Equal opportunity advertising for ethnic media

Brooklyn Borough President Eris Adams highlights the importance of advertising support for ethnic media.

Urban Agenda: Lack of Deeper Affordability Hurting Mayor’s Housing Plan

When Mayor de Blasio first introduced his ambitious affordable housing plan, the Community Service Society and other advocates for the poor voiced concerns about the plan’s income targeting.

There are too many Flints in America

Like many of you, I have been appalled reading about the Flint, Mich., environmental crisis turned federal state of emergency.

Giving New Yorkers a fair chance after incarceration

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman discusses the need to help people who are formerly incarcerated.

Reflections on Peace Week in NYC

Last week marked the sixth anniversary of LIFE Camp’s New York Peace Week celebration, and the first official year it was on the New York City calendar.

Akai Gurley case: Trial of officer Peter Liang

The opening statement delivered by Assistant District Attorney Marc Fliedner, Chief, Civil Rights Bureau.

MLK, Obama and the theology of hope

There are certain moments in time when the weight of history is more noticeably acknowledged than at others.

Honoring our history, building our future

For nearly 400 years, Harlem has served as a home to communities of African descent—individuals who played a pivotal yet often overlooked role in our city’s growth, history and success.

Poll: Black New Yorkers feel they are slipping further down economic ladder

ach year the Community Service Society surveys New York City’s low-income residents about their views and on what programs and policies would help them get ahead economically.

Iran broadcasts its humiliation of America

The images that flashed on television screens all across the world this week were an epic propaganda victory for Iran and the latest in a series of reminders that Obama’s presidency’s biggest foreign policy “achievement” is destined to leave a ...

President Obama’s legacy

I have begun to think about the last year of President Obama’s second and final term.

Charles Barron: Why I spoke out at Governor Cuomo’s State of the State address

Assemblyman Charles Barron opens up on speaking out during the governor's State of the State address.

Urban Agenda: Stop shortchanging students and fully-fund schools in 2016

I am just off a holiday season where I got to shower my grandchild with gifts.

‘Militias’, stand-offs and the privilege of being white

By the time this piece goes to print, I have no idea if the standoff/armed takeover of a federal building in Oregon will still capture the attention of the mainstream media outlets.

Ted Cruz is crazy, like a fox

Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Because the presidential bid of Rafael Edward Cruz—whom you may know by his stage name, “Ted”—is most definitely picking up steam.