‘Sorry to Bother You’

We are in a crucial moment both domestically and internationally, and “Sorry to Bother You” brings up some critical discussions pertaining to the role of the government interfering in our lives, what it means to be the working poor and ...

Loyalty and leadership

My respect and appreciation for the many milestones our president has accomplished during his two years in offices remains unwavering.

How to address the coming shortfall of primary care doctors

About 20,000 students recently graduated from U.S. medical schools. Now they’re beginning the next chapter of their training as residents.

On target for a cure: The strength of a public health response to gun violence in America

Across the nation, we have all been witness to the distressing routine: People are murdered by gun violence.

Reliving Charlottesville

Aug. 12, 2017, hundreds of white supremacists and their sympathizers gathered for a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., led by the likes of Richard Spencer and other white supremacist organizers.

In defense of Israel

Regardless of manipulation of the news by Hamas, in the terrorists’ eyes, the more innocent Israelis who are wounded or killed, the better. That is the goal and they are not afraid to admit it.

15 Africa kings and queens build bridges in Orlando

When I initially received a flyer that 11 Kings from Africa were coming to America, it just didn’t seem accurate or true.

Why New York City needs a dedicated office to combat human trafficking

How do we effectively help these victims and their families in our city?

URBAN AGENDA: Most Educated, Least Paid – Black Women Demand Equal Pay

Most of us assume there’s a strong correlation between a person’s educational background and the value they command in the marketplace—a relationship that would seem to hold even when gender pay disparities are factored in.

Nia Wilson, say her name: 'Blacks do not need a second slavery'

On this day we relived the death of Nia Wilson when we attended a rally in Oakland protesting some of the news coverage of her murder on BART. S

Amazon Prime and Prejudice: It’s time for closer scrutiny of the online retailer’s practice of selling hate

Amazon claims to be a company that values inclusion and diversity, but a recent report reveals that this façade masks a darker side, as the company profits from selling White supremacist and other hateful products.

Two million workers can't be wrong

New York is the most unionized state in the nation with nearly 2 million union workers. Although private sector unions make up the largest number of those workers—17 percent compared with 6 percent nationwide—the real power of New York’s organized ...

URBAN AGENDA: Subway Arrests Undermine NYPD Anti-Bias Training

We’ve all seen the stories in the news and social media of people of color being abused, arrested, or even shot dead for flying, golfing, driving, siting by the pool, shopping, cutting grass, walking or drinking coffee "while black.”

A small gift can leave a lasting legacy when investing in HBCUs

Earlier this year, a man named Jack Weldon Patrick passed away in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. A long-time lawyer, Patrick was remembered as a family man, an advocate for social justice, and a respected community leader.

Has violence created PTSD for Blacks?

African-Americans live in a constant state of trauma brought on by the high level of violence in their neighborhoods, police-involved shootings of unarmed Black citizens and the many forms and levels of racism experienced on daily basis.