds of fall are upon us, we are 16 days away from the 20th anniversary of the historic Million Man March.

Don’t blame J’ouvert

Predicting where the next barrage of bullets will occur in New York City or the nation is impossible.

A fire department that reflects the city it serves

More than 40 years ago the Vulcan and Hispanic Societies filed a lawsuit against the New York City Civil Service Commission charging that the New York City Fire Department’s (FDNY) hiring practices were discriminatory.

Time to unite on Iran

Fourteen years ago, a terrible thing happened to our country, to our city, when terrorists attacked us on Sept. 11.

The wrong Dr. Ben

The narrative of Dr. Ben Carson’s life is compelling.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month together

Hispanic Heritage Month is an important annual event, one that allows a diverse group of people of similar culture, language and ethnicity to come together and celebrate our shared success as we strive for an even greater future.

Congress must oppose the dangerous Iran deal

As Congress inches closer to voting on the Iranian nuclear deal—an historic mistake that will bless the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism as it becomes a nuclear threshold state—Americans should be terrified.

We should be paying attention to the immigration debates in Europe

By now you may have heard about the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are flooding the shores of Europe and forcing several nations to confront their own ideas and definitions of democracy, equality and fairness.

9/11 changed the world as we know it

Amsterdam News editor Nayaba Arinde reflect on 9/11

Building stronger school communities

"As chancellor, I love talking to our students and parents at community meetings, forums, town halls and even in the grocery store..."

William sisters win on court despite elitism, racism

Right on, Serena Williams!

Black lives still precious

When we subscribe to the idea that “Black Lives Matter,” it’s something we state without pause or reservation.