Beware the Trump card

Donald Trump’s forked tongue has unleashed another unsurprising attack, asserting that Hillary Clinton has nothing going for her but the “woman’s card.”

Summer jobs for our youth

As a recent proposal by the Community Service Society observes, it is never too early to begin advocating for summer jobs for the city’s high school students.

Bernie, we just don’t know you

So many people are out on the streets debating who should be the nominee for the Democratic Party for president.

For prisoners, ‘A landline is a lifeline!’

There is rarely any good news for inmates caught in the grip of the prison industrial complex.

The Amsterdam News endorses Hillary Clinton for president

We unequivocally endorse Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary for president.

Dump Trump!

When it comes to blather, bluster and bombast, to say nothing of outrageous demagoguery, President Barack Obama knows this first hand since he has been a recipient of it even before he became the nation’s commander in chief.

No justice for Ramarley Graham

There is no justice for Ramarley Graham.

Lack of diversity in Hollywood is no aberration

The lack of diversity in the upcoming Oscars—or more broadly, that lack of diversity in Hollywood—is but a minor problem in the scheme of things.

Beyond Flint

We are gradually learning, much to our dismay, that the water crisis in Flint, Mich., is not an anomaly, not an aberration confined to one part of the nation.

Need for police accountability, transparency and right to know

Last week’s conviction of NYPD officer Peter Liang, in the killing of Akai Gurley is the first step for more police accountability when it comes to wrongful deaths.

Black History Month matters!

As we begin celebrating the 90th anniversary of Black History Mont there are indications that it is needed now more than ever.

Justice for Ramarley

Where is the justice for Ramarley Graham.

POTUS, SCOTUS and Congress move on criminal justice reform

Two back-to-back decisions on Monday, one by President Barack Obama and one by the Supreme Court, will ease the plight of juvenile offenders who are relegated to solitary confinement in federal prisons and the other will remove the mandatory sentencing ...

Speak truth to power, and then take some of it

During the recent Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton said she was outraged upon hearing about the water crisis in Flint, Mich.

Obama: Unfazed, unflappable

The late Shirley Chisholm used to declare that she was “unbought and unbossed.” President Barack Obama might state that he is “unfazed and unflappable.”