A litany of lies

With each passing day, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and his surrogate, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, are neck and neck in who can best the other in their feast of falsehoods. That is, who tell the most outrageous lies, who ...

Bratton leaves but his legacy lingers on

Two surprising but related announcements recently rocked the metropolitan area. The first was the news that Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was leaving his post after a two-year tenure at the end of the month.

Voting ID laws struck down

With the presidential election cycle experiencing unprecedented chaos, it was good news last week for African-American voters when the U.S. Appeals Court struck down a North Carolina law that required a photo identification when casting ballots.

This is what America looks like

Not only did a rainbow of diversity occupy the floor of the convention center in Philadelphia, a parade of people of color marched across the stage during the first two days of the Democratic National Convention. “This is what America ...

‘Is this war? I don’t believe so and I certainly hope not’

American communities and police departments are contending with truly horrific events, including the questionable and, in some cases utterly unjustifiable, deaths of Black men at the hands of police, and the deaths of police at hands of disturbed assailants who ...

What’s going on?

Tuesday night I had the distinct pleasure to attend a preview performance of the Broadway revival of “Motown: The Musical.”

Away with all pests!

Rudy Giuliani is back! His racist blather is being spewed on an endless round of television shows, many of which are allowing him ample time to add vitriol to a time of tragedy in need of calm and thoughtful ideas.

Beyond the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July has come and gone. Shards of fireworks have been swept away, the smell of cordite lingers in the air and there remains a few booms echoing in the distance. We can let Frederick Douglass rest again ...

They never thought it could happen, but it did

The United Kingdom is currently reeling from what the Brits are calling Brexit, or the vote to leave the European Union.

Abrogation of the Fourth Amendment

It was rumored this week that Justice Clarence Thomas was considering retiring from the Supreme Court. That widely circulated report was quashed by his wife...

Amsterdam News Congressional Endorsements

The Amsterdam News' endorsements for the congressional election.

Smack is back!

Now that white men between the ages of 18 and 44 top the number of addicts in the nation dying of overdoses of heroin, or smack, lawmakers, law enforcement officers, the medical profession and civic leaders are taking notice.

Our right to know

It is ironic that many New Yorkers are not aware of the Right to Know Act, the legislative package that aims to protect them while promoting communication, transparency and accountability between them and the New York Police Department.

Even children fear Trump

AmNews Publisher and Editor in Chief Elinor Tatum shares how children view Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Uphold the fallen warriors

It has been immensely encouraging to see the number of young people who have flocked to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign. We are also pleased to witness the impact of Black Lives Matter on a plethora of social and political issues.