Abrogation of the Fourth Amendment

It was rumored this week that Justice Clarence Thomas was considering retiring from the Supreme Court. That widely circulated report was quashed by his wife...

Amsterdam News Congressional Endorsements

The Amsterdam News' endorsements for the congressional election.

Smack is back!

Now that white men between the ages of 18 and 44 top the number of addicts in the nation dying of overdoses of heroin, or smack, lawmakers, law enforcement officers, the medical profession and civic leaders are taking notice.

Our right to know

It is ironic that many New Yorkers are not aware of the Right to Know Act, the legislative package that aims to protect them while promoting communication, transparency and accountability between them and the New York Police Department.

Even children fear Trump

AmNews Publisher and Editor in Chief Elinor Tatum shares how children view Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Uphold the fallen warriors

It has been immensely encouraging to see the number of young people who have flocked to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign. We are also pleased to witness the impact of Black Lives Matter on a plethora of social and political issues.

Beware the Trump card

Donald Trump’s forked tongue has unleashed another unsurprising attack, asserting that Hillary Clinton has nothing going for her but the “woman’s card.”

Summer jobs for our youth

As a recent proposal by the Community Service Society observes, it is never too early to begin advocating for summer jobs for the city’s high school students.

Bernie, we just don’t know you

So many people are out on the streets debating who should be the nominee for the Democratic Party for president.

For prisoners, ‘A landline is a lifeline!’

There is rarely any good news for inmates caught in the grip of the prison industrial complex.

The Amsterdam News endorses Hillary Clinton for president

We unequivocally endorse Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary for president.

Dump Trump!

When it comes to blather, bluster and bombast, to say nothing of outrageous demagoguery, President Barack Obama knows this first hand since he has been a recipient of it even before he became the nation’s commander in chief.

No justice for Ramarley Graham

There is no justice for Ramarley Graham.

Lack of diversity in Hollywood is no aberration

The lack of diversity in the upcoming Oscars—or more broadly, that lack of diversity in Hollywood—is but a minor problem in the scheme of things.

Beyond Flint

We are gradually learning, much to our dismay, that the water crisis in Flint, Mich., is not an anomaly, not an aberration confined to one part of the nation.