The bullet-pointed pen

Satire along the lines of French cartoon magazine Charlie Hebdo’s pointed scoffing has always been associated with lethality.

It is time to do what is right about Sudan: Say no to Arab racism

Now that we have completed the festivities of the transition from one year to the next, we might want to reflect on what has been happening in Sudan before, during and now after our celebrations.

The meltdown of NYPD and the citizenry of NYC

If there has ever been a question of whether the NYPD is out of control, the answer is certainly evident at this point. It is.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Amsterdam News readers.

Black men on the firing line

Two weeks ago, I went to the burial of my first cousin Sandy’s 29-year-old son. He was murdered by another young Black male in Florida. I had never met her son, Gibran, but knew of him, and I knew what ...

A gun should never be a cop’s first, second, or third option

There is not much left that can be said about the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Mo. Minds have been made up and battle lines drawn.

Assata Shakur: An open letter to the media (1998)

My name is Assata Shakur, and I am a 20th century escaped slave. Because of government persecution, I was left with no other choice than to flee from the political repression, racism and violence that dominate the U.S. government’s policy ...

Police killings and brutality: Causes and solutions, part one

While the world observes the recent acts of police killings and brutality, and the exonerations of the policemen, it should be emphasized that there is nothing new about these events.

Fact-finding in Middle East

I don’t usually get so personal in these columns, but today I want you to know that I feel particularly blessed.

Black lives have always mattered

For nearly 20 years, I’ve been involved in the Civil Rights Movement and have organized protests around some of the most high-profile police brutality cases of the past two decades.

Since Black life matters, then...

Since Black life matters, then ... fire Police Commissioner Bratton and rid this city of his broken windows theory.

'Black lives matter'

Since Darren Wilson shot down Michael Brown, these words have been a rallying cry and a balm for our spirits.

To Congress: Confirm Loretta Lynch

In the aftermath of the democratic defeat in the midterm election in 2014, President Barack Obama...

When the poor cried, Barry wept

By the time Marion Barry died this past Sunday morning, he had already been buried several times by the mainstream media.

Rep. Rangel, will you protect our jobs and community again?

While the country contemplates how the midterm results will impact policies, one thing hasn’t changed: the administration and some members of Congress are still pushing for a new trade deal that makes the North American Free Trade Agreement look puny.