Honoring our ancestors

This past weekend I attended the wedding of a dear friend from college.

It’s time to leave!

The president’s call to begin the withdrawal of American troops from Syria and “green light” the Turkish invasion (a term invented by the press) will effectively turn over the now two-plus year deployment in Syria to a NATO ally, Turkey.

Ending Rikers, opening centers of healing for women

When I entered Rikers Island at the age of 20, I thought I was the only woman who had endured relentless violence in her lifetime.

Justice is a familiar term, but do we know the meaning?

Justice can sometimes be a confusing term. When you think you have it figured out, it takes an unpredictable turn.

What a NO vote means to closing Rikers

Today at City Hall there will be a call to vote on a land use bill that will green light the building of a multi-billion dollar multi-site project known as the borough based jail plan.

Losing our icons

This past week we lost two icons, Jessye Norman the famed opera singer and Diahann Carroll the brilliant and talented actress.

The president is right that we must clean up America

The liberal media is once again taking off at breakneck pace to condemn President Trump. The fake issue for their bogus outrage?

Impeachment reveals nation’s priorities

As reported by The Washington Post, a newly released Quinnipiac University poll shows that support for impeaching Trump and removing him from office has grown from 37% of registered voters to 47% in the latest survey.

If it smells like a coup, walks like a coup, and looks like a coup—by any other name: it’s a coup!

Amidst a nation in political crisis with impeachment lurking in the wings and a presidential campaign underway, the country’s only non-commercial–listener sponsored network is threatening the very existence of its New York radio station, WBAI 99.5FM/NY.

An app that makes politics easier

I recently discovered a politics app that just might change the way everyone thinks about politics. Each election season I get frantic phone calls from friends and family from across the country asking me who they should vote for, what ...

A matter of trust

In recent days we have seen the latest evidence of just how difficult it has become for President Trump to operate in this present-day hyper partisan environment.

Republicans use gerrymandering to gain a political advantage

Voting is on the minds of many people these days. We see the histrionics and we know our vote is going to make a difference. Our apathy of yesterday must turn into our assertiveness today.

URBAN AGENDA: Policing Poverty at the Turnstile

Local Law 47 took effect in December 2017, requiring the NYPD to publicly release data on the number of arrests and summonses for fare evasion by race, sex and age for every subway station.

It’s time for impeachment

We have reached a point where impeachment is no longer up for discussion. Many people would argue that impeachment proceedings should have begun several months ago.

The state of Black employment

The top line numbers seem to tell it all. When it comes to American employment, a rising tide lifts all boats.