End the culture of corruption!

It was our hope that in Tuesday’s primaries, the state senators in trouble—Thomas Libous, Malcolm Smith and John Sampson—would have their fates decided in the court of public opinion by voters. But in only one instance—Smith was defeated decisively by ...

Vote September 9

Right after Labor Day, New York moves ahead at full speed. The children go back to school, work kicks into high gear and the city prepares to vote in primaries that sometimes are actually the only real contests candidates will ...

The Past is not Dead, It’s not even Past

"To see the destructive potential, the absolute militarization of the police force in Ferguson, is a chilling reminder of Birmingham, Ala,..."

A ‘collaborative model,’ not ‘broken windows’

Last month, when the Police Reform Organizing Project released its report “Broken Windows Policing—A True Tale of Two Cities,” it stated it was a “work in progress.” That’s a meaningful caveat. But if the findings in this 29-page report are ...

The Black killing fields must end!

Every day we hear about the murder of more of our children. Every day we see the scenes of grieving mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and children at funerals around the country, mourning because someone in their family ...

Cuomo’s courageous AIDS plan

Since the scourge of AIDS began more than a generation ago, there has been a serious effort to combat the epidemic that ravaged America, particularly gay, African-American and Latino communities. That ongoing initiative received a considerable boost last week with ...

Rangel’s peerless record deserves another term: Vote Rangel June 24

As we go down to the wire in the 13th District ‘s congressional Democratic primary race, we should go with a candidate who for 22 terms has delivered for Harlem: Rep. Charles Rangel. Rangel’s record in office has been impressive. ...

Debt relief looming for our students

Millions of current and former students will be able to breath a sigh of relief over the repayment of their student loans. Those hamstrung by oppressive student loans will be ecstatic to learn that President Barack Obama has finally lived ...

We must stop burying our babies

In the early 1970s, I went to a small Montessori program on Avenue D in the middle of the Lillian Wald housing project. I remember being all of 3-and-half years old and marching with my classmates in our graduation ceremony ...

A helping hand for senior citizens

At last there’s some good news from Albany. Recently, the Senate Health Committee narrowly passed a medical marijuana bill that will allow 20 licensed manufacturers to grow marijuana that can be dispensed to people over the age of 21 who ...

Amsterdam News endorsements for Congressional primary

Every two years, congressional candidates make their rounds to editorial boards across the city to ask for the papers’ endorsements.

They buried the lede

The “Gray Lady,” aka the New York Times, has had a storied past. She has stood at the center of controversies and victories and now is at the center of a historic milestone, but under the ouster of its former ...

Mayor Baraka: A city to hold up and a legacy to uphold

With Ras Baraka’s mayoral victory in Newark, N.J., yesterday, the family secures unprecedented electoral authority.

Bring back our girls

The world is alarmed but not yet up in arms about the recent abduction of more than 275 young girls in northeastern Nigeria.

Commissioner Silver: A slam dunk!

Former NBA great Elgin Baylor got it exactly right when he charged that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling viewed his team as a “vision of a Southern plantation-type structure.”