White supremacy as the norm

Just a few days ago, the South rose again. The photos and video coming out of the University of Virginia and the greater Charlottesville, Va. area were clear and explicit examples of how the foundation of white supremacy and anti-Black ...

It's time for Blacks to stand up and fight Trump

Donald Trump once famously asked the African American community: “What do you have to lose?” We now have the answer. Everything.

The unauthorized psychoanalysis of Donald Trump

If the world wanted to prevent the arrival of a narcissistic, vulgar, big-mouthed, lying, misogynic, bullying, immigrant bashing, racist, alleged rapist, president of the United States named Donald Trump, it would have to had to have started at least two ...

This time is no time for moral midgetry

While our hearts go out to those killed and injured amid violent conflicts between white supremacist and neo-Nazi demonstrators and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Va., one thing is clear: bigotry and racial hatred were the primary causes of the casualties.

Combat inequality by helping award $16 billion to minority and women-owned businesses

NYC small-business owners, do you want to live in a city where the local economy mirrors the vast diversity of New Yorkers?

Building a political consensus with a Black united front

“What we are much more likely seeing is a deepening disappointment with the Democratic Party among Blacks,” according to the Black Commentator, an analysis from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

A Fix for the Subway, Half Fares for Working Poor

Mayor Bill de Blasio made a political gamble earlier this week when he unveiled his plan for funding half-price transit fares for low-income New Yorkers and urgently needed subway improvements by asking the wealthiest New Yorkers to pay a modest ...

I won’t let New Yorkers get taken for a ride

The residents of Harlem have every right to be furious about the state of the subways. This crisis needs immediate attention. As mayor, I am doing all I can to help the MTA (which runs the subways) and the State ...

URABN AGENDA: Donald Trump and America’s Double-standard

It’s sad that that every time President Donald Trump does or says something outrageous or thoughtless, Republicans offer the excuse that he is new and doesn’t know what is required or expected of a president.

Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #24

Transparency, like the truth, is an alien word in the vocabulary of the Trump family, a point given fresh currency with Trump Jr.’s rush to publish his Russian-related emails in advance of media disclosure.

URBAN AGENDA: The Next Stop for Poor Subway Riders Should Not Be Rikers

By recently announcing that his office would no longer criminally prosecute most cases of turnstile jumping, Manhattan’s District Attorney Cyrus Vance acknowledged that laws can be enforced without sending people to Rikers Island or putting immigrants at risk of deportation.

Fifty years after the riots that shook America, has anything changed?

On the hot summer night on of July 12, 1967, two white policemen in Newark, New Jersey, arrested an African-American cabdriver named John Smith for "tailgating" and driving in the wrong direction. The police also accused Smith of physical assault ...

URBAN AGENDA: Repeal of Obamacare is a Disaster for City’s Public Hospitals

The Republican Congress’ plan to take away insurance coverage and roll back Medicaid would be a disaster for New York City’s Health + Hospitals and New York’s communities.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to our readers here at the Amsterdam News.

URBAN AGENDA: Mayor’s Diversity Plan Gets a Failing Grade

Last week, the New York City Department of Education (DOE), at long last, put forward a plan to increase diversity in New York City public schools.