Speed up NYC Safe

The urgency of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “NYC Safe” plan came into sharp relief the other day when a relative of actor Morgan Freeman was stabbed to death.

Obama’s Attempts to Close Digital Divide Jeopardized by Legal Dispute Ruling by International Trade Commission is pending

President Obama made an important announcement that has the potential to transform the lives of struggling minorities.

Is there justice in America or is it just us?

Over and over again we hear of convictions being overturned for Black men who have spent the better parts of their lives behind bars for crimes they did not commit. The reasons these men have languished in the penitentiaries of ...

Nine days and counting

Sadly, by the time you finish reading this editorial, another unarmed Black man will be fatally shot by a white police officer.

‘A clear and simple wrong’ still not right

Fifty years ago, on Aug. 6, 1965, President Lyndon Baines Johnson uttered these words as he signed into law the Voting Rights Act.

Uber app or crap?

Given all the noise and unknowns about Uber, the ride-sharing app-based service, it may be best to wait to see the outcome of the four-month study of the company proposed by the mayor.

We need Black male judges on the Manhattan Supreme Court

The New York State Unified Court System has always been a convoluted, complicated and sometimes very slowly functioning court.

Be vigilant on child care

Sometimes it’s not until the cancer is inoperable that the patient is alarmed and then frantically searches for treatment or a cure.

African-American autism and vaccines

Last August, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention senior scientist, Dr. William Thompson, invoked federal whistleblower status and confessed that the CDC has known since 2001 that Black boys exposed to the MMR vaccine have a disproportionate risk of autism.

Down with the racist flag, up with a banner of hope

The good news is that this week, South Carolina senators voted to remove the Confederate battle flag from the statehouse grounds.

Parents, you have a right to school choice

I attended primary and secondary public schools in New York City.

We arise out of the ashes

Black America was jubilant on the morning of June 17, when Loretta Lynch was sworn in as the first African-American woman to be appointed U.S. attorney general.

Why you can’t kill the spirit of Mother Emanuel

You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea.

Many Blacks want to be blue

Insert foot in mouth here. Or in other words, good morning, Commissioner Bratton. Recently NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said in an interview with The Guardian newspaper that a problem exists with hiring Blacks for the Police Department because “we have ...

Why New York City needs an improved 421-a program

Opportunity is the foundation of mobility in our communities.